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Monday 23 Apr 2012

Monday 23 Apr 2012. Video Interoperability Group. Ben Fineman Internet2. H.323. IP Dialing:. 2001:db8:85a3:4:8a2e:370:7334. Firewall Traversal Protocol Traversal Interdomain Calling. SIP/ H.323. SIP. Interoperable Bridging. Interoperable Dialing. H.323.

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Monday 23 Apr 2012

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  1. Monday 23Apr 2012 Video Interoperability Group Ben Fineman Internet2

  2. H.323

  3. IP Dialing: 2001:db8:85a3:4:8a2e:370:7334 • Firewall Traversal • Protocol Traversal • Interdomain Calling

  4. SIP/ H.323 SIP

  5. Interoperable Bridging

  6. Interoperable Dialing

  7. H.323 (00)1-987-654-3210 • E.164 • SIP 19876543210@domain.com 1 (987) 654-3210

  8. H.323 (00)1-987-654-3210 • E.164 • SIP 19876543210@domain.com 1 (987) 654-3210

  9. 1 (987) 654-3210 1 (987) 555-0000

  10. Infrastructure

  11. Community Video Infrastructure

  12. Border Control Call Control Bridging Resource Abstraction

  13. Video Services

  14. Every Internet2 Member Receives: • Interoperable Bridging • Direct Endpoint Registration for Interoperable Dialing Video Services Forum: Tuesday, 12pm

  15. Other Interop Focus Areas

  16. Point to point Interoperable Dialing

  17. Traversal

  18. MulticodecInterop

  19. Gateways to Proprietary Solutions

  20. Content • H.239 • BFCP

  21. Cross-carrier Communication The Road to Ubiquitous Video Communication: Wednesday, 4:30pm

  22. Interorganizational Directory and Scheduling Global Video Alliance: Wednesday, 1:30pm

  23. As a Community We Can Succeed

  24. Initial Focus: Interoperable Dialing

  25. Get Involved https://lists.internet2.edu/sympa/subscribe/interop

  26. Monday 23Apr 2012 Thank You

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