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Product Training and Information Pack: Telecom Sales PowerPoint Presentation
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Product Training and Information Pack: Telecom Sales

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Product Training and Information Pack: Telecom Sales - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Product Training and Information Pack: Telecom Sales
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  1. Product Training and Information Pack:Telecom Sales Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 1

  2. Index 1. Industry 2. Customers 3. Company 4. Key Customer Benefits of Titan 5. Telecom Products 6. Customer Contracts -Verbal 7. Pricing 8. Order Management Process 9. Billing & Invoices 10. Buyer Behaviour Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 2

  3. Industry • De-regulation • Past service issues • WLR3 • Titan’s relationship with BT • Customers making the switch • Telephone Preference Service (TPS) • Customer Complaints • Sales Code of Conduct Back to Index Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 3

  4. De-regulation •Before De-regulation the General Post Office(GPO) had a total monopoly on all UK telephone services. •Early 1980’s –Telecom part of GPO separated –BT formed during Margaret Thatcher’s privatization programme –BT plc floated and moved into the private sector •1984 –First competition introduced to telecoms market as Mercury awarded 7 year licence •1991 –BT and Mercury’s duopoly ended –Other companies allowed to buy network capacity to sell to own customers Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 4

  5. •1994 –Market opens fully –250 Operator licences granted to companies such as Cable and Wireless to develop own direct access network –Others used indirect access methods such as prefix numbers and auto dialers(Least Cost Routing) •Aug 2002 –Carrier Pre-Selection(CPS) replaced least cost routing as preferred method of switching providers •Late 2003 –Whole sale Line Rental(WLR) introduced –Companies like Titan allowed to compete fully with BT Retail •2006 –Local Loop Unbundling(LLU) introduced –Multiple telecommunications operators able to use their own equipment in local exchanges, disconnecting lines from BT Openreach’s network •2010 –Over 60% of businesses in the UK are still supplied by BTRetail Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 5

  6. Past service issues •Some customers experienced poor service in the 1990’s when they had to use BT for their lines/network services and another provider for their calls. This sometimes led to ‘finger pointing’ when a customer experienced a fault •Small businesses used to have to plug their phones into small boxes called ‘auto diallers’ or manually dial access codes in order to save money on their calls. Since Carrier Pre-Selection(CPS) was introduced in 2002 this is no longer the case as this function is managed at the BT exchanges •Since 2003 companies like Titan have been able to offer line rental and network Services as well as calls, therefore a customer no longer needs to continue to deal with BT •With the introduction of WLR3 from BT Openreach all telephone companies use the same systems as BT Retail and so can compete on a level pegging Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 6

  7. WLR3 •Titan Telecom now use the same systems as BT Retail to order and manage services from BT Openreach •Key customer benefits –Set customer expectations better –View ‘live’ data on BT’s systems –Have equal access to BT engineer ‘appointment books’ –More automation equals less human error –Receive immediate updates(including delay notifications) Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 7

  8. Titan’s relationship with BT •You have an obligation to ensure that the customer fully understands the relationship between Titan and BT •Misrepresentation will not be tolerated •Titan is an independent company and is not part of BT •BT plc is now split into four separate businesses: –BT Retail–Provides UK customers with services and sends them bills. This is Titan’s main competitor, they still have over 60% of the UK business market –BT Global Services– Provides international and multi-national customers with services and sends them bills –BT Wholesale– Maintains the national network –BT Openreach–Maintains the local network, including end customers’ lines. BT engineers, who repair customers’ faults, work for BT Openreach •Titan purchases products from BT Wholesale and BT Openreach, in exactly the same way as BT Retail •The telephone services supplied by Titan are the same as those supplied by BT Retail •Titan rely on BT Openreach engineers to fix and maintain our customers’ supply, which gives our customers added confidence in our services Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 8

  9. Titan’s relationship with BT Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 9

  10. Customersmakingtheswitch •They will keep the same telephone number and line •They will experience no interruption to service •No new equipment will be required •Their services will transfer to Titan on a “like for like” basis, any additional network services they currently have such as call waiting or call divert will transfer automatically •Customers’ phone bill will be lower •Customers’ call one number for all of their fixed line, calls and broadband needs with a professional UK call centre Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 10

  11. TPS(Telephone Preference Service) The TPS* service is a service which customers can join in order that they do not receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. If a customer advises they are TPS* registered you must apologize for calling them and terminate the call immediately. *All the numbers we are calling are TPS/DNC/Cable filtered. *TPS is a free service in UK and anyone can get registered for this. Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 11

  12. Customer Complaints •If a customer requests that you stop calling them you should report their details to your manager and we will try to put the details out of our calling data. •If a customer wishes to make a complaint you should take the details of the complaint and ensure that they are passed to your manager. •All complaints should be handled in a polite and professional manner. If a customer advises they are TPS* registered you must apologize for calling them and terminate the call immediately. Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 12

  13. Sales Code of Conduct Titan Telecom does not visit or make telephone calls to customers outside the hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm, unless at the customer’s request. Titan Telecom takes pride in its good reputation and expects its staff: To be courteous and professional at all times. To be factual and accurate. To be able to explain the products and services provided by Titan Telecom. To be aware of and comply with its sales and marketing code of practice. Not to misrepresent any services offered by Titan Telecom or other service providers shall explain the Company’s relationship with BT to customers in a clear and concise manner. shall inform customers, whenever appropriate, that the Company does not pay termination fees charged by customers’ existing suppliers. shall provide only accurate information relating to competitors’ tariffs and services. shall explain to customers that all of the Company’s tariffs are conditional upon payments being made by DirectDebit. shall exercise due care and diligence when explaining the Service and will not knowingly mislead customers, misrepresent the product in any way or use any unfair sales practices. shall provide customers with only factual information and will not offer opinions in relation to future prices of competitors’ telecommunications services. Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 13

  14. Continued…… Sales Code of Conduct If any contact with a customer is inconvenient or unwelcome, discussions will be ceased immediately. Any customer who wishes to have no further contact from Titan Telecom can request the removal of their details from our marketing database by writing to: The Database Department, Titan Telecom, PO Box 844, Manchester, M22 4ZG. Titan Telecom provides all customers with an information booklet which provides details on the headline rates of the service and clearly displayed website address to find the full pricing details for Titan Telecom. Titan Telecom offers all customers a consolidation period, which is the period from entering into the agreement until approximately two working days before supply commences.All customers are made aware of this period. No cost will be applied for accepted cancellations during this period. Requests for cancellation should be made by telephone to the customer service department on 0844 257 0844, by writing to Customer Services, Titan Telecom, PO Box 844, Manchester, M22 4ZG, by facsimile to 0844 257 0845, or by email to Cancellation requests outside of this period will be referred to the terms and conditions of the customers’ contracts. All Titan Telecom customers will receive a communication prior to the commencement of the switchover of service providers. This letter explains the customers’ right to cancel without cost during the transfer period. This communication will contain contact details for our customer services department, including the full postal address, telephone number, facsimile number, and email address. Back to Industry Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 14

  15. Customers We are able to sign up: •Businesses –Any entity which is conducting a trade •Limited Companies •Partnerships •Sole traders •Charities •Local government •Not for profit (Non-Profit) organizations –There are over 2 million of these in the UK •Target customers have 1-9 lines(PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), ISDN2(Integrated Services Digital Network), ISDN30) on a site. •Titan will also accept people who run a business from their home •No credit checks, no minimum call spends Back to Index Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 15

  16. Customers We are NOT able to sign up: •Residential/Domestic customers •Cable customers, including Virgin Media (now NTL and Telewest cables are also part of virgin media) •Customers in Hull, supplied by Kingston(K com) •Existing group customers (reserved customers) –Unicom –Titan •When you become aware that you are speaking with an existing group customer we expect you to: –Cease discussions Back to Index Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 16

  17. Company •History •Vision & Core Values •Policies •How Titan Supports Customers •Customer Contracts Team •Award Winning Company Back to Index Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 17

  18. History •Titan Telecom is part of Universal Utilities plc (Public Limited Company), the Head Office is based in Manchester. •The company previously sold gas and electricity. •Since 1998 the group has saved nearly 3,60,000 UK businesses an average of £ 1,800 each, totaling nearly £ 650 million of savings. •Universal Utilities specializes in the small business market •We are privately owned and are the UK’s biggest independent telecoms provider with over 80,000 business customers •The company turnover to April 2009 was £ 44.5 million with a pre tax profit of £ 11.2 million •The company employs over 500 people •The company has regularly featured in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100, Profit Track 100 & Tech Track 100 lists •The company now signs a new customer every 3minutes Back to Company Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 18

  19. Vision and Core Values •Vision –Titan aims to sign-up 50,000 UK businesses by the end of 2011 •Values –Quality –ISO 9001 Accredited –Knowledge –Professionalism –always tell the truth! –Value for money –high quality, low cost Back to Company Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 19

  20. Policies •Confidentiality and data protection •Sales code of conduct –Don’t represent yourselves as being an employee of TitanTelecom –No contact before 8 am or after 8 pm UK time, except by prior appointment –Be able to explain Titan’s relationship with BT in a clear and concise manner –Titan does not pay termination fees charged by customers’ existing providers Back to Company Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 20

  21. How Titan Supports Customers •One phone number– 0844 257 0844 •Opening hours 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) •Care levels available(transferred on a “like for like” basis) –Silver(standard) –Gold(chargeable) •Improved fault management due to benefits of using WLR3 •Multiple levels of security for improved Data Protection Back to Company Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 21

  22. Customer Contracts Team •The customer’s current provider should write to the customer notifying them of the transfer of the lines, and of any termination charges. •If the customer expresses concerns about a termination fee they should be advised to contact our Contracts Team on 0844 257 0844, who will be able to advise the customer what they should do. •All customers that request to cancel should be advised to call the Contracts Team on 0844 257 0844. •Our Contracts Team deal with all pre live cancellation requests from customers, advise customers on what action to take with their current providers and raise any compliance issues that have been notified by customers regarding introducers. •Our Contracts Teams do not contact other providers and negotiate contracts on behalf of the customer Back to Company Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 22

  23. Award Winning Company Customer First This is a national standard for customer service and is only awarded to companies who can demonstrate successful customer relationships, keen market awareness and the ability to recruit and develop the best staff for the job. Customer Service Excellence This standard is only awarded to those companies that tests in great depth the areas research has shown are a priority for customers, focusing in particular on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. Investors In People This accreditation is an internationally respected and recognized mark of best practice in the training, developing and deployment of staff. Back to Company Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 23

  24. Key Customer Benefits of Titan •One company to cater for all fixed line, calls and broadband needs •One number to call for all customer service needs •One bill for all services •Seamless “like for like” transfer of their telecom services •Lowest cost lines & calls– guaranteed •No set-up fees– transferring lines to Titan is simple •One of the most financially stable providers in the market •How can we provide such a great offer? –Regulation ensures a fair market –Efficiency– we are more efficient than our competitors –Competitive market–due to our scale we buy services at lower rates than most of our competitors meaning that we can charge less to our customers Back to Index Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 24

  25. Telecom Products •Product Proposition & Philosophy •Website •Telecoms Brochure •Free 0845 Number •Connecting the Customer •Telephone Line Types •Network Features •BT Featureline •Other Information Back to Index Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 25

  26. Proposition & Philosophy •Proposition– Superior service, unbeatable prices •Philosophy–Taking the 7 years experience of selling telecom products to SMEs and building a product to overcome all major objections –BT Openreach network •A network you can trust –Price •Lowest in the market •Price match guarantee –Contract •No long term contracts, 1 year at a time •30 day no obligation trial –Customer service •UK based (Manchester) •High quality Back to Telecom Products Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 26

  27. Website –Home Page Back to Telecom Products Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 27

  28. Telecom Brochure Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 28

  29. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 29

  30. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 30

  31. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 31

  32. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 32

  33. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 33

  34. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 34

  35. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 35

  36. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 36

  37. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 37

  38. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 38

  39. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 39

  40. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 40

  41. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 41

  42. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 42

  43. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 43

  44. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 44

  45. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 45

  46. Important notes 1. BT’s network is now available to all communications providers on an equivalent basis to BT. If you have a BT line your services can be transferred to Titan Telecom. 2. There is no contractual commitment to Titan within the first 30 days of service allowing you to evaluate how good our services are. If you choose to leave Titan during the trial period you will be required to pay for service used during the period we supplied you, but there is no penalty for ending the agreement early. 3. Prices quoted are pence per minute unless otherwise stated. 4. Prices shown are for standard PSTN lines. For other prices please refer to 5. Prices based on BT Standard Business rates, correct as published 1 April 2010. 6. Calls are capped at the rates quoted for the first hour of a call. Calls longer than 60 minutes will be charged at the applicable rate after 60 minutes. 7. Comparison based on a 30 minute call. 8. Charged monthly in advance, minimum period 1 month and non-refundable. 9. Titan calls are billed per minute and a connection charge of 2p applies to UK numbers starting 01, 02 and 03, 6p to mobiles and 3p to all other calls. 10. All prices exclude VAT. Back to Telecom Products Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 46

  47. Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 47

  48. Free 0845 Number • Any calls made to a customer’s 0845 number will be automatically directed to their Titan Telecom landline. The 0845 number is a totally free service, there are no rental costs and customers do not pay to receive calls. There are absolutely no operating costs at all • If customers move premises, the 0845 number stays the same • Customers are able to create a local profile for their business, regardless of their actual location • If a fault occurs the number can be quickly redirected • Customers gain all these benefits completely free of charge! There is absolutely no cost to the customer, see how we compare to BT: Back to Telecom Products Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 48

  49. Connecting the Customer There are different ways of supplying telecommunication services to customers, these consist of the following: Indirect Access (IDA) – Calls only service – (We only provide customers on a line and calls basis) • This allows customers or their equipment to dial a prefix for outgoing calls, which allows the calls to be routed over their chosen service provider’s network Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) – Calls only service (We only provide customers on a line and calls basis) • This allows dialled calls to be automatically routed over the customer’s chosen service provider’s network without the need to dial a pre-fix or programme equipment. Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) • The customer’s rental service and maintenance is supplied by their chosen service provider who has a contract with BT Openreach Calls will be routed to their service provider’s network by default Back to Telecom Products Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 49

  50. Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) – Calls, line rental, broadband • The customers’ line is disconnected from BT Openreach’s equipment at the local exchange and is reconnected to the customers’ new service provider’s network and equipment within the exchange bypassing the BT network • Customers with broadband will lose this service when transferred Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – (Cannot be transferred) • Where calls are transmitted over the internet, instead of using traditional telephone networks. A line and broadband connection are required. VoIP calls can be interrupted by internet traffic. Cable Lines – (Can be transferred but a porting cost of £99.99 applies) • The customers’ line is provided by another network operator and does not use BT Openreach’s network e. g. Virgin Media Titan Telecom will only provide customer on a Wholesale Line Rental basis Back to Telecom Products Titan Telecom Limited – Confidential 50