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- Under construction in Europe - Virtual and Mixed Reality for a Rich Media Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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- Under construction in Europe - Virtual and Mixed Reality for a Rich Media Experience

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- Under construction in Europe - Virtual and Mixed Reality for a Rich Media Experience
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- Under construction in Europe - Virtual and Mixed Reality for a Rich Media Experience

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  1. - Under construction in Europe -Virtual and Mixed Reality for a Rich Media Experience Eric Badique’ Eric.Badique@cec.eu.int

  2. On behalf of…. NOKIA VTT Tampere U. Erricson RSU U.LEEDS ~ 15 projects ~60 organisations 15 countries SONY BT PHILIPS BBC UCL GMD HHI UCL KUL FHG Symah Siemens INRIA U.Munchen EPFL TU. Wien MATRA U.GENEVA CSELT REALVIZ P.Milano ADETTI UPC UPM IST INTRACOM

  3. Reality-Virtuality Continuum Mixed Reality Augmented Reality Augmented Virtuality Real environment Virtual environment

  4. Why Mixed Reality ? • Most attractive and modern media exploit a form of mixed reality • Enabling technology for the future of media • Important investment in AV representation and coding over past 10 years (MPEG…) • Significant activities in CG, visualisation, VR • Some activities in computer vision • Efforts to promote synthetic/natural coding for 5 years + (MPEG-SNHC..) • Combines realism of real world pictures with flexibility of CG • Multi-disciplinary - good framework for collaborative projects • P.Milgram, MR Labs and ISMR’99 did provide some inspiration and a framework... • … but MR picture was refined over several years  MR as main theme for IST WP2000-2001

  5. Audio-Visual Interactive Services Interactivity Content Merging Real & Virtual Analyzing and modeling the world Projects portfolio

  6. Communication Current IST MR Portfolio Telepresence VIRTUE AR ARTHUR ARIS interactivity RE Emotional Interface INTERFACE SAFIRA MEGA Next gen. Portals SONG Enhanced Narrative Space ALIVE Hybrid IB/3D rendering INVIEW VE Programme production ORIGAMI Medical Imaging VR-SUR 2nd Gen iTV PISTE Crowd Simulation CROSSES MR for training STAR 3D modeling (uncalibrated) VISIRE EVENTS Excavator Simulation SHE Consumption

  7. The full story... Standards Research Mixed Reality technologies Content, authoring tools & stories IST/KAIII Applications Mobile services Culture & art Industry iTV

  8. Research • Image Processing & Computer vision -> Clustering and Bench-marking • Computer graphics and animation • Emotional interfaces • Components and systems • Human factors and usability -> Guidelines and fitness-for-purpose measures • Calibration • Background segmentation, reference image management • Handling illumination changes and shadow detection • Segmentation and object extraction • Motion estimation, motion segmentation , structure from motion • Tracking (Head-tracking) • Disparity and stereo, stereo vision • 3D pose estimation and 3D tracking • 3D reconstruction, 3D geometry from video. • High-level features extraction • Data fusion • Mosaicking • View synthesis and rendering • Real-time aspects • Benchmarking

  9. Standards • Bridging the gap between coding and CG world (MPEG-4-SNHC/VRML/Web3D) • Rich media standards for next gen. iTV (DVB/MHP-MPEG-4) • Agents (FIPA) • Indexing, search and retrieval (MPEG-7, TV-Anytime..) • From low level (shape, size, texture, color..) to semantic information This area is at the forefront of technological developments and should play its ‘ standard-pulling ’ role

  10. MR opportunities • Completely new markets ? • Provides bandwidth hungry applications: Distributed mixed reality environments are the essence of future communication services - provide requirements for future networks • “Revaluation” of manual work through AR • Next wave of innovation in industry following CAD and robotics • Next generation of interactive TV • AR as new telescope and microscope of the 21st century ? • Mixed Reality also to be seen in a wider context: Integration of visualisation and interfaces with mechanics, robotics and appliances

  11. Upcoming FP5 calls • IST 7th call (deadline October 17, 2001) • IV.4.2 Mixed realities and new imaging frontiers • III.1.1 Publishing digital content • III.5.1 X-content future • FET Open • IST 8th call (November 15, deadline February 21, 2002) • IV.5.1 Networked audio-visual systems and services • CPA 15Technology platforms for cultural and arts creative expressions

  12. WP2002 - CPA15: Technology platforms for cultural and artistic creative expressions • Generic platforms for artistic and cultural content creation.. .. in media production, cultural assets exploitation, artistic design, contemporary arts and performance. • Exploit technologies for virtual, augmented and mixed realities, new displays, multisensory and multimodal interfaces. • Involve independent artists, young talents, cultural designers and creators. • Invent new forms of content and applications.

  13. FP6: Media Futures - From information to experience? • Context and enhanced interactivity, storytelling • Multi-sensor(y) data collection (including real-time) • Visualisation (including 3D, VR and Mixed Reality etc..) • Delivery over heterogeneous networks (including broadcasting) • Databases, knowledge management & statistics • Metadata • Personalisation (including multi-linguality)

  14. Costs Football Rock concert IMAX Theatre Cinema VoD VCR CD Interactive TV TV [Source: ITC] Sensation Immersive TV: Closing the Gap to Live Sensation ImTV Consumer electronics Real live events

  15. We need • High fidelity representation of the (MR) world • Use our five senses • Continuous acquisition of data about the world around us • Assimilation of data with information and knowledge from the past • Organising information in a way that people experience, by time and space and around concepts, not keywords.  Storytelling to play a central role ?

  16. First experiences • Portal for live sport events / tracking and alarm – integration with database for past and future events (Praja.com) • 24 hours boats tracking - race around the world - stats and AV coms • Cars tracking and inclusion in a game in real-time – merging broadcasting and gaming (Kalisto) • Multi-camera recording - possibility to choose viewing angle (Superball 2000, Kanade) • Augmentation of sport (other) TV broadcasting with interactive elements (3D, animation, statistics etc…- eg. IST Piste project) • Enhanced narrative spaces (IST Art.Live) • ...  Emphasis on integration  Powerful concept for new media  FP6 Contributions welcome

  17. If you want to be part of IST... • Focus • Added-value • Clear objectives • Multi-disciplinarity • Address fundamental issues • Standards and interoperability • Concentrate on generic aspects • Enabling technology as opposed to technological gadgetry

  18. Contacts Information Society Technologies http://www.cordis.lu/ist Mixed Reality http://www.cordis.lu/ist/ka4/vision/ - Project descriptions  - Reference documents - Info on events