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Large Scale Intranet Redesign PowerPoint Presentation
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Large Scale Intranet Redesign

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Large Scale Intranet Redesign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Large Scale Intranet Redesign. Colleen Swanger, Director: Design | Digital. NCR Corporation Fortune 500: 20,000+ employees Global: 100+ countries 110 billion transactions per year.

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Large Scale Intranet Redesign

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Large Scale Intranet Redesign Colleen Swanger, Director: Design | Digital

    2. NCR Corporation Fortune 500: 20,000+ employees Global: 100+ countries 110 billion transactions per year

    3. This “one-company” approach needed to be reflected in the company’s intranet. It needed to become a “one stop shop” for information for all employees. NCR underwent a significant organizational restructure, moving away from a business-unit model to a line-of- business with shared services model. Created in-house by a core development team comprised of representatives from Marketing Services, HR, and IT Services located in India, US, and UK. NCR Corporation Intranet Redesign

    4. Intranet Goals and Priorities Help people find content/applications that are most meaningful to them for their functional responsibilities and supports them as an employee Establish a well-defined process to enable centralized publishing and oversight Serve as the gateway to functional areas and applications; consolidate Improve perception – a reliable source for news and information Eliminate independent sites by creating a virtual space for hosting content and tools Rely on an IA that is inherently scalable, to simplify growth Eliminate redundant content Accommodate for an IA that can be applied globally

    5. Out with the old…

    6. The Homepage: What is worthy? Corporate News User-defined links and tools Search (people and content)

    7. The Homepage: Features Carousel Top news User Favorites and Tools Org Charts Financial Reports Acronym Search

    8. Navigation

    9. Navigation If the promotion feature is turned off, or if a user clicks a second-level link in the mega menu, a list of corresponding links appears on the right. NCR’s content lends itself to a mega menu, as there are many links and subcategories.

    10. Content Management System

    11. Content Management System

    12. Content Management System

    13. Governance

    14. Design Process and Usability Card Sorting Wireframing Visiting with and watching people in their workspace Conducting user surveys Usability testing of design prototypes

    15. Design Approach: Designing for the weakest link Take from past lessons learned on the old intranet sites. Utilize the experience of site administrators familiar with the demands of users. Encourage feedback, and then implement changes and test them again with users to refine as much as possible before launch. Blog regularly about new features prior to release and provide screen designs to collect comments. Open the new intranet up to early adopters via a lengthy pilot period. Survey and gather detailed information before even starting planning and design. Carry out simple paper prototyping with key user groups to sanity check design direction. Talk with end users and, wherever possible, watch them use the intranet. Encourage open communication by providing feedback links on all pages.

    16. Content and Content Contributors An “all hands” approach Welcoming all contributions Supporting Contributors Support for all languages Style and Publishing Guides Group and 1:1 Training

    17. Partnering with agencies Outside help provides perspective

    18. Intranet Milestones 2010 2011 2009 2008 1996 • Bug fixes applied • Homepage reworked • Main navigation reworked • Wireframes complete • Functional specs complete • Development begins First intranet at NCR • Taxonomy • Content audit • Research • Visual design • Wireframing • Migration of content • Phasing • Pilot begins • User surveys • Launch

    19. Search Gap analysis – new tool Refining search is critical to a site with a large amount of content that is constantly increasing Training content contributors

    20. An example of the main search results screen. As the screen shows, asset type and language tagging can be used for dynamic filtering.

    21. The Advanced Search fields, which appear when users select this option after running an initial search. The system maintains the results below so users can refer to them while refining the new search terms.

    22. Results from an image search

    23. Technology as a Constraint Choose at the right time Cast a wide net Don’t let code dictate design

    24. Results and ROI Measuring success is personal, each company placing value on a different set of experiences. Users spending less time finding what they need. New channels for feedback.

    25. Lessons Learned Research, research, test Development resources! Choose technology wisely – and at the right time.

    26. thank you colleenswanger