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Scottish Nobleman

Scottish Nobleman

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Scottish Nobleman

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  1. Scottish Nobleman

  2. When To Use Your Outfit Medieval clothing has never really gone out of style. It’s still popular to use for plays, renaissance faires, or costume parties. Thousands of people love the novelty of dressing in renaissance clothing and attending fairs and parties. The elegant styles and intricate clothing appeals to crafters and hobbyists alike.

  3. What Items Will You Need? When you’re dressing up for a role in a stage play or for a renaissance faire you’re going to need a few specific items of clothing. To dress as a Scottish nobleman, you will need a specific doublet, shirt, and pair of breeches. You may also want a few accessories to go with your new renaissance clothing as well.

  4. What is Your Clan Color? Scottish nobleman were often the chief’s of their clans, and clans were marked by a few different distinctive garbs and colors. Though kilts were often favored by the Scottish, noblemen could also choose to wear breeches, but color was important. Tartan patterns told other people which clan you belonged to, and the color of your tartan was also important.

  5. Nobleman Accessories Though wearing medieval clothing would be enough for a faire, you might want to think about sprucing your costume up with some accessories. You can wear badges and belts with your clan’s colors, or you can also choose a nice pair of gloves and boots. Women’s accessories were similar to the accessories women wear today. They wore different types of jewelry and they also wore hats and cloaks.

  6. Creating Your Renaissance Character If you’re attending a renaissance faire, you’re going to need more than clothing. In addition to a nice outfit, you’re going to need a persona. That means you need to create a character. Besides dressing for your era, you need to have a plausible background and if you can swing it, you should talk like someone from your time period as well.

  7. Caring for Your Costume Depending on where you buy your medieval clothing, there could be some specific washing and drying instructions. For truly authentic renaissance costumes, you should probably stick to hand washing and line drying. However, there are many places that sell clothing made from modern fabrics. These should be fine to wash and dry normally, but check the instructions when you buy them anyway to prevent shrinking and wrinkling.

  8. Everyday Clothing As a Scottish nobleman, you should definitely have one or two sets of clothing suitable for court, but you might also want some everyday clothing as well. Everyday clothing is a good idea if you’re camping out at a faire for the weekend, or if you have several different types of characters. Though modern versions of nobleman's outfits are very comfortable, you might want some lounging clothes after wearing your outfit all day.

  9. Do Your Research Medieval clothing is a pretty broad topic. Even if you narrow it down to a Scottish nobleman’s outfit you might have to do some research. If you want to add a hat, you have to research hats from that era. Maybe they wore a certain kind, or maybe hats weren’t fashionable in that time period. Renaissance faires aren’t full of people who just love the clothing, they also love the time period. In order to be truly authentic, you should brush up on the history of your costume and the people who would have worn it.

  10. Enjoy Your Outfit Never forget that the main reason you dress up in renaissance clothingis to have a good time. Though picking out the clothes is fun, don’t let your research consume you and make you unsure about your choices. Whether you’re a Scottish nobleman or a pirate rouge, have fun picking out your accessories and colors. Think about the character you’re playing and add your own unique flair.