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Scottish Accent

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Scottish Accent. Name: . Watch this video. . Scottish Accent Video. The “R” Sound. At :47 the movie talks about the “R” sound Roll your tongue. Make a brrrrrr sound. Hold it for 10 seconds. The “r” is not rolled in this accent.

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Presentation Transcript
watch this video
Watch this video.
  • Scottish Accent Video
the r sound
The “R” Sound
  • At :47 the movie talks about the “R” sound
  • Roll your tongue. Make a brrrrrr sound. Hold it for 10 seconds.
  • The “r” is not rolled in this accent.
  • The “r” is called a tapped r. It means it is rolled once. It is hard to do because we do not do this! You must focus.
  • Say red normally.
  • Say red but only say the r once. Listen to the video.
  • Say bright, say bright red.
  • Say bird. Say bird with a tapped r.
the extra l sound
The “extra l” sound
  • At 1:20 in the video the “extra l” sound is talked about.
  • So if the letter l is followed by a r. Then there is an extra l added at the end. Rolled again.
  • Say girl.
  • Say with that extra l rolled after it.
  • Say world.
  • Say world with that rolled l before the d.
say these words with the extra l sound
Say these words with the extra l sound
  • Airliner
  • Barley
  • Carl
  • Early
  • Girl
  • Merlin
  • Pearl
same vowel sounds
Same vowel sounds
  • At 1:32 same vowel sounds are talked about.
  • In this accent, bath and laugh have the same vowel sounds as trap and man.
  • Say bath and laugh and say trap and man with the same vowel sounds.
same vowel sounds1
Same vowel sounds
  • As well the “oo” and “ouf” vowel sounds are the same.
  • Say good with food.
  • Now say the word food with the same vowel as the word good.
  • Good with Food.
  • Hook and Pull rhyme as well. 2:09. Watch and listen.
dialect kicks
Dialect kicks
  • At 2:25 the movie talks about dialect words.
  • Intead of Not they would say naugh.
  • Say its naugh a problem.
  • Says its naugh a problem if yahave’enagh got any.
read this in your accent practice
Read this in your accent. Practice!
  • This morning a bird woke me up. It was a lark, or a peacock; something like that. So I said hello. And it vanished, flew away, the very moment I said hello! It was quite mysterious. So do you know what I did? I went to my mirror and brushed my hair two hundred times, without stopping. And as i was brushing it, my hair turned mauve. No, honestly! Mauve! Then red. then some sort of a deep blue when the sun hit it.... I'm twelve years old, and every day something happens to me. i don't know what to make of it. When i get up in the morning and get dressed, I can tell...something's different. I like to touch my eyelids, because they're never quite the same. oh, oh, oh! I hug myself till my arms turn blue, then I close my eyes and cry and cry till the tears come down and I can taste them. I love to taste my tears. I am special. I am special! Please god, please, don't let me be normal!