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In Search Of..... Citizenship! PowerPoint Presentation
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In Search Of..... Citizenship!

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In Search Of..... Citizenship!

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In Search Of..... Citizenship!

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  1. Character Counts In Search Of..... Citizenship!

  2. CitizenshipBefore we begin our quiz, let’s review what good citizenship is all about. • Do your share to make your school and your community better. • Cooperate with others. • Stay informed; vote • Be a good neighbor. • Obey the laws and rules. • Respect authority. • Protect the environment.

  3. Sometimes working in a group is not fun. It is usually not fun when one of the group members is not cooperating with others. What do you think cooperating with others means? Arguing because you know you are right. Doing your part in a polite way. Trying to convince others to do everything your way.

  4. Which one of the following is NOT an example of cooperation? Taking turns Listening to others Making someone feel not needed Sharing Encouraging Others

  5. Cooperating with others is an important part of good citizenship. Click on all of the answers below that you think show cooperation. Remembering the Golden Rule Being a good neighbor Getting along with others Caring about your classmates Remember…the Golden Rule says that you should do unto others as you would like them to do unto you!

  6. Another way to show good citizenship is to contribute to your school and your community. How can you contribute to your school or your community? Let someone else do all the work. Volunteer to help withcleanups and activities. Show no interestin helping out. Wait to see if someoneasks you to volunteer.

  7. Protecting the environment is an excellent way to contribute to your community. Click on all the ways you can help protect the environment. Pick up litter in unclean areas. Throw your own trash in trash bins. Recycle

  8. One of the most important things good citizens do is obey the laws and rules. Laws and rules are very important in every part of our lives. Click on all of the answers below that are rules at Jennie Dean Elementary School. No inappropriate language Respect others Obey your teachers No fighting

  9. Another important part of good citizenship is respecting authority. How can you respect authority? Don’t talk back Don’t listen to what adults tell you to do Politely do what you are asked to do

  10. Good citizens participate in the present and care about the future. How can you and your family show that you do these things? Voice your opinions in an appropriate way. Get information and stay informed about what is happening. VOTE! Vote

  11. So get into the swing of things at Jennie Dean Elementary School. Be a good citizen and be a part of Character Counts!

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