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Critical Theory FEMINISM

Critical Theory FEMINISM. By: Mallory, Jack, Bonnie, Delaney, and Price. Feminism. Terms to know. Feminism-The concept of women having social, political and all other rights equal to men. Many times, unjust concepts come from tradition.

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Critical Theory FEMINISM

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  1. Critical TheoryFEMINISM By: Mallory, Jack, Bonnie, Delaney, and Price

  2. Feminism Terms to know Feminism-The concept of women having social, political and all other rights equal to men. Many times, unjust concepts come from tradition. Ex- Traditionally women are suppose to be housewives’ the men are the spouse with the job. Misogyny Gynophobia Sexist Hysteria Patriarchy Patriarchal women Womenist Ethnic cultural feminism Sisterhood Sissy

  3. Violent “whore/bitch” Sexually forward in appearance/behavior Used and discarded by men Have multiple partners Good Girl Vs. Bad Girl VS. Gentle Submissive Virginal Angelic “Madonna” “valuable women” Don’t threaten men in a sexual way

  4. Famous Feminists in History….. Willa Cather Mary Wollstonecraft Karl Marx As well as…. Ellen Glasgow Susan Claspell Nell Larsen Karl Marx Ellen Glasgow Mary Wollstonecraft

  5. Willa Cather • Very well known as well as well read feminist author • Wrote about defending women who were struggling in American Society, specifically in the Midwest • She was also rumored to be a lesbian

  6. Mary Wollstonecraft • Was one of the original feminist writers, when feminism was unorthodox • Wrote “ A Vindication of the Rights of Women” • She stressed the idea of women's need for education and that women are not naturally inferior to men, but the lack of education makes it appear so • Created the idea of a social order founded merely on reason

  7. Karl Marx • Know for many other theories and philosophical ideas he too had strong feminist ideas • Fought for equal rights for women in the work place • He believe the unequal rights for women in the work place was the root of woman’s oppression.

  8. According to Lois Tyson….  “Literary works often reflect the ideological conflicts of their cultures, whether or not it is their intention to do so.” – Lois Tyson Throughout the book we see many examples of feminism in the 1920’s Throughout much of the story you can see the double standard held for women at the time. The narrator focuses on the drunken behavior of the women at Gatsby’s parties, while paying less attention to the ill behavior of the drunken men. The men are in fact praised for putting up with their obnoxious wives while they flirt with other women. And not all double standards for women are in favor of men. “Dishonesty in a women is a thing you can never blame deeply”(page 63; ch.3) which implies that it is ok for a woman to lie, only because it is in her nature to do so.

  9. Each of the three leading female characters portrays a different stereotype related to feminism Daisy is a spoiled brat who thinks of her own needs and no one else’s. While Jordan baker is a manipulative liar and cheater. Which implies that that is the only reason for her success in the field of golf (a men’s sport) she was also describe as being faintly masculine. She was small breasted and jaunty, in other words, a boy. And myrtle Wilson, a loud obnoxious phony who cheats on her husband, as well as bulling, and humiliating him. and is attracted to tom only because of his money.

  10. As a result… Jordan, being the least offensive merely suffers a blow to her pride by being cast aside by nick. While daisy is stuck in a loveless marriage to a man who will most likely remain unfaithful. And myrtle, who would be considered the most offensive woman of the time is viciously struck by a car and killed

  11. So what should i really remember about feminism???

  12. In a nut shell feminism is… Is thinking that women are treated unfairly because of predetermined opinions based on traditions. Those who support feminism fight for a society in which the idea that women and men are and should be treated as equal human beings is excepted.

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