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Pro/Con Religion

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Pro/Con Religion. Pro Religion By: Sean O’Connor Con Religion By: Erik Russell. Why is Religion Controversial?.

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pro con religion
Pro/Con Religion
  • Pro Religion By: Sean O’Connor
  • Con Religion By: Erik Russell
why is religion controversial
Why is Religion Controversial?
  • Religion has been a controversial topic in schools since the 1947 case in New Jersey called Everson v. Board of Education. Which resulted in the establishment of the religion clause of the first amendment; Separation of Church and State.
  • Separation of Church and State: state nor the federal government can set up a church. Cannot pas law that aid one religion. No person can be punished for entertaining or professing religious beliefs or disbeliefs. Neither can openly or secretly, participate in the affairs of any religious organization or group and vice .
pro religion in schools
Pro Religion in Schools
  • Academic success in private schools compared to public schools
  • Less violence in private schools compared to public schools
pro academic success
Pro: Academic Success
  • Students in private/religious schools tend to do better academically because the schools instill a values-base setting that prepare them for success in life.
  • In a report the U.S. Department of Education had this to say about academic performance of private schools
    • Private school students generally perform higher than their public school counterparts on standardized achievement tests.
    • Private high schools typically have more demanding graduation requirements than do public high schools.
    • Private school graduates are more likely than their peers from public schools to have completed advanced-level courses
    • Private school students are more likely than public school students to complete a bachelor's or advanced degree by their mid-20s
pro less violence
Pro: Less Violence
  • In February 2012, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics released Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2011, which provides a comprehensive picture of the exposure of students and teachers to crime in schools.
  • First Amendment, Favoritism, Controlling Factors
  • Constitutional Rights: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
  • Religious Equality Amendment
  • Any religious activities initiated by an educator is unconstitutional
con favoritism
Con: Favoritism
  • 78.4% Christianity nationally.
  • 16.1% No Religion
  • 4.7% Non-Christian belief
  • Public school systems = Neutral
con controlling factors
Con: Controlling Factors
  • Area : Suburban
  • Family : Married with 1 or 2 religious parent(s)
  • Wages : Middle-class
  • Education : Higher than high school education
  • Status : Family orientated, Parental support
discussion question
Discussion Question
  • In what ways can neutrality in school benefit learning for students with different beliefs/background?
  • Why do you think there is academic success in private schools/ less violence in private schools as compared to public
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