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Please Contact: Sarah Pratt Ponder 713.553.1852 sarah @ PowerPoint Presentation
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Please Contact: Sarah Pratt Ponder 713.553.1852 sarah @

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Please Contact: Sarah Pratt Ponder 713.553.1852 sarah @ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EverFi provides FREE online platforms . High School: EverFi Financial Literacy Middle School: Ignition-Digital Responsibility & Cyberbullying Elementary School: Vault-Understanding Money. Please Contact: Sarah Pratt Ponder 713.553.1852 sarah @

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EverFi provides FREE online platforms

High School: EverFi Financial Literacy

  • Middle School: Ignition-Digital Responsibility & Cyberbullying
  • Elementary School: Vault-Understanding Money

Please Contact: Sarah Pratt Ponder


EverFi – Financial Literacy™ (High School)


Target Audience: High school students

  • Standards: Texas Education Agency approved material. Fits high school Economics TEKS or Career courses of all topics.

Knowledge, Behavior and Attitude Assessments: Pre & Post Module

Time: 6 – 8 hours


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Saving
  • Banking
  • Payments, Interest Rates, and Credit Cards
  • Credit Score
  • Financing Higher Education
  • Renting vs. Owning
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Investing

Real-Life Simulations: Students apply their learning in virtual environments to weigh the consequences of their decisions.

everfi platforms are
EverFi Platforms Are…
  • Simple: Teachers can get started in less than 30 minutes. No additional planning. No additional grading.
  • Flexible: Platforms can be implemented in a variety of curricular contexts, allowing the programs to reach scale.
  • Engaging: Students love using games and simulations to learn at their own pace.
  • Effective: Our national data shows students making significant knowledge gains on their assessments; we are also seeing changes in student attitudes. Over 80% of high school students think “all students should have to take the EverFi course”. Over 98% of teachers would recommend the program to a colleague.


Student Attitudes

How prepared Do you feel to make responsible financial decisions?

Nationwide EverFi survey data

everfi in texas
EverFi in Texas
  • Maps to the Economics TEKS #17-21 and is a personal finance resource approved by the Texas Education Agency.

Common placement in Texas includes Economics, Business Information Management, Money Matters, and Career/Tech courses of all subjects.

Currently implementing EverFi platforms in in 400+ schools across 60+ Texas districts, including:

  • Houston ISD
  • Dallas ISD
  • San Antonio ISD
  • North East ISD
  • Abilene ISD
  • Lubbock ISD
  • Midland ISD
  • Ector County ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD
texas results august 2012 march 2013
Texas Results: August 2012 – March 2013
  • 18,187 Active Students have completed 1+ modules with a passing score. Projecting 24,300 by June 2012. Network-wide, over 90% of students will complete at least half of the program.

8,881 Certified Students that have completed all 10 modules with a passing score. Projecting 18,300 by June 2012.

665 teachers all across 400+ schools in 60+ school districts.

Sarah Pratt Ponder

Senior Schools Manager 553-1852

case study north east isd
Case Study: North East ISD

Currently implementing in Economics only

9schools implementing

2,887 active students

1,712 certified students

Group teacher training at August professional development.

case study houston isd
Case Study: Houston ISD

Currently implementing in both Economics & Career/Technical Education

31 Schools Implementing

5,669 active students

3,483 certified students

Individual teacher trainings

starting everfi
Starting EverFi
  • Step 1: Email for a site code. SAMPLE: e39a07d9
  • Step 2: Schedule webinar OR review self-registration instructions.
  • Step 3: Have students register and get started!
  • Email with tech support needs.
  • How long does it take? 6-8 hours; flexible pacing determined by teacher.
  • Do you need to install anything? NO. Just make sure your Flash player & browser are relatively updated.
  • Can students pick up in the same spot where they left off? YES.
  • Can students retake assessments? YES.

Vault – Understanding Money™ (Primary Schools)


  • Responsible Money Choices: saving vs. spending, financial resources, goal-setting
  • Income and Careers: jobs, compensation, career planning, taxes
  • Making Plans with Money: budgets, payment methods, impulse buying, charity
  • Credit and Borrowing: credit and responsible borrowing
  • Insurance and Safety: risk prevention, health insurance
  • Savings and Investing: savings accounts, basic investments

Games: Users also unlock two games per group as they progress through the course.


Target Audience: 4-6th grade students

  • Standards: Math TEKS Grades 3-5, Technology TEKS; Jumpstart.

School Placement: Required Course

Knowledge Assessments: Pre & Post Module

Time: Approximately 2.5 hours


Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility™ (Middle Schools)


Target Audience: 7th - 9thGrade Students

Standards: State and ISTE Standards

School Placement:Co-curricular

Performance Assessments: Pre & Post Module

Behavior and Attitude Assessments: Pre and Post Course Surveys

Time: Approximately 3.5 Hours, plus Simulation


  • Buying a Computer: Computer & Software Basics
  • Wireless Communication: Texting and Driving, Mobile Devices & Service Plans,
  • The Viral World: Online Privacy, Security, & Digital Time- Management
  • Research in a Digital Age: Internet Resources & Credibility
  • Creating Multimedia Products: Responsible Digital Publication and Production
  • Digital Relationships and Respect: DigitalCitizenship & Cyberbullying
  • Looking to the Future: STEMTechnology and Careers