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People, Livelihoods and Institutions Thematic Area

People, Livelihoods and Institutions Thematic Area. 31 May 2012 Pretoria , South Africa. Communication, Evidence, Learning and Impact (CELI). Tools for Communication and Impact. Local Level – Household Vulnerability Index and Theatre for Policy Advocacy

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People, Livelihoods and Institutions Thematic Area

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  1. People, Livelihoods and Institutions Thematic Area 31 May 2012 Pretoria, South Africa

  2. Communication, Evidence, Learning and Impact (CELI)

  3. Tools for Communication and Impact • Local Level – Household Vulnerability Index and Theatre for Policy Advocacy • National Level – Partner Institutions Viability Assessment • Regional and Global Level – Media; Publications; Documentaries and Policy Engagements

  4. CELI - Local Level Tools The Household Vulnerability Index (HVI) • Assesses a household’s access to five livelihood capitals (natural, physical, financial, human and social assets) • Quantified assets converted to a household vulnerability index (low; moderate & high) Low Moderate High vulnerability vulnerability vulnerability

  5. CELI- National Level Partner Institutional Viability Assessment (PIVA) Four stages of organizational development: • Start-up; • Emerging/Developing; • Consolidating; and • Viable/Mature Measures organisationalcompetency: Governance and Leadership; Operations and Management Systems; Human Resources Development; Financial Management Systems; Programmesand Service Delivery; and External Relations and Advocacy

  6. PIVA Assessments Done to Date Consolidating Start- up Emerging/Developing Viable/Mature

  7. Media • Solicited and unsolicited print; electronic and broadcast articles and interviews • Press briefings • Journalist Training • 14 trained during the 2011 Dialogue • 6 trained during COP17 Journalists and trainers at COP 17 • Countries: Swaziland; Malawi; Tanzania; Uganda; Kenya and South Africa.

  8. Journalist Training Outputs

  9. Media Tracking • Queen Mother awarded for food security leadership. http://www.times.co.sz/news/32637.html • Resolutions on Food Security at FanrpanSdDialoguehttp://www.observer.org.sz/index.php?news=30769 • Focus on the Youth at FANRPAN Annual Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue in Swaziland. http://ardyis.cta.int/en/news/other-news/item/119-youth-fanrpan • Future Agricultures http://www.futureagricultures.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=478&Itemid=699 • IECN's HilmaAngula at the FANRPAN meetinghttp://cms.iecn-namibia.com/natuye.php?page&p=EN,3691 • Climate Conversations - Enticing Africa’s youth to agriculturehttp://www.trust.org/alertnet/blogs/climate-conversations/enticing-africas-youth-to-agriculture/

  10. Publications Newsletters Annual reports Publications Policy briefs Project brochures Workshop proceedings

  11. Documentaries

  12. Policy engagements FANRPAN 2011 High Level Food Security Policy Dialogue 19 – 23 September 2011 eZulwini, Swaziland • 225 delegates attended • 21 countries represented • 7 representatives from FANRPAN non-member countries

  13. FANRPAN Awards

  14. Website Stats (June 11 – May 12) • 47 668 visits over 12 months • 106 074 page views • 2.2 average page visits • 70% new visits • 30% loyal followers

  15. Social Media - @FANRPAN Aug 2008 – Aug 2011 Sept. 2011 – May 2012 *1 223 followers;1129 following;526 tweets sent

  16. HVI Documentary

  17. Agricultural Writers Association Goes Africa-wideby Ben Rootman

  18. Youth: Feeding the Pipeline for a Food Secure Africa

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