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Slides for this presentation have been taken from various sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slides for this presentation have been taken from various sources. Countries with Most Muslims… Asian ones. Indonesia - 186 million Muslims ( 86% of pop )!

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countries with most muslims asian ones

Countries with Most Muslims… Asian ones

Indonesia- 186 million Muslims (86% of pop)!

India- 3rd but that’s with only 13% of its pop being Muslims, but these 172 million Muslims account for more Muslims than the middle eastern countries of: Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait & Egypt added together!

Turkey- 7th with 73 million (99% of pop)

Afganhistan- 29million (99% of pop)


U.S.A.- has 2-6 million Muslims (1-2% of pop).


modesty veils and dress for women
Modesty: Veils and Dress for women
  • Muslim women have many different standards of modesty with clothes due primarily to their cultural influences that affect their understanding of the Quran. (Very few cultures require women to cover their faces, though many require womens head’s to be covered)
  • The freedom & treatment of women varies from country to country and family to family. Some Muslim countries, like Pakistan, have had female prime ministers. The U.S. has never had a female president.

[Islam allows up to 4 wives if the husband can take care of them all equally, but most only have one.]


Basic Islam Background:

  • Religion: Islam; In Arabic the word “Islam” means submission to the will of God
  • Key Figure: Muhammad (AD 570-632)
  • Meeting Place: Mosque, or Islamic Center
  • Date of Establishment: AD 622 [500yrs after the last letters of the Bible were finished!]
  • Followers are called: Muslims
  • 2 billion Muslims in world; only 20% are Arabs, the majority are Asian who don’t understand Arabic or what it means though they might be able to read the alphabet.
similarities we have with muslims values
Similarities we have with Muslims- Values
  • Against pornography, homosexuality & fornication
  • Against stealing, and drug use
  • Against cussing & speaking disrespectfully
  • Want children to follow their parent’s faith
  • Want children to be good citizens in our society
  • They love their children and family members
  • They usually make good friends; they love to talk and have family and friends over their houses to visit and share food with each other.

[Do you have this much in common with your Atheist friends or neighbors?]

similarities we have with muslims beliefs
Similarities we have with Muslims- Beliefs
  • We both believe in one God- ‘Allah’ = ‘God’ in Arabic
  • We both believe the Bible was inspired by God & that Jesus was miraclousily virgin born & not the sexual union of God & Mary {like Muslims think we believe & this is why we say Jesus is the Son of God}
  • We both believe that Abraham, Moses, & Jesus were prophets sent from God to show confused people the right way to God.
  • We both believe that Jesus did miracles, is the Messiah, sinless, the Word of God, the final judge, is alive now, and will on the Day of Judgment return to earth and kill the Anti-Christ and then rule.

[Do you have this much in common with your Atheist friends or neighbors?]


5 PILLARS of the Islamic Faith:

  • Confession of their Faith (Shahada): “…there is no God but Allah & Mohamad is his prophet.”
  • Prayer (Salat):Ritually pray 5 times per day usually in a mosque with their bodies facing towards Mecca. Beforehand they must ceremonially wash their arms & feet.
  • [In Turkey, I’d guess 20% of the pop does the prayers 5x/day, but 50% of other Muslims only do them 20x/year.]

5 PILLARS of the Islamic Faith (cont.):

  • Almsgiving/Tithe (Zakat): They must give 2.5% of their income to the poor.
  • Fast (Sawn):they abstain from food, water, and sex from sunrise to sunset during the 30days of Ramadan each year (during the dark they usually meet to eat & drink, as well as attend mosque more).
  • Pilgrimage (Hajj): theymust go at least one time to Mecca, if they can afford it

Doctrines of Islam:

  • Final Judgment: world will be judged by god and balance of good and bad will determine destiny. Mohammad was not sure of his destiny! “…what will happen to me and to my followers, I do not know…” Surah 46:9 (also in Hadith- Bukhari 5:266).
  • If you have done well enough, Allah “may” have mercy and let you into paradise!
  • Salvation: determined by faith and good deeds in conformity to the Five Pillars.
qur an quran koran

Qur'an = Quran = Koran

Qur'an: sacred book of Islam; dictated

by the angel Gabriel to Mohamad

Qur'an has 114 chapters or surahs (shorter than NT)

They believe Muhammad is the greatest and last prophet [like all cults they claim to be followers of the same Bible & faith of Abraham, Moses & Jesus]

Islam shows some respect of the Bible- both OT & NT (Torah- To’rat, Psalms- Za’bur, and Gospels- In’jil). However, they are told the Bible has been corrupted by the Jews & Christians over time.

sharing strategy ask then explain to them about bible s accuracy
Sharing Strategy: Ask ___ & then explain to them about Bible’s accuracy

Ask: whenwas the Bible that our all powerful God made corrupted? Before or after the Quran was written?

  • If before, then say… why did the Qur'an speak so highly of the Bible? [Surah 21:7, 10:94, 4:47, 2:41]
  • If after, then say… that we actually have numerous copies of the Bible in different languages in existence before Mohammed was even born in which we get our modern Bibles translated from to keep them accurate.
  • Another argument to say is… I believe God is powerful & loving enough to guard the Bible from being corrupted, or else people would be without God’s word & hopeless which isn’t like the character of God

“Christians can respect the sincerity Muslims hold their beliefs, but we cannot respect their beliefs themselves…”

(Al from May 14, 2009 blog)

the difference between christianity all religions cults
The Difference between Christianity & all Religions & Cults:

I can explain it to you in two words: Do versus Done

Muslims believe that man’s good deeds have to outweigh his bad works. (Do)

Hinduism teaches that if one does enough good he can pay off his karmic debt and escape the cycle of reincarnation. (Do)

Buddhism teaches that salvation comes about when one desires to stop desiring. (Do)

Jesus says accept the gift I offer. It has already been “Done” for you (you can do nothing to earn God’s gift) Invite me to come into your life and change you from the inside out (Phil. 2:13)

some differences christianity has with islam god
Some Differences Christianity has with Islam: God
  • Christians believe Jesus was more than just a prophet, the only one who could & did die on the cross for our sin; is God in human form; the only way to be saved; and as the Messiah & final Judge he is the one who we must follow to be allowed to enter heaven (Mk. 6:4; 2Cor. 5:21; Phil. 2:6-8).
  • {Muhammad was told to ask for forgiveness for his sin- Sura 47:19, 48:2, 40:55}
  • Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet & the Messiah (Sura 2.136; 3.45). He was not crucified (Sura 4:57). He did miracles but is not God’s son (Sura 5:110; 4.171).
  • Muslims consider Prophets ‘sinless’ (isma) or only having mistakes. From this view they changed the Biblical stories of all the sins of our prophets & biblical heroes to in the Quran being non-existant.
  • Muslims reject the Trinity; and calling Jesus “God” or “Allah” is blasphemous (Surah 5:72-73)

Mistakes those sharing with Muslims often make:

  • Wasting time talking about things not importantin the beginning-politics; violence in Qur’an or in Islam; Mohamed’s shady past; polygamy, and even the Trinity
  • Being too impatient & forgetting it’s a slow process in them changing their views- little by little… Don’t make them a prize to be won!Make a friend & love them even if they reject the gospel!! [gradually get to Jesus being God]
  • Not being bold enough to declare that all people will be judged by Jesus’ standards and that he is the only way to receive forgiveness, cleansing and to take away our shame & adopt us as God’s special loved children.
  • Not thinking Islam is evil(like the rest of the cults), but also not remembering that Muslims aren’t evil.
why do muslims start following isa
Why Do Muslims start Following “Isa”?
  • God draws them particularly through the Sermon on the Mount.
  • They understand Christ in the Bible offers an Assurance of their Salvation that they don’t have (1Jn 5:11-13).
  • The Character of Christ attracts Muslims.
  • The Bible provides satisfying Answers.

Dudley Woodberry & Russell Shubin, in their article “Why I Chose Jesus,” document these reasons:

See Mission Frontiers, March 2001,

other factors leading to muslims to jesus
Other Factors Leading to Muslims to Jesus
  • The “power of love” was named by 50% of a survey of 120 Muslim Background Believers (MBB) as the greatest reason for becoming a follower of Christ.
    • This was both the love of Believers & from God
    • Over 25% indicated that a dream or vision were key in drawing them to Christ & sustaining them through difficult times.[see]
  • 10% said the ability to have a personal relationship with God as their Father was the main reason (Rom. 8:15, Gal. 4:6)
natural relationship starter ideas with muslims
Natural Relationship starter ideas with Muslims
  • Possibly tell a neighbor sorry for not coming over earlier to say hi to them since they are your neighbor, but that you just wanted to let them know you’d love to get to know them better.
  • Tell them you’ve heard many people who are immigrants here have never been invited over for a meal at an American’s house. Then ask them if they’d have some time to have tea and talk (possibly about how their kids & them are culturally adjusting)
  • Tell them that you’d really be curious if they would share with you their experiences of life in America.
  • Tell them you follow Jesus as your Messiah, but you are curious if what you hear about Muslims in the media is true of Muslims.
  • Ask them if they’d be interested in trading off & you guys showing each other (every other week) how to cook a different recipes from each other’s home countries.

Natural SpiritualConversation starter ideas

  • Start the conversation about some sad moral situation in the world (ask them if this is the same thing happening in their birth country). This is a lead-in to we all need a personal relationship with Jesus, not just a moral system, but a heart ‘operation’ comment.
  • Ask them if they have ever had a friend that really tried to follow the teachings of Jesus in the Bible before
  • Ask them if they have even had a chance to read the New Testament (Injil) before. If not, mention that you have an extra one that you’d be honored to give them if they’d be interested in looking at it’s stories.
  • Invite them to come to a holiday meal or event at church or your house (birthday party).
  • You can take a neighbor food or a dessert to their home

You may memorize or read some ofJesus’ (Isa) parables from the gospels (Injil) with them as a way to gain opportunities to talk about God. You can simply print these parables or other verses to share with them & take them with you when you are going shopping. Then when you see a Muslim woman in a store you can ask them if they can give you their feedback on the verses from their perspective.

  • For instance:
    • Matthew 7:24-29
    • Matthew 13:44-46
    • Mark 7:1-9
    • Luke 7:36-50
    • Luke 19:1-10

Usually the best way is to say:

Could you, please help me?

I am interested in knowing your opinion.

I have one story and it is from Injil

(you may want to explain what Injil is).

After reading you can ask more

questions like: Do you like this story?

What do you think about this story?

a biblical perspective
A Biblical Perspective

The Apostle Paul said,

“I have become all things to

all men so that by all means,

I may save some.” - I Cor. 9:22

some things to avoid doing or saying
Some things to avoid doing or saying
  • Don’t offend a Muslim by eating pork or alcohol [pepperoni pizza, mystery meat hot dogs].
  • Don’t make much eye contact with a person of the opposite sex when talking. Generally men speak to men and women to women. Also women who want to be viewed as godly when visiting with Muslims should dress without cleavage showing, should have their legs mostly covered, & have arms to elbows covered.
  • Don’t refer to Jesus as the “Son of God” as they think you mean it in literal terms (sexual son of God & Mary)
  • Slowlyget around to your belief in Jesus as God and wait super long for the Trinity.
  • DO NOT LET THEM DISTRACT YOU FROM THE MESSAGE & Person OF THE GOSPEL! Don’t waste your time talking about Mohamed as it will not help them to be open to hear the gospel.
focus on jesus as the final judge strategy
Focus on Jesus: as the Final Judge Strategy
  • Start where they are! They basicly like all other religions believe they need to have more good deeds than bad deeds when they die in order to enter heaven.
  • Ask them “How good of a Muslim do you have to be to go to Paradise?” [It’s a great conversation starter!]
  • Tell them, I’ve heard the Qur’an says Mohamad didn’t know where he is going when he dies [Surah 46:9]
  • Ask them if they know much from the Quran about Isa. Tell them you have heard the Qur’an says some of the same things as the Bible about Jesus. That Jesus is holy (Surah 3:42-48), has the power over death & life (Surah 3:49-54), & knows the way to heaven (Surah 3:55).]
  • Ask,“Would you be interested to hear what Jesus said about how we can know we’ll be able to enter God’s heaven?”

“I urge then, first of all, that request, prayers, intercession…be made for everyone…This is good and pleases God our Savior who wants all men to be saved.” 1 Timothy 2:1 & 3