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“Eyes On You”

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“Eyes On You” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Eyes On You”. What is one way that parents can use technology to find out where their children are? One way parents can use technology to find out where their children are is \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_. Why do some parents and school officials track teens?

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Presentation Transcript
eyes on you
“Eyes On You”
  • What is one way that parents can use technology to find out where their children are?
    • One way parents can use technology to find out where their children are is ________.
  • Why do some parents and school officials track teens?
    • Some parents and school officials track teens to _________.
  • How did wearing a GPS tracker change Joshua’s attitude towards school?
    • Wearing a GPS tracker changed his attitude by _____.
  • https://its.education.scholastic.com/its/books/flex_ii/data/pdf/FLXII_ConnRes_W1.pdf?sid=0e0flbis8ivu3uhbs62mcrhb10
wrap up
Wrap Up
  • In this video I learned that _____________.
  • I also learned from the video that ___________.
video story
Video Story
  • P. 10 How might people watch you online?
  • P. 12-13 In what ways are surveillance cameras helpful? Harmful?
  • P. 16-17 What are some dangers of socializing online?
vocab review
Vocab Review
  • Baking a cake is beyond the ________ of my abilities.
  • The coach accepted the player’s excuse because it was __________.
  • To catch shoplifters, stores use ________ cameras.
  • The author of the book chose to remain _________.
  • If you don’t take care of yourself, illness is ________.
    • Scope, surveillance, legitimate, anonymous and inevitable.
wrap up1
Wrap Up
  • Share the most interesting word you learned today.
    • The most interesting word I learned today is _____ because _____.
too much info whole group
“Too Much Info” Whole Group

Key Idea and Target Word

React and Write and Summarize

I think the benefits of using the Internet (are/are not) beneficial because _________.

One risk of using the Internet is _________.

  • This article is mostly about ______.
  • School officials may authorize a change in ___________.
wrap up2
Wrap Up
  • Use these frames to write one exclamation and one question about class today.
    • Exclamations
      • I never knew that _____!
      • I'm so proud of myself for _____!
    • Questions
      • How can I get help with _____?
      • What is the best way to _____?
philosophical chairs topic
Philosophical Chairs Topic

Employers should be allowed to monitor your Facebook account and fire you for content you place on it.

philosophical chairs reflection questions
Philosophical Chairs Reflection Questions

1. What was the most frustrating part of today’s discussion?

2. What was the most successful part?

3. What statements led you to change your seat or to remain sitting in your original position?

4. What conclusions can you draw about how you form your beliefs based on today’s discussion?

5. What would you change about your participation in today’s activity? Do you wish you had said something that you did not? Did you think about changing seats but didn’t? Explain.

spy gadgets
“Spy Gadgets”
  • Pre Read
    • How is technology used to monitor people’s behavior?
    • How might this affect their privacy?
  • Vocab
    • One kind of surveillance tool is________.
    • If you are anonymous, no one knows ________.
    • The teacher can transform our classroom by
    • __________.
    • How might you justify buying a new cellphone?
    • I would justify buying a cellphone by__________.
spy gadgets1
“Spy Gadgets”
  • React and Write
    • Surveillance tools like ________, affect me by_______.
  • Active Reading
    • What are biometric tools?
    • Biometric tools are ______.
  • Key Idea
    • This article is mostly about__________.
  • Summarize
    • In “Spy Gadgets,” the author discusses __________, and explains that tracking tools can help us by_______.
wrap up3
Wrap Up
  • Share with a partner an exciting part from a Paperback that you read this week during Modeled and Independent Reading.

• I read _____ by _____. The most exciting part was _____.

cyber safety
“Cyber Safety”
  • Pre Read
    • What does cyber safety mean?
  • Vocab
    • One thing that is within the scope of dangers on the Internet is ____________.
    • I am not authorized to use the ___________.
  • Target Word
    • One violation of student’ privacy would be if __________.
cyber safety1
““Cyber Safety””
  • Active Reading
    • What actions can you take to keep your personal info safe online?
  • React and Write
    • I (do/do not) use Facebook or Twitter because ________.
  • Text Feature
    • Answer the questions on p. 19.
  • Summarize
    • Complete summary handout.
cyber safety2
“Cyber Safety”


Critical Thinking

Why is it important to think carefully before posting photos and videos online?

Posting a photo online is similar to ______.

If anyone can see what I look like, then _________.

My analysis is (similar/different), I wrote that ________.

  • Why is it a good idea to post a cartoon or other image on a social networking site instead of a photograph of yourself?
    • My analysis of ______ leads me to think that_______.
wrap up4
Wrap Up
  • Complete a Main Idea Web for the Life in the Digital Age on p. 19.