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Hiring & Additional Pay PowerPoint Presentation
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Hiring & Additional Pay

Hiring & Additional Pay

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Hiring & Additional Pay

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  1. Hiring & Additional Pay

  2. Before we start… Cell Phones Introductions Fire Drill Roster Materials Break Questions Rest Rooms

  3. Evaluations! • To assist the University of Florida’s efforts in sustainability we have moved to electronic evaluations • Within next 3 days you should receive email request to provide feedback on today’s class • Please help us assess the quality of our training by completing the evaluation • Thank you!

  4. myUFL Best Practices • Avoid the back button • Use navigation provided by myUFL • Clear cache regularly • Keep password secure • If unsure of process, use Instruction Guides • Call UF Help Desk (392-HELP) with questions

  5. Today’s Objectives • Discuss and clarify hiring process at UF • Review how and when to process additional pay • Explain ePAF and practice using the forms to • Hire external applicants • Hire employees between departments • Promote/demote/transfer within a department • Provide additional pay • Provide details of Security Roles required

  6. Training Simulation Tool

  7. UPK – What is it? • In today’s session we will use UPK (User Productivity Kit) which: - Is a web-based training tool - Provides instructions as you go It’s like working on the real system with the added feature of being guided through the task!

  8. The Playback Modes Player modes are the different methods available to take you through each of the topics. In the classroom today, I will demonstrate in Try It! To navigate: Click on the first + (Module) then the next + (Lesson). This will expand the section to show all the Exercises. All the simulations you will practice today are available at

  9. Hiring Process Review

  10. Hiring Process Review Department creates requisition in GatorJobs. Applicants apply online GatorJobs routes applicants after minimum posting period (based on responses from suppl. questions) Originator invites guest users and begins reviewing applicants Job posting closes and is removed from the web Originator contacts Recruiter to verify eligibility of applicants for interview at UF Originator changes status of applicants identified for interview Department conducts interviews with pre-screened applicants

  11. Hiring Process Review • Prior to job offer department verifies work experience • Submits background check authorization form to core office • Contacts assigned Recruiter to verify educational requirements • Note: following authorization from Recruitment & Staffing, employee can be offered position contingent on successful background check When applicant cleared for job offer, department contacts Student Health to schedule Health Assessment (if applicable) When offer accepted Department completes hire Level 1 & Level 2 approve the hire Department does payroll distribution

  12. Before Starting the Hire Gather key information: • Name • Addresses (home/physical/business) • DOB, SSN, UFID (if applicable) • Salary (or hourly rate) and FTE • Job code, salary plan, empl class and workgroup (we will look at example page of Hiring Matrix) • If hiring an existing UF employee, is this is a transfer or additional job?

  13. Forms you will need • Hiring Matrix (salary plan/empl class/ workgroup) example page

  14. Before Starting the Hire • Use Hiring Checklist to secure paperwork • Receipts are accepted in the case of lost, damaged, or replacement documents. Originals must be produced within 90 days. Note that receipts are not accepted for new issues. • Checklists, Forms, Payroll Dates can be found on Always contact Payroll & Tax Services when hiring Foreign Nationals (NRAs) as the process requires additional paperwork and approval

  15. Hiring Checklists: Academic Personnel & TEAMS and OPS General/Student

  16. Before Starting the Hire • Examples follow for some of the forms you need to complete… • W-4 • I-9 • Direct Deposit Authorization • Emergency Contact/Directory Information • Notice of Appointment & Letter of Offer • ‘Four in one Form’

  17. FORM W-4 (2011) Social Security Number must be included. Give explanation to employee on ‘exemption’ if required. Ensure form is signed and dated.

  18. FORM I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification Section 1 of the I-9 must be completed by employee on or before start date. Section 2 must be completed by employer within three business days of the hire start date. Strict guidelines govern completion of the I-9. Let’s watch the I-9 tutorial:

  19. Direct Deposit Authorization & Emergency Contact/Directory Information Note personal check required. Cannot be business account check. If employee has no checking account, a letter (from a Walmart bank) must be attached with debit card account details Ensure this form is fully completed and keep with confidential personnel records

  20. Hire will not be approved if checking account details or bank letter are not faxed with Direct Deposit form! (with exception of Federal Work Study Students)

  21. Notice of Appointment (TEAMS) & Letter of Offer (TEAMS) This form and example letter can be found on

  22. ‘Four-In-One-Form’ Section 1 (Loyalty Oath) wording can be changed to read ‘NRA’ if employee has problem with signing as is. Section 2 (Intellectual Property Agreement) please explain meaning if employee is unsure. Note: Both sections must be notarized. Sections 3 & 4 (Veteran’s Survey and Race & Ethnicity Information) please ask employees to complete as required for federal reporting

  23. Remember! A copy of Social Security card and picture ID must be faxed with paperwork otherwise hire will not be approved! Receipts for documents are accepted for lost, damaged, or replacement cards

  24. Any questions?

  25. Using ePAF

  26. What is an ePAF? • Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) • Used to initiate job actions • 5 types of forms: • Hire an Employee • Edit Existing Job (Change Job Data) • Change Employment Status • Submit Leave Cash-out • Additional Pay

  27. Overview of ePAFs • Hire an Employee • Process hires and additional pay for people outside your department • Edit Existing Job (Change Job Data) • Process job actions for employees within your department • Additional Pay • Process additional pay for employees within your department

  28. The Approval (Workflow) Process

  29. Approval (Workflow) Job Data • Submits the ePAF which then routes automatically to Level 1. • Originator receives email when Level 1 and Level 2 Approvers take any action. Originator Level 1 Approver (Department) Level 2 Approver (Core office) • Approves, denies, • or recycles the form. • Approved forms automatically route to Level 2. • Denied forms close. • Recycled forms return to the originator. • Approves, denies, or recycles the form. • Approved forms go into Job Data. • Denied forms close. • Recycled forms return to the originator. • The hire does not appear in Job Data until Level 2 approves the ePAF.

  30. Approval (Workflow) • Originators can edit or withdraw an ePAF while it is pending • Edited ePAF forms must be resubmitted for approval. Approvers can also edit an ePAF. However, ePAFs cannot be edited after approval by Level 2 Note! For NRAs (Foreign Nationals) the hiring and approval process also involves Payroll & Tax Services (tel: 392-1324) and additional paperwork

  31. Who are the Level 2 Approvers? • The Level 2 Approvers for hires, promotions, demotions, and reassignments are: • Recruitment & Staffing 392-2477 • Academic Personnel 392-2477 • Student Employment 392-0296

  32. Approval (Workflow) To check the ‘approval status’ go to: UF Departmental Administration > ePAF Home Page > View an ePAF

  33. ePAF Navigation & Searching the Directory

  34. ePAF Navigation Navigate to UF Departmental Administration > ePAF Home Page

  35. ePAF Navigation Click Start a New ePAF

  36. The Five ePAF Forms Important! You can only process one ePAF per Employee Record Number at one time Note:Multiple Additional Payforms can be outstandingsimultaneously with the exception of payments for wireless devices

  37. Searching the UF Directory Each time you start an ePAF you will need to search the UF Directory. In this example we use the Hire an Employee ePAF to show the search process.

  38. Searching the UF Directory If you know the UFID, enter it and click Search Otherwise, enter one of the other fields. In this example we are searching by Last Name. Note: The fields for Last Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security # look for exact matches

  39. Searching the UF Directory Here are the search results

  40. Interpreting the Results To see details against an Employee Record # click the Job Information icon

  41. Interpreting the Results This screen shows the Job Information tied to the Employee Record # you selected

  42. Adding an Employee Note:The Add button only appears when all fields have been searched. Click the Add button to assign employee to the UFID directory

  43. Any questions?

  44. Using ePAF for Hiring

  45. Hire an Employee ePAF • Hire an Employee ePAF can be used to: • Hire new employees from outside UF • Hire employees from other UF departments • Assign an additional job to employees within a department • Process additional pay for individuals outside the department and outside UF

  46. Hire an Employee ePAF • Hiring department completes the Hire an Employee ePAF (but see chart to follow…) • If an existing UF employee: the department the employee is leaving does nothing unless: • Overtime leave liability or special comp exists (cash-out leave before new department hires) • There will be a break in employment (terminate the employee) • But how does the system know employee is leaving one job to go to another?

  47. Leaving Another Job? IMPORTANT! Checking Leaving Another Job?transfers the employee into your department and ends the selected job(s) in the previous department

  48. What action when hiring from within UF? Use this chart to help you.

  49. E-Verify • Checks for employment eligibility in the US • Mandated for all federal contractors • E-Verify procedure in ePAF for new hires • ePAF Processors must take online class PST096 Introducing E-Verify to obtain security role

  50. Hire an Employee ePAF Use the hiring checklist to identify and process required paperwork 1 1 2 2 Within 3 business days of hire complete the ePAF: Hire an Employee* Route paperwork to Level 1 & Level 2 approvers through ePAF Document Fax Imaging 3 4 Upon approval process Payroll Distribution * New hires without an SSN may be exception to this regulation. See guidelines at