types of networks n.
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Types of networks PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of networks

Types of networks

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Types of networks

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  1. Types of networks Kane Hartley Type your name here

  2. On a small area, e.g: within one building Local Area Network Connects computers and other devices such as printers together at a single location like a business or a home. Kane hartley

  3. Local Area Network A local area network is : .is a computernetwork that spans a relatively small area. . supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other such as in an office building, a school, or a home. .local area network is where you keep it short range Kane Hartley

  4. Wide Area Network WAN Used by organisations to connect their LANs together into a single network covering anywhere in the world. Biggest WAN is the internet Kane hartley

  5. Wide Area Network Wide area network is: .you can use it long range .a wanspans a large geographic area, such as a state, province or country. Kane hartley

  6. PAN Bluetooth networkPersonal Area Network Personal area network (PAN) – used to connect your devices together; for example to sync your music library on your computer with your mobile phone. Kane hartley

  7. Personal Area Network Are personal area network is: .a pan is a organized around an invalid person. . personal area network is involved with a mobile, computer ,a cell phone ,Bluetooth. Kane hartley

  8. Mobile Broadband Uses 3G mobile phone technology to connect your laptop, netbook or mobile phone to the internet. Kane hartley

  9. Mobile Broadband A mobile broadband is : .For e.g. 3g, 4g . You can connect you phone or laptop to the internet with rather 3g, 4g or a dongle Kane hartley