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Information for new teams

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Information for new teams. History. The Potters Bar & district Crib League was set up in 1983 to provide competitive crib for pubs and clubs around the area. 16 teams compete in a variety of League, Cup knock-out and mini-leagues with separate pairs & singles competitions.

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The Potters Bar & district Crib League was set up in 1983 to provide competitive crib for pubs and clubs around the area. 16 teams compete in a variety of League, Cup knock-out and mini-leagues with separate pairs & singles competitions.

We play every Monday night from October - May

The league play the standard 6 card cribbage (5 for pairs). League matches are of 9 separate games - 5 doubles and 4 singles games. Each game consists of 3 legs up to 121 points.



The season consists of a number of competitions:


Mike Russle

Knock-out Cup




The league is split into 2 division of 8 teams, each playing each other home and away (14 games in all). 2 teams are promoted/relegated each year

The MR Cup is a straight knock-out between teams. For first round losers, a “plate” trophy is also played.

The shields are a mini league between 7 teams. Winners of the 2 leagues go forward to a final

Individual players play in a knockout competition at 8 venues. The winners from the 8 venues meet in the final.

Similar to the singles, this is a competition for pairs.


The games

Matches start at 8.30. Games will usually go on until 10.30 – 11pm.

All matches consist of 9 games. 5 games are for pairs, and four games are for singles. In total 14 ‘opportunities’ to play are available each match. Teams ideally consist of 7 people who therefore play 2 games each.

Each game consists of three legs of standard crib. First to 121 points is the winner. If a team wins 2-0, the third leg is not required.

For pairs, 5 cards are dealt, with one each being discarded into the ‘crib’. For singles games, six cards are dealt, with two cards each being discarded into the ‘crib’.

Players cut for first box – lowest card winning. 2nd crib reverts to the opposing team. If a third leg is required, another cut to decide box is made.



For the league and shield, 1 point is won for each leg won. In addition the winning team also collects a bonus two points.

For example, a 5-4 win would result in 7 points for the winner, and 4 for the losing tea. A 7-2 win would give the winners 9 points and the losers 2. A typical league table is shown below.


Results Cards

The home captains is responsible for completing a results card, getting a signature from the opposing captain, and sending it to the League Secretary.

The captains should also arrange to text in the result so the web-site can be updated immediately.



Each home side is responsible for providing some light refreshments for the players of both sides (usually served around 9.30-10pm). This can simply be some sandwiches or rolls or basic hot food like sausage rolls.

Many of the clubs and pubs provide this free of charge. However, other teams runs a simple football scratch card to fund the cost of food.

These cards are available from the League – please ask a committee member.



Each year around September we hold an AGM to elect the committee, make proposals, and to hear reports from the League officials.

The treasurer also sets the League fees, which are currently £45 per annum per team. These fees go towards the cost of administration, and for trophies which are also presented on the night.


Les Berry



Roger Morgan


Justin Edwards


Les Berry

07711 019313

Peter Morrison

Ordinary member

Peter Creed

Ordinary member



A website provides all the information on the league including:

  • Fixtures
  • League tables
  • Results
  • Team information – venues and maps
  • Committee
  • Calendar
  • Downloads – league rules, results cards, fixture cards, crib guide etc
  • Links to other crib websites
  • Previous winners