Archaeology and the bible
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Archaeology and the Bible. Mesa Church of Christ February - March 2011. Website – Email – Black Obelisk of Shalmanesser III. Black Obelisk Tribute Bearers. Black Obelisk Jehu Submits. Rimah Inscription. Shema’ Seal.

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Archaeology and the bible

Archaeology and the Bible

Mesa Church of Christ

February - March 2011

Archaeology and the bible

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Lachish relief photo mike peel
Lachish Relief (photo Mike Peel)

Siloam inscription translation
Siloam Inscription translation

[ ] the tunneling, and this was how the tunneling was completed: as [the stonecutters wielded] their picks, each crew toward the other, and while there were still three cubits to g[o], the voices of the men calling each other [could be hear]d, since there was an increase (in sound) on the right [and lef]t. The day the breach was made, the stonecutters hacked toward each other, pick against pick, and the water flowed from the source to the pool [twel]ve hundred cubits, even though the height of the rock above the heads of the stonecutter[rs] was a hundred cubits!

Hezekiah s broad wall photo ian scott
Hezekiah’s Broad Wall (photo Ian Scott)

Nebo sarsekim tablet translation
Nebo-Sarsekim Tablet translation

[Regarding] 1.5 minas [0.75 kg = 26.5 oz. = 1.6 lbs.] of gold, the property of Nabu-sharrussu-ukin [= Hebrew name translated Nebo-Sarsekim], the chief eunuch, which he sent via Arad-Banitu the enuch to [the temple] Esangila. Arad-Banitu has delivered [it] to Esangila. In the presence of Bel-usat, son of Alpaya, the royal bodyguard, [and of] Nadin, son of Marduk-zer-ibni. Month XI, day 18, year 10 [of] Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.