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Data Visualization Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Visualization Project

Data Visualization Project

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Data Visualization Project

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  1. Data Visualization Project B.Tech Major Project Project Guide Dr. NareshNagwani Project Team Members Pawan Singh SumitGuha

  2. What is Data Visualisation ? Data Visualisation is the graphical representation of information. Bar charts, scatter graphs, and maps are examples of simple data visualizations that have been used for decades. Technology combines the principles of visualization with powerful applications and large data sets to create sophisticated images and animations.

  3. Who is doing it ? Data Visualizations have been used by instructors and presenters to help understand concepts more quickly and deeply. Data Visualizations help in understanding the core concept in nutshell which makes it so popular in current context of Knowledge World.

  4. Why Data Visualization? Computer system generate and store massive and growing amounts of data. Data visualizations offer one way to harness this infrastructure to find trends and correlations that can lead to important discoveries. Representing large amounts of disparate information in a visual form often allows you to see patterns that would otherwise be buried in vast, unconnected data sets.

  5. The Project The basic aim of this project is to draw visualizations from the relational databases i.e. the data into charts and graphs which make it a better and more presentable fashion. Databases Set of APIs Visualizations

  6. APIs used in the Project Visualization API HIBERNATE Fusion Charts API Java API for XML Parsing

  7. Working of Project Database Java API for XML Parsing Hibernate Database Database Fusion Charts Google Visualization API User Requests Web Application

  8. Prerequisites for deploying Project • Java Runtime Environment 6 • Apache Tomcat Application Server • A Web Browser • Flash Player • A Screen with minimum 1024 X 768 resolution support

  9. Deployment of Project

  10. Visualizations achieved in the Project BAR GRAPH






  16. Open Source Initiative We have made our project as a Open Source Project Entire code together with documentation is uploaded on for enthusiasts who want to improve it or utilize it some other manner URL :

  17. Project Goals from Original SRS Achieved Goals • Implementation of Hibernate on various Databases • Implementation of XML Parsing • Implementation of Data Visualization on requested table • Implementing interaction with created visuals • Ability to print visuals at any stage Unachieved Goals • Ability to embed visuals in other applications • Implementation of proper reporting tools to use visuals

  18. Conclusion • Data Visualization is solution for visual representation • of data with the goal of providing the viewer with a qualitative • understanding of the information contents. • Data Visualization is very useful to serve as presentation tool to • represent statistics in a presentable and glossier way than database • tables • As there is no end to converting data to visuals; so in future more and • more visualizations will be added and transformation of more complex • data into interactive and eye-catching visualizations can be done.