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Club Travel AeTM Training Manual PowerPoint Presentation
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Club Travel AeTM Training Manual

Club Travel AeTM Training Manual

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Club Travel AeTM Training Manual

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  1. Club Travel AeTM Training Manual

  2. Login Page Login Each user will have their own login and password. TIP! If you forget your password click on the retrieve password button

  3. Home Page Contact Click this link to find contact details for our support department. Quick Start Start your air/hotel/car reservation here, or choose the tab Travel Planner. TIP! To arrange travels for other please find the travel arranger section here. TIP! Use links undr Travel Components for easy access to other parts of HRG Ireland online.

  4. Search for Flights TIP! You may use Location Lookup to search for the correct city/airport. Type the city into the box and the system will pull up all airports in the city Return Default value is Return (round-trip). For One-Way please click the wanted option. Time Window Acceptable Time Window will give you alternatives +/- the number of hours chosen. Note! For same day journeys this will be adjusted automatically in the search.

  5. Web Search These are Low Cost Bookings which are instant purchase and Non Refundable. For all changes contact your consultant Flight Search Results ALL RESULTS CLICK ON ALL FARES TO GET A COMBINATION OF STANDARD AND WEB FARES. THIS GIVES A MORE DETAILED SEARCH. Standard These are published fares which are queued to your HRG consultant for issuing. FareAnalyzer The matrix/table is an overview of all available round trip alternatives. FareAnalyzer is a dynamic tool that will give you the opportunity to sort and filter the alternatives presented. Select To choose the flight you would like to book simply click on the select button beside the corresponding flight.

  6. Flight Summary Add Hotel/Car Use these links for making hotel and/or rental car reservations. Summary Here you will find the total fare for your itinerary. Note: Service fee to HRG Ireland will be added on the invoice. Does not include applicable baggage cost. Finalise Trip Click on the buttom if you are happy to finalise your booking Service Fees PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD IN SERVICE FEES WHEN RAISING PO

  7. Flight Confirmation – Standard Fares Method of Payment The Method of payment is automatically pre populated depending on the type of fare chosen. For Standard fares there is no need to input any information. Custom Fields The custom fields are mandatory and need to be filled out Click the Confirm button to submit the reservation to Club Travel

  8. Flight Confirmation – Web Fares Method of Payment The Method of payment is automatically pre populated depending on the type of fare chosen. For Web fares the Club Travel credit card is inputted. The booker needs to input the CVV number to ocomplete the booking. Custom Fields The custom fields are mandatory and need to be filled out

  9. Hotel Request Page TIP! Choose between - Search by City or Airport - Street Address, Postal Code or Area - Point of Interest Search for Hotels Please choose arrival and departure dates. Show Advanced Search Criteria There is also the option to show further search criteria to narrow the search results Search Click Search when your preferences have been entered. The result will be available hotels, rates, map and hotel descriptions.

  10. Hotel Search Results – Map View TIP! The system displays the available hotels where they appear on the map Click on the hotel number to get a more detailed description of the hotel

  11. Hotel Search Results – Detailed view TIP! There is also the option to search hotels in a more detailed view. Including price, address and pictures Sort by There is also an option to select the criteria by which the hotel search is performed

  12. Room Availability Once the hotel is selcted the user can choose the hotel information that they wish to display – Summary, Hotel details, Location and Map and Rooms and Rates Rate Category When you have selected your hotel the system will highlight all the different room rates available in that hotel on the selected dates Click the Book button to select your chosen rate. This will bring you to cancellation policy details.

  13. Hotel Booking Summary Custom Fields The custom fields are mandatory and need to be filled out Click Confirm to finalise booking

  14. Car Hire Booking Page Search for Cars Please choose the pick-up and drop-off locations, date/s and time/s. If you want to pick-up the car in a non-airport location, please tick the appropriate box. You will then be presented with a list of locations, from which you can choose the one most suitable to your needs. Advanced Search Features There are specific search criteria that the user can use to refine and speed up the car hire search

  15. Location Lookup Location Lookup The user can use the location lookup which gives a list of location pick ups. The user can specify whether they want airport or city pickups

  16. Car Hire Total Price Click on Estimated Total Price to view car terms.

  17. Car Hire Summary

  18. Finalise Car Hire Custom Fields The custom fields are mandatory and need to be filled out Click Confirm to finalise booking

  19. Travel Review Forward Click on the forward button and you have the option to select the person you wish to send options to. This will appear in the persons received trip tab. TIP! Enter the reservation number and hit the GO button to pull up the request Repeat Booking –Clone Booking Click on the repeat booking to clone the booking and save time rather than making abother booking

  20. Email Confirmation of Reservation

  21. Profile Page Profile Under this tab you will be able to see and/or add personal details and preferences for reservations made through HRG Ireland online. Profile Information Personal – Contact and address information Payment – Credit card information Delivery – Delivery options for airline tickets Preferences – Personal preferences, incl. SAS TPC Login – Change of password

  22. Help Page Help If you are unsure of any aspect of the online booking tool click on the help tab on the home page.A pop up box to the systems online help will appear