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DCMS: Training Manual PowerPoint Presentation
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DCMS: Training Manual

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DCMS: Training Manual - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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July, 2010. DCMS: Training Manual. Application Launching. DCMS Windows Application. Application Launching . Training Manual. Introduction.

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DCMS: Training Manual

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july 2010
July, 2010

DCMS: Training Manual

Application Launching


DCMS Windows Application

Application Launching

Training Manual


DCMS is a system, demanded by HPCL to remain leader in the LPG industry of India. This manual makes the user acquainted with effective launching of the DCMS Windows Application and the features of the application.


This manual guides the user on how to initiate the application. It provides information on how distributors will log in, what they will do if errors occur, what order the screens will be displayed, and how they performed the tasks correctly.

Intended Audience

Distributors of HP Gas

launching application
Launching Application

Before using the application you need to install it by the following method:

Starting Up of Windows:

Click on Start

>> Programs



login as a user
Login as a user
  • Go to Login page.
  • Enter User ID and Password.
  • Click Login.
dcms screen
DCMS Screen

After successful login this screen will appear which is the main screen of DCMS Windows Application. You can do various operations by clicking on any of the menu items.

the main screen consists of three parts
The Main Screen consists of Three parts:
  • Menu panel
  • Toolbar
  • Status Bar

MenuBar consists of the following:

  • Distributor Data
  • Consumer Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Complaint Management
  • Accounting
  • Replenishment Management
  • Allied Retail Business
  • Stationary Management
  • Loss Management
  • Report
  • Utility

Tool bar


The Toolbarprovides Shortcuts to various Options and Operations in the form of visible buttons for easy identification and convenience of Frequent use
  • Clicking on the various colored buttons open different screens in the display area.

Status Bar

Status Bar…


StatusBar consists of the following:

  • Screen Code Displays the unique code assigned to each screen in the DCMS Window Application by the designers.
  • Distributor Name displays the name of the distributor who is using the System
  • Login User Name shows the username of the current user
  • Current Date and Time of the system is displayed at the bottom right corner