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Training Manual

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Training Manual. Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development. Contents. Introduction to the CRC Step 1: Basic Applicant Process Step 2: Pre-Assessments Step 3: Assessments Step 4: Completion of the CRC Step 5: Using Your CRC FAQ’s. Introduction.

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Training Manual

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training manual
Training Manual

Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development

  • Introduction to the CRC
  • Step 1: Basic Applicant Process
  • Step 2: Pre-Assessments
  • Step 3: Assessments
  • Step 4: Completion of the CRC
  • Step 5: Using Your CRC
  • FAQ’s

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a portable job skills credential that can measure a persons ability to perform the three main functions that are required in 90% of all jobs. These functions include Reading for information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. The CRC will carry the signature of the Governor of Tennessee as well as the Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.. On the back the back of the Certificate will appear a list of tasks that the applicant has achieved a mastery of during the CRC process. The Certificates are awarded based upon a score that is achieved using the ACT WorkKeys® Assessment.

three levels
Three Levels

An Applicant has scored a level 5 on all three sections of the assessments.

three levels1
Three Levels

An Applicant has scored a level 4 on all three sections of the assessment.

three levels2
Three Levels

An Applicant has scored a level 3 on all three sections of the assessment.


Participant enters Career Center

Referred to Job


Entered into eCMATS

Opts not to

take CRC

Opts to

take CRC

Offered CRC

Participant given


Referred to WIA

Referred to



desired score

Scores less

than desired





step 1 basic applicant process
Step 1: Basic Applicant Process
  • Job Services staff will interview the applicant / participant
  • Complete CMATS registration
  • Interviewers will encourage applicants to seek the CRC (provide all the positives)
  • The applicant will be able to continue with routine Job Service services, job search, referrals to jobs, etc.
  • Refer applicant to WIA for CRC assessment (enter new activity in CMATS)
  • Applicants initiating contact with WIA for CRC assessment will be directed through JS for registration and referral to WIA in order to maintain system accuracy for file search purposes.
step 2 pre assessments
Step 2: Pre-Assessments
  • WIA staff that will be administering the CRC Assessment will accept the applicant referral from Job Services
  • Schedule a time for the Applicant to take a pre-assessment.
  • If the applicant scores less than a Silver level on the Pre-Assessment then remediation will be encouraged before Assessment is given.
step 3 assessments
Step 3: Assessments
  • If no remediation is required the applicant will be scheduled for the Assessment. Please note that the assessment can only be given to an applicant once every 30 days (ACT Rules).
  • Based on the applicant’s scores a level will be assigned a CRC Level
    • Gold requires a score of 5 in all area’s
    • Silver requires a score of 4 in all area’s
    • Bronze requires a score of 3 in all area’s
    • The lowest score received will determine the level at which a participant will be scored.
  • After the Assessment has been given the Results will be immediately be entered into CMATS in order to provide the results to Job Services.
step 4 completion of the crc
Step 4: Completion of the CRC
  • The applicants Job Services Application will be updated in CMATS to indicate the highest level of achievement in CRC process (Bronze, Silver, or Gold)
  • If applicant does not successfully accomplish a certification, a response regarding such will be noted in CMATS.
  • A weekly submission of applicants receiving CRC along with scores achieved will be sent by WIA Staff to Division of Workforce Development for the Printing of the CRC.
step 5 using your crc
Step 5: Using Your CRC
  • WIA staff will advise applicants to keep their applications active with JS for potential CRC job openings. Contact should be at least every 90 days.
  • JS will post all job orders, including all orders initially received by WIA for CRC applicants
  • At employer’s request, JS will indicate CRC preference
  • A WorkKeys® Assessment may be required by the employer on the job order, however NO Level may be required unless the job has been profiled.
  • JS staff will ‘file search’ by appropriate parameters (Veteran, DOT, Education, Experience, Pay, and CRC)
  • Pooled applicants will be notified via routine notification process of the potential job match (Telephone or Mailer)
  • JS will refer ‘interested’ applicants to the employer/job order
faq s

Q: How long is the certificate valid?

A: Five years from the date of the assessment.

Q: Do we have to pretest with WorkKeys?

A: Yes, it is required that a pre-assessment be given with either KeyTrain or WIN.

Q: Will the CRC assessments be computer based or internet based?

A: The assessments will be given on computer through the internet.

Q: To administer the assessments, are there any fees in becoming a recognized testing site.

A: This will be included with the WorkKeys system.

Q: do assessment administrators need any "specific“ training?

A: Yes, this training will be provided to your LWIA.