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Secure Lien. Marketing and Program Development Team Jose Fernandez Cory Shirley Prof. Seungwon Jeon MKT 3300 04-01-2013. Secure Lien Company Information. A new Company. Providing a new service. Nation wide access. User-friendly Website. The Product.

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Secure lien

Secure Lien

Marketing and Program Development Team

Jose Fernandez

Cory Shirley

Prof. SeungwonJeon

MKT 3300


Secure lien company information

Secure LienCompany Information

A new Company.

Providing a new service.

Nation wide access.

User-friendly Website.

The product

The Product

Nationwide database of a motor vehicle’s financial history.

Service of providing up-to-date and secure protection on automotive liens.

Accessible to individual non-business customers primarily through an easy to use interactive website.

Will Function Much like Car fax.

The problem

The Problem

Why is an automotive lien is placed on a vehicle?

Who is responsible for paying that lien?

Why is this a problem and where do inconsistencies lie in the industry?

What is the need for our service in the industry?

Executive summary

Executive Summary




Short term Goals.

Long Term Goals.

Our mission statement.

Means of Operations.

Marketing Concerns.

Swot analysis strengths

SWOT AnalysisStrengths

Technology Driven.

Unique Price Structure.

High Demand by Finance Companies.

Swot analysis weaknesses

SWOT AnalysisWeaknesses

Server Space.

ROI is Approximately 3 to 4 years.

Sales Stage Largest Cost.

Market Positioning.

Swot analysis opportunities

SWOT AnalysisOpportunities

Advance into Major Automotive Financial Institutions.

Sell Data to Government (DMV).

General Public.

Swot analysis threats
SWOT Analysis Threats

  • Public Demand has to be Created.

  • Dealing with Governmental Agencies.

  • Possible Long Term Take Off Period.

Competitors and industry analysis
Competitors and Industry Analysis

  • Secure Lien, LLC is creating a new service industry with the protection of liens.

  • The closest comparable service industry would be that of vehicle history reports. Provide by companies such as Car fax.

  • Our main threat is the Department of Motor Vehicles or other government agencies.

  • Our biggest competitor, Car fax.

Consumer analysis
Consumer Analysis

  • Demographic includes:

  • Dealerships.

  • Individual consumers.

  • Financial institutions.

  • Eventually government agencies.

  • Geographically

  • Wide spread, nation wide.

  • Behavioral concerns:

  • Will people will feel like this service is necessary?

  • Is it too expensive?

  • Is the information Creditable?

  • Do I really need this?

  • Psychographics:

    Consumers’ personality, motives and lifestyle.

  • Demand issues

  • Marketing position and national access.

  • We project a steady growth of demand.

  • Become a standard adopted by governmental agencies and demand will become constant.

  • Buying decision Process

  • Consumers choice.

  • Consumers hesitation.

  • Brand development and normalization.

  • Decision criteria Includes:

    1. Cost analysis.

    2. Weighing of incentive.

    3. Benefit analysis.


    5. Capability.

    6. Credibility.

    7. Easy to access.

Campaign objectives
Campaign Objectives

  • Importance of our market brand and position.

  • Providing awareness.

  • First focusing on:

  • Dealerships and financial institutions first.

  • Individuals financing an automotive lien.

  • Government Agencies.

  • Global endeavors.

  • Trial period for dealerships and financial institutions.

  • Domestic maturity stage.

  • Global Market Penetration.

  • A breakdown of events that must take place in order for this campaign to be diffused and adopted are as follows:

  • Obtain the required records.

  • Establishing a framework in which to deploy information and conduct business.

  • Promote our service via social media, commercial and interactive advertising.

  • Set up account with Financial institutions to where the information is provided with little upkeep and maintenance on our end.

  • Become a regulated standard.

  • Become enforceable by a governmental agency.

  • Collect royalties.

Major target audiences
Major Target Audiences

  • Financial institutions, dealerships.

  • People Financing Automotive liens.

  • Government agencies.

  • Foreign Markets.


  • We will primary operate through a user-friendly website.

  • We will be headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

  • Staffing for our headquarters.

  • Future endeavors regarding Place.


  • Discounts for major automotive financial institution.

  • $1.00 for each lien we add to our database.

  • Financial institutions will establish their own rates for providing our service.

  • Personal online access will be similar to that of Car fax Inc.

  • $9.99 per account, per lien.

  • $49.99 preferred customer package.


  • Organic Growth of Brand.

  • Promotion:

  • Social media.

  • Commercial.

  • Sales Representatives.

  • Secure Lien logos.

  • Ad space on our website.

Projected budget and recommend implantation schedule
Projected Budget and Recommend Implantation Schedule

Year 1and 2:

  • Obtain all required records and set up necessary Frameworks.


  • Establish an office and set up operations.

    $4,000 per month;2 year lease $96,000 fixed cost.

  • Hire and train staff.

    Approximately $550,000-750,000.

  • Promotional service.

    Approximately $500,000-600,000.

    Year 3 and on:

  • Offer trail service periods to higher end dealerships and financial institutions.

    Maximum of 25,000 for up to 15 trail period early adopter organizations.

  • Set up trail periods for organizations with varying levels of access.

    Maximum of 20,000 for up to 25 trail period late adopter organization.

  • Unexpected and unforeseen expenses.

    $250,000 fixed cost.

  • Overall startup cost approximately.


  • Under our $2,000,000 budgeting goal.

  • Payback period.

    approximately 3 years.


  • Toyota Motor Credit Corporation had a provision for credit losses of $98 million on their 2012 10k report.

  • Lost or hidden liens is an issue that can be solved.

  • Secure Lien LLC, will provide a service that will secure automotive liens nationwide.

  • Our service can and will put an end to these substantial losses.