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Presentation Day 2! PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation Day 2!

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Presentation Day 2! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Day 2!. Microsoft, 2011. 7 th Grade Career GASP Project. Presentation Order. Presentation Rubric. I will use the presentation rubric given to you on the first day of the project to provide feedback on your presentations.

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Presentation Day 2!

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Presentation Day 2! Microsoft, 2011 7th Grade Career GASP Project

    2. Presentation Order

    3. Presentation Rubric • I will use the presentation rubric given to you on the first day of the project to provide feedback on your presentations. • Remember, you have minutes to present – I’ll be timing!

    4. Peer Feedback • During the presentations, audience members will fill out a peer feedback form for each pair. • On the form include the following information: • Names of the pair presenting • Something you learned • Something you liked • Something you think the pair did well • Something you think they could improve for next time.

    5. Let’s Get Started!

    6. Great Job! • The presentations were great! • Give yourselves a round of applause for your hard work and excellent presentations!

    7. Discussion • What did you learn? • What careers are more interested in now? • What went well? • What was challenging? • What did you enjoy? • What didn’t you enjoy? • What would have helped make the project go more smoothly?

    8. Partner and Self-Evaluation • Complete a partner and self-evaluation. • Help me to know what work you did on the project and what work your partner did. • Consider the effort you put into the work and the quality of the work.

    9. GASP Project • This project was an example of a GASP Project • What does GASP stand for? • The project requires skills that will help you to be successful throughout your middle and high school careers as well as into your college careers. • In the future, you will complete more GASP projects and now have some of the foundational skills you need to complete them well.

    10. Self Reflection • Complete the Career GASP Project Self Reflection in Naviance by the next class. • Consider what you learned, what you did well, and what skills you need to work on in the future.

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