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Prepared for GODAE-IMBER Wshp Paris, 12-13 June 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Prepared for GODAE-IMBER Wshp Paris, 12-13 June 2007

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Prepared for GODAE-IMBER Wshp Paris, 12-13 June 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prepared for GODAE-IMBER Wshp Paris, 12-13 June 2007
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  1. in brief Prepared for GODAE-IMBER Wshp Paris, 12-13 June 2007

  2. Earth System SciencePartnership (ESSP)

  3. Ocean Projects in IGBP II today

  4. Goal “to investigate the sensitivity of marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems to global change, on time scales ranging from years to decades”

  5. Theme 1 Interactions between biogeochemical cycles and marine food webs What are the key marine biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem processes, and their interactions, that will be impacted by global change?

  6. Theme 2 Sensitivity to Global Change What are the responses of key marine biogeochemical cycles, ecosystems and their interactions to global change?

  7. Theme 3 Feedbacks to the Earth System What is the role of ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystems in regulating climate?

  8. Theme 4 Responses of society What are the relationships between marine biogeochemical cycles ecosystems, and the human system?

  9. Working groups • End-to-End Food web Task Team(IMBER/GLOBEC) • Joint SOLAS/IMBER carbon research group (IMBER/SOLAS) • Joint LOICZ/IMBER Continental Margins Task Team (IMBER/LOICZ) • Capacity Building Task Team • DataManagement Committee … towards a Joint GODAE/IMBER Group in 2008 an beyond ?

  10. Challenging IMBER issues related to GODAE • Overall: • High horizontal resolution (eddy resolving) AND high vertical resolution of upper ocean synchronized to observed events • Decadal variability: • Required improved reanalysis compare to others products (as CLIVAR) if at high resolution vertically and horizontally • Seasonal forecasting: • Needed for ecosystem approach to fisheries management • Short-term forecast: • adaptive sampling effort for AUV/gliders or during oceanographic campaign • Coastal interaction needed for: • Nutrients, carbon, planktons, eggs and larvae cross-slope exchange • Downscaling basin variability on coastal marine resources dynamics

  11. GODAE-IMBERprovisional status-1(Beijing, 2006) • Ecosystem modelling are ready to be coupled with GODAE system, both for lower, medium and trophic levels • Nutrients fuel to surface layer needs: • accurate vertical transport to bring intermediate/deep nutrients • Iron from continent needs margin interactions and dust deposition • Improvement of GODAE product urged: • Advanced assimilation scheme for fine vertical structure • Better resolution for tropical waves or frontal systems • Operational marine ecosystem modelling • Offline demonstrator ready • Evaluation required by extensive datasets >>> Need share experience between GODAE and IMBER

  12. GODAE-IMBERprovisional status-2 (Beijing, 2006) • Observations (from biogeochemistry to the foodweb): • CLIVAR repetitive transects • Time series stations* • VOS line* • Oxygen on Argo* • Nutrients on AUV/Glider* • Ocean colour* for Chl, plankton classification, DOM, particules • Continuous Plankton Recorder • Acoustic network* based on ADCP or VOS • Assimilation issues : • Develop new scheme to constrain both physical and nutrients state • Use ocean colour joint to vertical observation as O2 • Use ocean colour classification with CPR to constrain planktons • Use acoustic system/fish catch/predator track to constrain micronektons and fish >>> Need B-ARGO and new Assimilation schemes * Near real time

  13. GODAE-IMBER Workshop(Paris, 2007) • Term of reference: a-Review the present biogeochemistry and ecosystem development within GODAE systems and related issues; b-Identify common interests between IMBER and GODAE; c-Evaluate real time datasets and assimilation schemes require for biogeochemistry and ecosystem applications; d-Provide a report to IMBER and GODAE useful for further actions. • Task Team format: • Restricted to around 6 IMBER representatives and 6 GODAE representatives • Short presentations for long discussion and common brain storming >>> Thanks for your contribution ! * Near real time