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Magazine of the year

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3/19/1993. Magazine of the year. Top 10 songs of 1963. N.F.L player Jim Brown. President John. F Kennedy . 75 cent. Life as a Teen . Jim Brown.

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magazine of the year


Magazine of the year

Top 10 songs of 1963

N.F.L player Jim Brown

President John. F Kennedy

75 cent

Life as a Teen

jim brown
Jim Brown
  • The Cleveland Browns from 1957 through 1966, Brown rewrote the record books in 1963 and then left the game to pursue avenues that would challenge him more than his gridiron contemporaries ever could. He was one of the first professional football players to parlay his fame into success off the field and in doing so he not only set a precedent for all the running backs that followed but for every athlete that had aspirations beyond athletics.
being a teenager in 1963
Being A Teenager In 1963
  • In 1963 life as a teen was great because the prices were low on every thing. The gas was 29 cents a gallon. The prices of bread was 22 cents. The ford Cortina was 675. The stamp was 4 cent. They had many hairstyles for girls like the flip, the beehive, the mop top. They went to movies and hung out late and most of then had a car or a ride.
my editorial
My Editorial
  • I think that the 1963 was a great year to be alive because they had good music because they didn't have a lot of cussing and sex talking like they do now and it was all instruments. They knew how to have a good time. There were good basketball players and they played hard because they always scored high points and made good shots. If I was alive then I would probably love it because of the prices were low and life was great.