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Me, Cindy PowerPoint Presentation
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Me, Cindy

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Me, Cindy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To be able to watch my slideshow you will have to click your mouse to be able to pass to the following page. Let's go!. Me, Cindy . Hello ! My first name is Cindy but I haven’t a middle name . I was born in December 1999, in Laval (53) so I’m 12 years old .

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Me, Cindy

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To be able to watch my slideshow you will have to click your mouse to be able to pass to the following page. Let's go!
me cindy
Me, Cindy

Hello ! My first nameis Cindybut I haven’t a middle name. I wasbornin December1999, in Laval (53) soI’m 12 yearsold.

I live in a barracks in Carcassonne because of my mother’s job: she is a servicewoman, that is to say sh is a professional soldier. My father is a career advisor .
I have one brother: heis six yearsold. I also have one cat Chippy. Sheis 21 yearsold. I also have and twogoldfish. I haven’tgot a favorite color: I likeeverycolorexept the khaki.
Similarly I don’t have a favouritemeal. I have practisedrythmicgymnasticssince the age of five in Limoux, a city near Carcassonne. I have donecompetitions for six years and thisyearmy first competitonwas on saturdaythirteenthoctober in Limoux.
I like going shopping downtown in trendy shops and also going out with my friends. I also like jewels, clothes, shoes with heels and to make up. I don't like to tidy my room and do my homework, but I do it all the same. I'm sociable, hard- working and messy. I'm also sensitive and outgoing.