Developing and managing the federal acquisition workforce
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Developing and Managing the Federal Acquisition Workforce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing and Managing the Federal Acquisition Workforce. Lesley Field (202) 395-4761 Emphasis on Human Capital . Human Capital is part of the President’s Management Agenda

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Developing and managing the federal acquisition workforce l.jpg

Developing and Managing the Federal Acquisition Workforce

Lesley Field

(202) 395-4761

Emphasis on human capital l.jpg
Emphasis on Human Capital

  • Human Capital is part of the President’s Management Agenda

  • The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) has responsibility for establishing policies and procedures to manage the civilian (non-DAWIA) acquisition workforce including:

    • Accession

    • Education

    • Training

    • Career Development

    • Performance Incentives

Draft policy letter 05 01 on workforce development l.jpg
Draft Policy Letter 05-01 on Workforce Development

  • Intend to release by April 2005

  • Purpose is two-fold:

    • Broadly define the acquisition workforce

    • Closely align civilian and defense workforce requirements

Broadly defining the workforce l.jpg
Broadly Defining the Workforce

  • The Services Acquisition Reform Act (SARA) defines acquisition broadly to include functions other than traditional contracting (management and measurement of performance, tech and mgmt direction, etc.)

  • Policy Letter gives Chief Acquisition Officers (CAOs) responsibility for identifying their workforce to include, at a minimum:

    • All GS-1102s

    • All warranted Contracting Officers (COs) regardless of series

    • All GS-1105s

    • Program and project managers, as identified by the CAO

    • All CORs and COTRs

    • Any acquisition-related position identified by the CAO

Aligning the civilian and defense workforce requirements l.jpg
Aligning the Civilian and Defense Workforce Requirements

  • Core competencies aligned

  • Core training aligned

  • No change to the qualification standard for civilian 1102s (no change to the education standard)

Federal acquisition certification contracting gs 1102 l.jpg
Federal Acquisition Certification – Contracting GS-1102

  • Level I, II, and III (likely)

  • Required for new COs warranted after January 1, 2007 (SPEs can waive on case-by-case basis w/documentation)

  • Career enhancing credential

  • 80 continuous learning points required to keep certification (and warrant, if applicable)

  • FAI is developing certification program for CAOC approval

    • Prospective candidates

    • Legacy workforce

  • All civilian agencies, at a minimum, shall accept this as evidence an employee meets the minimum requirements

Federal acquisition certification program and project managers and others l.jpg
Federal Acquisition Certification – Program and Project Managers and Others

  • Generally reflect the DAU requirements, though may be limited to basic training

  • FAI will develop recommendations for other disciplines

  • Career enhancing credential

Cors and cotrs l.jpg
CORs and COTRs Managers and Others

  • CAOs responsible for developing basic and refresher training for agency CORs and COTRs

  • CORs and COTRs shall enter training information into ACMIS

  • DAU is preparing to launch a revised on-line COR/COTR course this spring

Acquisition career management information system acmis l.jpg
Acquisition Career Management Information System (ACMIS) Managers and Others

  • By October 1, 2006 (proposed):

    • All GS-1102s

    • All COs regardless of series

    • All GS-1105

  • By October 1, 2007 (proposed):

    • CORs/COTRs

    • Program and project managers, as appropriate

  • Hope to integrate OPM’s competency management inventory system and ACMIS

Agency acquisition career manager l.jpg
Agency Acquisition Career Manager Managers and Others

CAO shall designate a person to manage implementation of this Letter at the agency level to include, but not limited to:

  • Managing identification of the workforce

  • Proposing to the CAO an annual budget

  • Providing input to the Chief Human Capital Officer on human capital strategic planning

  • Proposing a transition plan

  • Recommending waivers, as necessary

  • Maintaining and managing agency-wide data

Other human capital initiatives l.jpg
Other Human Capital Initiatives Managers and Others

  • CAOC Human Capital Working Group

    • Reviewing FSS study on emerging trends in acquisition

    • Identifying data needs to help agencies determine future human capital needs

  • FAI Board of Directors

    • Provides general guidance and direction to FAI

    • Assists FAI in prioritizing needs for Acquisition Workforce Training Fund

  • Collocation of FAI and DAU

    • Ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 11, 2005

    • Will help civilian agencies leverage DAU’s training development and delivery efforts

Questions l.jpg

Questions? Managers and Others