soc 114 marriage family intimate relationships n.
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SOC 114 Marriage, Family & Intimate Relationships PowerPoint Presentation
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SOC 114 Marriage, Family & Intimate Relationships

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SOC 114 Marriage, Family & Intimate Relationships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOC 114 Marriage, Family & Intimate Relationships. B. Brutlag, Instructor J. Sevilla-Marzona, Librarian Fall 2009. Step 1: Understand the Assignment. Read the assignment sheet carefully. What are you expected to write about the assigned topic?

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soc 114 marriage family intimate relationships

SOC 114Marriage, Family & Intimate Relationships

B. Brutlag, Instructor

J. Sevilla-Marzona, Librarian

Fall 2009

step 1 understand the assignment
Step 1: Understand the Assignment

Read the assignment sheet carefully.

What are you expected to write about the assigned topic?

Are you expected to write a research paper? Discuss your findings in an oral presentation? Both?

What should your presentation have?

How long should it be?

How many sources do you need to use?

When is it due? And so on….

step 2 select your topic
Step 2: Select Your Topic

How can you narrow your topic?

Course readings?

Select a current event by watching the news, reading An article from a newspaper, magazine or the Web, or listening to talk radio.

What are your personal interests?

How about a general encyclopedia?

A good topic is:



Controversial or debatable

Can be covered reasonably well within the limits of the assignment

Not too broad, not too narrow, but just right!

You can always ask a librarian

for help!

how do i define or narrow my topic 1 identify keywords and concepts
How do I define or narrow my topic? 1. Identify keywords and concepts
  • Use a reference source to get background information:
    • Dictionary
    • General encyclopedia
    • Subject-specific encyclopedia
Jot down the most significant words and ideas in your topic.


Look up synonyms or related terms for these keywords and concepts.


3. Connect the dots…

Now you’re ready to start!


Effects on children

Effects on work: productivity and quality


Effects on health

Effects on extended family

Effects on husband’s vs. wife’s income

step 4 what sources will you need
Step 4: What Sources Will You Need?




Personal Interviews?

step 5 locating books
Step 5: Locating Books

To find books, use the Library’s online catalog, and choose WebCat.

Search by:




Search Everything

step 6 finding articles
Step 6: Finding Articles

Why articles?

Usually more recent → may discuss the status of the controversy

Shorter than books → summarize one of more major arguments, usually citing a specific example or several cases

Use Online Databases

Searchable because the databases contain anindex

Contain full-text articles from thousands of magazines, journals and newspapers

Note: RHCL has more than 40 databases, many of which are subscription-only.

ARTICLES & MORE◊ ProQuest◊ SIRS◊ PsycARTICLES◊ Issues & Controversies◊ ArtStor◊ Gale Virtual ReferenceLibrary◊  TrialsMore...ONLINE DATABASES◊ A-Z List◊ Subject List◊ Off-campus access

some useful databases for soc114
Some useful databases for SOC114:

Gale Virtual Reference Library ≈

1,000 reference e-books



Health Reference Center –Academic

Social Science Data Search

step 7 or the beginnings of finding web sites
Step 7 (or the beginnings of):Finding Web Sites

As a general rule, consult the section “Subject Guides” in the Library’s home page.

web searching
Web Searching
  • Use at least two of your keywords.
    • Example: marriage counseling reconciliation
  • Specify where to search (domain).
    • Example:
  • Use quotation marks around phrases.
    • Example: “evil stepmother”
    • Example: “stay at home mom” “children’s health”
visual aids
Visual Aids
  • Library: Consult WebCat for Posters,

DVDs and VHS

  • Web: Google Images, Yahoo Images, YouTube

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