The number is the matter great success of iya activities in japan
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The Number is the matter: Great Success of IYA activities in Japan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Number is the matter: Great Success of IYA activities in Japan. Junichi Watanabe(NAOJ) . Chairman of the planning committee of IYA2009 in Japan. ・ Development of Economy & Industry Technology and Engineering on mechanics, Optics, Electronics, Robotics, etc

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The number is the matter great success of iya activities in japan l.jpg

The Number is the matter:Great Success of IYA activities in Japan

Junichi Watanabe(NAOJ)

Chairman of the planning committee of IYA2009 in Japan

Circumstance before iya in japan l.jpg

Development of Economy & Industry

Technology and Engineering on mechanics, Optics, Electronics, Robotics, etc

ーー> Companies of telescopes & planetariums

・ Oriental Thoughts on Nature (maybe)

Local Governments

ーー> Public observatories, planetariums & Science Museums


Planetariums in japan l.jpg
Planetariums in Japan

  • 250 !


    Science Museums)

  • ~30% of

    779 cities in Japan

Public observatories in japan l.jpg
Public Observatories in Japan

  • 90 !



    & Sci. museums)

Large telescopes in japan l.jpg
Large Telescopes in Japan

Diameter Name Year Operation

  • 2.00m Nishi-Harima Astron. Obs. 1990 Hyogo Pref.

  • 1.88m Okayama Astrophysical Obs. 1960 NAOJ

  • 1.5m Gunma Astron. Obs. 1999 Gunma Pref.

  • 1.5m Univ. Hiroshima 1994 Univ.

  • 1.5m NICT 1988 NICT

  • 1.3m Sendai Astron. Obs. 2008Sendai City

  • 1.3m ISAS 1988 ISAS

  • 1.15m Ginga No Mori Astron. Obs. 1998 Rikubetu Town

  • 1.13m Nakagawa Science Center Nakagawa Town

  • 1.05m Misato Astron. Obs. 1995 Misato Town

  • 1.05m Ishikgakijima Aston. Obs. 2006 NAOJ

  • 1.03mSaji Astron. Obs. 1994 Tottori City

  • 1.01m Bisei Astron. Obs. 1993 Bisei Village

  • 1.00m Toyama Astron. Obs. 1997 Toyama City

  • 1.00m Kawabe Astron. Obs. 1995 Kawabe Town

The number of the opening of new telescopes to public obs museums in japan l.jpg
The number of the “Opening” of new telescopes to Public Obs. & Museums in Japan

  • Planetariums

Problems in circumstances in mid 90 l.jpg

・ Decrease of newly founded facilities

・ Decreaseof visitors

・ Crisisofpossible close in the future

・ No communications with facilities


Star week campaign proposed in 1995 l.jpg

In order to enhance outreach activities with connecting these facilities over Japan

・ Week set between August 1 and 7

  ・ Good weather after rainy season

  ・ Summer holiday season


Star week campaign l.jpg
Star Week campaign these facilities over Japan

we provide opportunities for the general public to visit astronomical facilities and watch the starry night skies

Campaign poster with catchphrase

Original character

TV program explaining the Star Week

Star week since 1995 events and facilities l.jpg
Star Week since 1995 these facilities over Japan (events and facilities)

About over 200 cooperators (facilities) join our campaign every year.

Paonet public astronomical observatory network l.jpg
PAONET these facilities over Japan(Public Astronomical Observatory NETwork)

In order to share the astronomical images or materials for outreach among

various facilities where our NAOJ played an important role as a center since 1995. More than 130 facilities registered in this network.

Slide14 l.jpg

IYA Japan: Expanding the connections further these facilities over Japan













IYA2009 committee









(220 プラネタリウム)



(150 天文台)

2888 842 l.jpg
2888 these facilities over Japan& 842

  • Registered number of authorized events by IYA 2009 Japan Committee

  • Registered number of organizers of events

  • Most organizers are brand-new:

Organizers l.jpg
Organizers these facilities over Japan

  • Japan Public Observatory Society95

  • Japan Planetarium Association 161

  • PAONET 124

  • JAPOS ∩ JPA 8


  • JPA ∩ PAONET 48


  • Non of above categories 587!

Flower and sand art festival l.jpg
Flower and Sand Art Festival these facilities over Japan


Animation program by national broadcast company nhk l.jpg
Animation Program by National Broadcast company(NHK) these facilities over Japan

Mary & Galy


Snack with iya l.jpg
Snack with IYA these facilities over Japan

Movies l.jpg
Movies these facilities over Japan

Public park l.jpg
Public Park these facilities over Japan

Watch Maker: Citizon and

local government of the park

Baseball field l.jpg
Baseball Field these facilities over Japan

Football field l.jpg
Football Field these facilities over Japan

Temple shinto shrine l.jpg
Temple & Shinto Shrine these facilities over Japan

7353712 l.jpg
7353712 these facilities over Japan

  • The number of people who saw stars during 2009 counted by a Japanese cornerstone project: “Let’s look up the sky, Together! Ten millions’ star gazing”

    ~ almost 5% of Japanese population

    ~ Attendances of the football league

3 01 million day l.jpg
3.01 million/day these facilities over Japan

  • Maximum access the Web Page of IYA2009.

  • July 22

    • 5/17 ****

    • 5/24 ****

    • 5/31 *****

    • 6/ 7 *******

    • 6/14 *********

    • 6/21 **************

    • 6/28 *******************

    • 7/ 5 ***********************

    • 7/12 *****************************************

    • 7/19 **********************************************************

    • 7/26 ******

1 131 930 downloads l.jpg
1,131,930 Downloads these facilities over Japan

  • Total Solar Eclipse Live Broadcast by NHK from Cruse ship

  • YouTube at

Slide29 l.jpg
~ 50000 these facilities over Japan

  • Number of safety glasses for observing partial solar eclipse

  • Samples distributed to all the elementary and junior high schools

250 000 copies l.jpg
250,000 copies these facilities over Japan

  • IYA poster for 400 years of the telescope history

  • Distributed to all the schools

289 642 downloads l.jpg
289,642 Downloads these facilities over Japan

  • Japanese IYA Song“GINGA(galaxy)” by a popular singer, MISIA

  • Released on June 10, and became a hit that recorded the 22nd Oricon ranking.

  • YouTube at

13000 small telescopes to 17 countries l.jpg
>13000 small telescopes these facilities over Japanto 17 countries

  • “You are Galileo” project,

    ------> See Agata-san’s Poster

14553 reports with 1 4 millions hits l.jpg
14553 reports with 1.4 millions hits these facilities over Japan

  • Number of reports who tried to see Orionidmeteor shower during 19-23 October in 2009.

  • This was performed as one of the campaigns of NAOJ, which aims to widely announce the astronomical phenomena, and to encourage many people to see. (since 2003)

  • Participation-type campaigns by accepting the “observation report” via internet.

Why orionid meteor shower l.jpg
Why Orionid meteor shower these facilities over Japan

  • Our group expected the enhanced display during 2006-2010, which comes every 70 years.

  • Next strong display will be 2076.

"Origin of the 2006 Orionid Outburst"

M. Sato and J. Watanabe

Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan 59, L21


Bookstores for 561 registered books l.jpg
860 these facilities over Japanbookstores for 561 registered books

Millions l.jpg
these facilities over Japan.49 millions

  • Google Hit on the terminology: Visibiily in Japan

  • International Year 2009

    • “国際和解年”0.65 million

      • (International Year of Reconciliation)

    • “国際天然繊維年”0.21 million

      • (International Year of natural Fibers)

    • “世界天文年”8.49 million

      • (International Year of Astronomy )

What did we obtain through iya2009 l.jpg
What did we obtain through IYA2009 these facilities over Japan

  • High visibility of Astronomy

  • Many “how-to’s” for the outreach activities

  • Firm connections between professional and amateur astronomical societies etc, which are brand-new organizers of outreach activities (exceeding the Starweek or existing campaigns)

  • This should be continued in the future.

  • “Summit of amateur astronomical clubs” in NAOJ will be held in April, where we aim to establish “JAU = Japan Astronomical Union”

Huge numbers of messages or impressions collected l.jpg
Huge numbers of messages or impressions collected these facilities over Japan

  • “I am glad to have seen the meteor for the first time in life, and I happened to cry due to its impression. “ (Geminid meteor showers)

  • countless … and priceless……………….