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Ponderosa Leisure Farms

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Ponderosa Leisure Farms. 2013 Candidates for the Board of Directors. Incumbent Members of the Board of Directors. Jun Silva. Homeowner since 2007 (visits every weekend) Currently HOA President Improved collection rate and cut down on expenses. President, Szolare C. Inc.

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Ponderosa Leisure Farms

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Ponderosa Leisure Farms 2013 Candidates for the Board of Directors

    2. Incumbent Members of the Board of Directors

    3. Jun Silva • Homeowner since 2007 (visits every weekend) • Currently HOA President • Improved collection rate and cut down on expenses President, Szolare C. Inc. Former Plant Manager, Colgate-Palmolive

    4. Jun Silva • Hopes to improve collection to 85% • Hopes to entice more lot owners to build houses in Ponderosa by improving the Village’s image • Supports the long term vision of Ponderosa to be a premier village Likes Ponderosa’s people and weather

    5. Cesar Jacinto “CJ” Castro II • Ponderosa homeowner since 2006 (weekender) • Participates in Board, association and Café Rosa activities Country Director, Nokia Siemens Networks Phils CEO, ETSI Technologies, Inc Director, PLFVHAI

    6. Cesar Jacinto “CJ” Castro II • Wants to • improve general satisfaction of home and lot owners • Strengthen community and personal relationships • Demand expected deliverables from service providers and suppliers • Improve cooperation with Developer • Increase market value of investment Likes Ponderosa’s people, the Community and the environment

    7. Carlos A. Perez-Rubio • Homeowner since 2006 (visits every weekend) • Currently Member, Ponderosa Board of Directors (involved in Finance and Grounds Mgt) • Helped in the conception and development of Ponderosa Investment Manager, involved in property development and venture capital, paint manufacturing

    8. Carlos A. Perez-Rubio Wants to get lot owners who do not pay to become members of good standing Wants to improve the maintenance and aesthetics of Ponderosa Improve security Wants to have more things to do in Ponderosa If elected, will participate in the formation of strategies and 5-year plan for Ponderosa Likes Ponderosa’s rolling hills, the Community, pine trees and bouganvillas Likes Ponderosa’s rolling hills, the community, the pine trees and the bouganvillas.

    9. Benjamin B. Layco • Homeowner since 2008 (visits every weekend) • Active in Village activities:

    10. Benjamin B. Layco • Wants to improve roads, security and house design in Ponderosa Likes Ponderosa’s friendly neighbors, safety and quiet

    11. Norma Davis Permanent Resident since 2007 Active in Village activities: Holy Mass, Community Outreach Projects, Aerobics and Socials Author of 2012 Ponderosa Handbook General Manager, TriQuint Philippines (high tech multinational, manufacturing)

    12. Norma Davis Wants to have More effective and transparent communication between BOD and homeowners Better maintenance of theme gardens Improvement in infrastructure like broadband connection, more permanent streetlights, traffic light at main entrance for vehicle safety, etc Happy and contented homeowners to encourage more lotowners to build homes Likes Ponderosa’s friendly neighborhood, joy of gardening, foggy mornings, cool mountain breeze, flora and fauna, peace and quiet.

    13. New Candidates

    14. Hans Groot, Ph.D. • Permanent resident since 2009 • Chair, Grounds and Socials Committee • Assisted in Ponderosa Handbook development Served for 10 yrs. as President of 256-unit townhouse garden community while in the U.S.A.

    15. Hans Groot, Ph.D. • Wants to improve transparency and accountability. • Wants to monitor the work of the grounds maintenance crew and our security force. • Wants to improve collecting membership fees and impose sanctions on those who do not pay. • Improve responsiveness to community needs (potluck dinners, annual Christmas party and the like). Likes Ponderosa’s ambiance, location, community potential Likes Ponderosa’s climate, ambiance, nearby shops and restaurants

    16. Evelyn C. Avila • Homeowner since 2008 (visits 2x a month) • Experienced in policy making, streamlining systems and procedures, auditing and General Management Former Asst. Governor, Central Bank Retired, Part-time in family business

    17. Evelyn C. Avila • Wants to continue the good work of the Board and the Comittees • Suggests to provide an oversight to the Admin function of the Homeowners’ Association, to lend their expertise in general administration, finance, etc. Likes Ponderosa’s proximity to SLEX, climate, fertile soil, landscape, active involvement of homeowners in community developmennt

    18. Josephine M. Roa • Homeowner since 2008 (visits 3-4 times a week) • Initiated the fixing of the Chapel to make it into a complete satelite Chapel Real Estate developer

    19. Josephine M. Roa • Suggests to add more facilities like a tennis court, a bigger playground Likes Ponderosa’s weather and the community

    20. Annie T. Coleman • Resident of Ponderosa since 2008 • Strong advocate of preservation of natural environment; adherence to Ponderosa’s Deed of Restrictions; and Vision Publisher, Educator, Business Consultant

    21. Annie T. Coleman • Hopes to improve policy-making and organizational development; provide value to general members’ investment; instill high level of professionalism and integrity in Ponderosa • Over 15 years experience in Development, Publishing and Tourism work Likes Ponderosa’s weather

    22. Maxy Sison Abad Expertise on Banking, Hotel, Real Estate, Insurances, Water works, Condominium Management and Radio Station. Permanent resident since 2007 Been advertising Ponderosa as the place to live thru word of mouth.

    23. Maxy Sison Abad Likes Ponderosa’s cool weather, ambiance, concept of leisure farm, Mexican/Spanish designed houses. Wants to contribute in the further development of the village using personal experience in Real Estate business.

    24. Stephen Ian Veneracion Actor, Movie and TV Lot owner Will build this year, 2013.

    25. Stephen Ian Veneracion Likes Ponderosa’s weather. Wants to develop sports activities in the village.

    26. Filemon “Jun” Gutierrez • Homeowner since 2009 (Semi Permanent) • 20 years experience in the electronics industry that can be utilized for the improvement of our Security/Communications system. Formerly based in the US as Eng’g Technical Support, Product Design & Mfg and Eng’g Management for several Electro Mechanical Companies.

    27. Filemon “Jun” Gutierrez • Wants to improve/change: • Sports related activities such as Basketball/Tennis Court and Gym. • CCTV cameras for additional security. • Road Traffic signs (stop, yield, etc). • Side walks Likes Ponderosa’s peaceful environment, clean air and good location.