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Eicher Cricket Mahasangram PowerPoint Presentation
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Eicher Cricket Mahasangram

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Eicher Cricket Mahasangram - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eicher Cricket Mahasangram. On ground/Event Marketing Eicher Tractors Ltd. Background. Rapid industrialization and infrastructure development has led to an up to 70% upsurge in non farm use of tractors , opening new frontiers of growth

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Eicher Cricket Mahasangram

On ground/Event Marketing

Eicher Tractors Ltd.



  • Rapid industrialization and infrastructure development has led to an up to 70%upsurge in non farm use of tractors, opening new frontiers of growth
  • Despite being a 50yr old brand with wide range of tractors across various HP ranges, suiting various purposes, Eicher is still perceived as an entry point player
  • It wanted to position itself as an all-rounder to a vast & varied target group

Target Group

  • Farmers
  • Other users of tractors using it for haulage - brick manufacturers, miners/blasters, loaders, water suppliers etc.


  • Engage a varied group of target audience around a wide portfolio of (Eicher) tractors
  • Create awareness to change ‘entry level player’ perception and position it as an all rounder


  • Talk to a vast and varied target group (farm & non farm users), who look for different features
  • Intercept this varied group on a common plank
  • Bring entire brand offering under a single umbrella theme


  • Eicher tractors had 11 tractors in its portfolio all with different focus features and usages
  • Cricket team also has 11 players; all with different strengths who put together form a formidable team
  • In a cricket frenzied nation, what better plank than cricket, to build relevance for Eicher’s different tractors with unique strengths, appealing to different user groups positioning it as a team of star players

Idea – Eicher Cricket Mahasangram

  • A unique on ground activity that brings relevance for the entire range of products under Eicher brand name using the medium of cricket


  • A multi pronged strategy was followed:

Activity Model

  • Two legs to the activity


  • 6008 Villages covered
  • Over 8.5 Lakh prospects engaged during events
  • 9,229enquiries generated for focus models