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The battle of san Jacinto PowerPoint Presentation
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The battle of san Jacinto

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The battle of san Jacinto - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Ryan Mullins . The battle of san Jacinto. The nasty Santa Anna.

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The battle of san Jacinto

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the nasty santa anna
The nasty Santa Anna

Santa Anna is a very cruel man. He was in the Spanish army. But then he fought for the Mexican army for independence from Spain. He then became the general of Mexico. He lead the battle of the Alamo and the massager of Goliad. He was also the stupid one when he chose the base by a river in the battle of san Jacinto. He also dressed as a conmen solider uniform and ran into the woods. When he came out his solders “El presidente” that’s when the found out it was him.

the texas cries of war
The Texas cries of war

During the battle Texans yelled

remember the Alamo

Remember Goliad.

Witch startled the Mexicans the battle started.

during the battle
During the battle

During the battle, that short period it was kayos. Gun shots, cowering Mexicans, dead bodies every were. Santa Anna fled during battle. One of the shortest battles of history.

why the texans won
Why the Texans won

The Texans won because the element of surprise, and Santa Anna made some geiograthicly problems.