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Environment Friendly Gadgets PowerPoint Presentation
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Environment Friendly Gadgets

Environment Friendly Gadgets

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Environment Friendly Gadgets

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  1. Environment Friendly Gadgets Areas Of Impact!!!

  2. BambooGadgets?!!! These eco-friendly computer hardwares are made out of bamboo. The manufacturer states that these could be recycled up to 50%, and these would lessen the awful impact on environment due to unwanted and unrecyclable waste.

  3. SolarCharging Dock!!! Regen introduced a sleek, eco-friendly way to charge an iPhone or an iPod. RegenReNu is modular solar charger and docking station for iPhone or iPod with futuristic and unusual design. The key parts are a big solar panel with internal battery and elegant iPhone dock station. You can easy remove solar panel from the dock and put to comforable place under sunshine.

  4. Basic Features

  5. There are 2 different types of models available in the market right now… Soulra ReNu

  6. Solar Panel Speaker iPod/iPhone Remote Control

  7. Tech Specs Solar panel module size and weight Height: 8.85 inches (22.5 centimeters) Width: 8.85 inches (22.5 centimeters) Thickness: 0.784 inch (1.9 centimeters) Weight: 1.1 pounds (498 grams) ReNu iPod dock station dimensions and weight Width: 3.15 inches (8 centimeters) Length: 4.75 inches (12 centimeters) Thickness: 1.97 inch (5 centimeters) Weight: 0.08 pounds (363 grams)

  8. Sony's Green Laptop

  9. Yo! Byke Y0-BYKE runs on Battery and is the most economical two-wheeler in the world. Y0-bike costs less than the cheapest petrol scooter available in the market It has Self-start, almost zero maintenance cost and almost zero running cost, and totally zero fear.

  10. Miniwiz Battery Charger $50 only!!!

  11. Solar Powered LED lighting • Advanced LED Ltd have created this new gadget: solar street lights that are eco friendly, easy to install and offer tremendous light output. • These lights are ideal for all sorts of uses. • Solar street lights can be easily installed and moved and delivers free, renewable energy which is stored in a battery ready to be used when darkness falls.

  12. Benefits of LED lighting

  13. Chevrolet Volt 230 The new 2011 Chevrolet Volt is powered by Electricity. Provides a mileage of about 230 miles per gallon. Takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery and can drive for hundreds of miles on battery.

  14. More power from a superior battery A small, quiet on-board gas generator creates electricity that powers your Volt as you drive for hundreds of miles on battery and gas power. Lithium-ion cells outperform nickel metal hydride cells (found in today's hybrids) in terms of life cycle. A liquid thermal cooling and heating system keeps the battery at a comfortable temperature as it's being charged and discharged.

  15. The dashboard re-imagined • Volt has two LCD screens that display speed, battery power, range to recharge or re-fill. • On the center console you'll find a seven-inch diagonal high-resolution screen with touch-sensitive control that helps you get the most out of your Volt. • This car also offers Standard navigation with voice recognition, infotainment and a climate control system

  16. Features/Tech Aspects… • Electric drive unit with 150 hp, 273 lb-ft of torque • Quiet, on-board generator/engine, 1.4L Internal Combustion Engine (80 hp), requires premium fuel 4-wheel antilock, 4-wheel disc, electro-hydraulic power with StabiliTrak, regenerative braking system • StabiliTrak with Traction Control • Tire Pressure Monitor • Controls, center, touch-sensitive with Driver Mode Control switch • Display, center, 7" diagonal LCD touch screen XM Nav Traffic with three trial months • Bluetooth® wireless technology for select phones • 6 USB Ports

  17. Features/Tech Aspects • Bose Premium speaker system with 6 speakers and subwoofer; Energy Efficient System • Audio System with Navigation(12) and XM Radio(3), DVD and MP3 playback capability, includes voice recognition, Radio Data System (RDS)(7) and time shift function • Hard drive, 30 GB of audio data storage • Air conditioning • Airbags(8): Dual-stage frontal, side-impact and knee for driver and front passenger and roof-rail side-impact for front and rear outboard seating positions includes Passenger Sensing System • On Star®(9) with 5-years of Directions & Connections Plan • Driver activated horn chirp using turn signal lever • Tire Inflator Kit

  18. Thoughtful Efficiency • By its very nature, the all-new Volt is engineered to change the face of transportation as we know it. Nearly every component of the Volt has been selected to get the most out of every charge, including:

  19. Safety!!! Volt drivers and passengers will be wrapped in a cocoon of standard safety. With eight air bags ready to deploy in an emergency, it's obvious safety is of the highest priority. In the event of a collision, built-in sensors can automatically alert an On-Star Advisor, who is immediately connected into your vehicle to see if you need help sent to your exact location — even if you can't respond.

  20. Why Electricity?

  21. Stakeholders The stakeholders are all the people in the world because each and every person in this world would be affected due to the change in climatic conditions or environment. Whether it’s the manufacturer or the consumer or the climate experts.

  22. Tech Stuff • Machinery used during production • Attention Assist Software • Raw materials( metals, wires, plastics etc) • Solar Panels • Motor • Capacitor • Transistor • Gasoline • Battery • Engine

  23. Issues

  24. Solutions

  25. Specific Areas of Impact • There are three areas of impact involved:

  26. Thank You!!! • Bibliography -Manav Dawar