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MHDN Services Across South East Coast PowerPoint Presentation
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MHDN Services Across South East Coast

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MHDN Services Across South East Coast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MHDN Services Across South East Coast. Steven Duckworth- SCN Manager Senate Presentation- 2 nd July 2014. Mental Health. 2 Area Teams commissioning specialised services 21 CCGS (13 Surrey and Sussex & 8 Kent and Medway)

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Presentation Transcript

MHDN Services Across South East Coast

Steven Duckworth- SCN Manager

Senate Presentation- 2nd July 2014

mental health
Mental Health
  • 2 Area Teams commissioning specialised services
  • 21 CCGS (13 Surrey and Sussex & 8 Kent and Medway)
  • 6 Joint Commissioning Units (with arrangements for Mental Health services)
  • 3 NHS Mental Health Providers
  • Multiple private providers
  • Numerous disease types and services
population health profile mh
Population Health Profile (MH)
  • High youth unemployment in Brighton & Hove and Medway
  • High alcohol related admissions in East Sussex
  • High levels of depression across Sussex, but low take up of IAPT
  • High incidence of self harm across Sussex
  • Highest level in the country for child & adolescent mental health admissions in Medway
issues mh
Issues (MH)
  • Mental health is anecdote rich, but data poor- a new intelligence system was launched last week
  • The system for access to services is fragmented- multiple services with differing criteria
  • Emergency care responses are poor and many people in crisis present to the ambulance service, A&E or the police
  • Mental health services are not considered as important as physical health services
possible solutions
Possible Solutions
  • Single point of access
  • Crisis Care Concordat
  • Parity of Esteem
  • Developing clinical commissioners confidence in mental health commissioning
  • Dementia is predominately a disease of older people
  • Kent & Medway as an above average ageing profile and Surrey & Sussex has the highest ageing profile in England
  • The government is committed to having two thirds of people with dementia diagnosed by April 2015- it is unlikely that any SEC CCG will achieve this
  • Despite much stigma and nihilism, some treatments and great care can be available to people with dementia
  • The SCN is working on describing new models of dementia diagnosis and post-diagnosis support. The Academic Health Science Network will continue to measure processes surrounding diagnosis and explore innovative approaches to dementia care
neurological conditions sec background
Neurological Conditions- SEC Background
  • Poorly co-ordinated and unplanned services
  • Traditionally low priority service areas
  • Historical lack of investment - Evidence and value for money questioned
  • Stigma and mis-conception about the conditions
  • Often hidden – lack of visibility – poor data
  • Partnership/integration between primary, secondary and community health providers and with social care and third sector is key
  • Big potential for improving outcomes and patient experience
  • Opportunities for savings and re-investment
neurological activity across sec
Neurological Activity Across SEC
  • Epilepsy £24,187,749
  • Neuropathy £15,250,710
  • Parkinson’s & dementia in Parkinson’s £10,006,498
  • Multiple sclerosis £6,595,640
  • Acquired brain injury £4,066,764
  • Hydrocephalus £3,788,337
  • CNS infections £3,193,426
  • Migraine £2,799,471
  • Spinal cord injury £1,696,453
  • Motor neurone disease £735,927
  • Total of above is £90.7m. This equates to 52,220 admissions
neurological issues across sec
Neurological Issues Across SEC
  • No tertiary centre for neuromuscular conditions - patients travel to London centres for care and Outreach is poor
  • Lack of access to community and in-patient based neuro-rehabilitation
  • Poorly co-ordinated pathways and out-reach, particularly with tertiary centres and for those with long-term conditions
  • Lack of GPwSI for neurological conditions and poor understanding generally in primary care of neurological conditions
  • Poor transition for those moving from paediatric services to adult services
neurological conditons moving forward
Neurological Conditons- Moving Forward
  • Development of rapid acute access to neurological specialist
  • Potential to link with Hyper-acute stroke, e.g. development of neuro-vascular centres
  • Development of clear and navigable pathways for those with long term conditions, e.g. Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease and Epilepsy