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kakadu national park n.
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Kakadu National Park PowerPoint Presentation
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Kakadu National Park

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Kakadu National Park
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Kakadu National Park

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  1. Kakadu National Park

  2. Kakadu National Park is situated in Northern Teritory near the Alligators Rivers region. It is large, ranging 19,804km²which is about one third of Tasmania. Kakadu National Park is owned by Aborigines who cared for the land for hundreds and thousands of years. Brief background on Kakadu National Park

  3. The native flora and fauna of Kakadu National Park are a big thing in this park. It helps nourish and preserve it by the abundance of beautiful native flora and the graceful fauna. The native faunas usually stay in billabongs whilst the flora are specially kept and preserved to show the elegance of Kakadu National Park. Native Flora and Fauna of Kakadu National Park

  4. The introduced species in Kakadu National Park are still kept for people to see. Many introduced species include cats, dogs, rats, mice, house geckos, European bees. The cane toads in Kakadu were also recently added for the first time in 2001. Many effects can advance from adding these animals, but the management is to try to limit these possibilities on the environment and keep Kakadu National Park the same amazing place. Introduced Species in Kakadu National Park

  5. The introduced species in Kakadu National Park is a big downfall for the environment and the native animals, as some of them prey on the native animals. The introduced specie, such as weeds, are a threat because they decrease food sources and habitats for animals while also competing with native plants. The staff are trying to limit as many introduced species as they can. Introduced Species impact on Kakadu National Park

  6. Kakadu National Park, overrun by invasive introduced species, are being limited with the help of the government. The government is working with the states and terrotiroes, supporting the research that is being put on to manage the invasive species which invade Kakadu. Government help

  7. There are many ways to overcome invasive species such as: • Cleaning boots when walking around the park to prevent seeds from catching on. • Do not release any animal into the park without permission from a staff member. • When sailing a boat, clean it thoroughly before transporting it to another body of water. Ways to overcome this problem