kakadu national park n.
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Kakadu national park. PowerPoint Presentation
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Kakadu national park.

Kakadu national park.

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Kakadu national park.

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  1. Kakadu national park. By Julie Williams

  2. Background information of Kakadu national park • In 1984 Kakadu National Park gained its World Heritage Listing and the area achieved international recognition as a cultural and ecological treasure. Kakadu is one of the few sites on the World Heritage List of both outstanding cultural and natural values by representing significant ongoing ecological and biological processes and superlative natural phenomena and for unique artistic achievements and association with living traditions of outstanding universal significance. The park is located in the tropical north of Australia, 252 kilometres east of Darwin, covering a total area of 19,000 square kilometres.

  3. Kakadu national park

  4. Explanation of Native flora and fauna and how it helps nourish and preserve the national park. • By preserving native species of animals, national parks help native ecosystems thrive. In much of the country, invasive species have devastated native ecosystems, but national parks attempt to restore the balance of native plants, animals and other organisms. • Many threatened or endangered species find a home in national parks. Ideally, their numbers begin to grow and they contribute to the ecosystem of the park. They keep other predators in check, provide nourishment for other at-risk species, or fulfil any number of other important functions.

  5. A detailed analysis of Introduced species. • Invasive species are causing significant economic and environmental damages worldwide. This project will develop a tool to calculate the rate of spatial spread of an invasive species though habitat, and to determine the factors that determine that rate.

  6. How introduced species have damaged the national park with specific reference to local flora and fauna. • Killarney National Parkis located beside the town of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. It was the first national park established in Ireland, created when Muckross Estate • was donated to the Irish state in 1932.[1] The park has since been substantially expanded and encompasses over 102.89 km2 (25,425 acres) of diverse ecology, including the lakes of Killarney, Oak and Yew woodlands of international importance, and mountain peaks. It has Ireland's only native herd of Red Deer]and the most extensive covering of native forest remaining in Ireland. The park is of high ecological value because of the quality, diversity, and extensiveness of many of its habitats and the wide variety of species that they accommodate, some of which are rare. The park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1981. The park forms part of a special area of Conservation.

  7. What have been some government initiatives to help overcome the problems of introduced species • An introduced, alien, exotic, non-indigenous, or non-nativespecies, or simply an introduction, is a species living outside its native distributional range, which has arrived there by human activity, either deliberate or accidental. Some introduced species are damaging to the ecosystem they are introduced into, others have no negative effect and can, in fact, be beneficial as an alternative to pesticides in agriculture for example. In some instances the potential for being beneficial or detrimental in the long run remains unknown, for instance in New Zealand. A list of introduced species is given in a separate article. • The effect of introduced species on natural environments is a controversial subject, and one that has gained much scrutiny by scientists, governments, farmers and others. Not all introduced species are problematic. Those species that spread widely and create significant problems are known as invasive species.

  8. List possible solutions to assist the Kakadu national park overcome this problem • Changes to ordering bulk park passes • Please dont feed our native animals • First rains for the season • Thank you and goodbye to our seasonal rangers • Border store • Know your Kakadu!

  9. kakadu