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Inbound Link Building in Internet Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Inbound Link Building in Internet Marketing

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Inbound Link Building in Internet Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inbound Link Building

inbound link building
Inbound Link Building :

A technique to generate inbound links to a website to increase web traffic and internet popularity.

It is a most effective approach to build high Page Rank in search engine and gain popularity over competatitors.

link building factors
Link Building Factors :

Inbound links play a key role in determining higher rakings in Search Engines.

  • Internal Link Building Factors
  • External Link Building Factors

“Building high authority inbound links is a key aspect”

link building is three types
Link Building is three types :

One way Link Building:

Link from website A to website B but no link back from website B.

link building is three types conti
Link Building is three types Conti…

Two way Link Building :

Mutual Link between both website A

and website B. It is also called as Reciprocal Link building.

link building is three types conti6
Link Building is three types Conti…

Three Way Link building :

In this website A can link to website B and C and there is

a mutual linking between these three websites.

link building can achieve
Link Building can achieve :
  • Increase Page Rank
  • Increase Traffic to a website
  • Increase Search Engine Visibility
  • Increase Sales leads
  • Gain long run popularity to a website

Link Building Ideas :

  • First Set a clear goal
  • Make sure your website has keyword reach content telling that your website is worth linking.
  • Determine your target authority websites to link.
  • Create a quality link partner

best link building ways
Best link building ways :
  • Link Exchange with link partners
  • Forum Participation
  • Blog Participation
  • Article Writing & Submission
  • Directory Listings
  • Classified Ads
  • Press Releases


Inbound Link Building