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A product of Meadowland Systems Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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A product of Meadowland Systems Inc.

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A product of Meadowland Systems Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A product of Meadowland Systems Inc.
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  1. A product of Meadowland Systems Inc.

  2. HISTORY The AutoMan system was born out of a need to find a solution to a problem. In the early 1990’s Meadowland, a dealership in Carmel, NY, was spending roughly $4500/month on a major-vendor system that could not even produce a check. Meadowland knew that this cost structure was unacceptable and that a better alternative was necessary. In 1995 we launched the first AutoMan system, running on 12 personal computers and one file server. And, as the old saying goes, “The rest is history.” Since then Meadowland of Carmel has saved over $1,000,000 on data processing overhead alone! Success, productivity and savings by way of the AutoMan system was not limited to Meadowland of Carmel. Over time, word of mouth has spread our little venture to over twenty other dealers across New York and New England. These dealers have served not only as customers but as consultants. The strength and superior usability of the AutoMan system can be directly attributed to its adaptive nature. It is a system for dealers, by dealers. A good idea from a user working in Sales, Accounting, Parts or Service has never gone unnoticed. Managers, advisers, technicians and industry consultants alike have made the AutoMan system an absolutely superior alternative to any the other vendors have to offer. Today, partnered with the On-Target system for F&I, we here at Meadowland Systems are offering a full-service, windows-based data processing solution whose productivity, support and cost is unmatched by ANY in the industry. We are a growing company who has always been, and always will be committed to excellence in technology and customer service.

  3. OBJECTIVE THE AUTOMAN/ON-TARGET OBJECTIVE • Our objective is to provide a data processing solution that: • Emphasizes improving productivity in every department of every customer we serve • Is always on the cutting-edge in technology and efficiency • Is adaptive and receptive to the needs and desires of our customers. A system by CAR DEALERS for CAR DEALERS • Saves data independently and on an unlimited basis • Allows YOU the customer to get an answer to a question without ever leaving your seat. • Most of all, is affordable and makes YOU more profitable • Does not require extensive training to use

  4. ADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES OF THE AUTOMAN/ONTARGET SYSTEM COST/BENEFIT The AutoMan/OnTarget system is priced at levels significantly lower than comparable solutions offered by major vendors and is competitive with other small vendors that do not offer the usability, functionality and data independence that we do. DATA CONTROL/BACKUP The AutoMan/OnTarget system is powered by an in-house server that is owned and operated by you, the customer. All data is saved into perpetuity and can be backed up as many times as you desire. 24/7 SUPPORT We offer full-time technological support and consulting. We are off-site access enabled and can address any technological issues in a matter of seconds. Every customer receives access to Home, Office and Mobile support telephone numbers as well as Blackberry linked e-mail accounts. We promise to provide an available, accountable, and identifiable support staff to all of our customers. We do not outsource support! USER INPUT We pride ourselves on being user friendly. As a necessary component of that claim we have made submitting a good idea (or alerting a problem) as easy as clicking a button on the home-screen. This submission will go directly to the developer!

  5. ADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES OF THE AUTOMAN/ONTARGET SYSTEM (2) HARDWARE/SOFTWARE INDEPENDENCE The AutoMan/OnTarget system is a windows-based system that allows you to have complete control over any hardware you employ. The system will run on any business-friendly personal computers and will print to any printer. CORPORATE EFFICIENCY Meadowland Systems Inc. is a growing but completely stream-lined and efficient operation. We have little to no overhead and that allows us to charge the most competitive price possible. Our lack of overhead and operational performance equates to massive savings for our customers that cannot be matched by the large vendors.

  6. ACCOUNTING The AutoMan Accounting System is a fast, easy to use module that is comprised of the following features: • Accounts Payable Processing • Dealer Statement Processing • Check Writing/EFT Processing • Bank Reconciliation • Financial Statement Processing • New/Used Vehicle Inventory and Reporting • Accounts Receivable • Cash Register/Receipts Processing • Purchase Order Generation • General Posting System • New/Used Vehicle Deal Processing System From this screen, all actions and information relating to a particular vendor can be accessed and executed.

  7. ACCOUNTING The General Ledger Swiss Army Knife. From here all ledger accounts are listed and maintenance of them can be performed. The AutoMan standard posting browser. All GL posting will be done using this identical function.

  8. SERVICE • The AutoMan Service System is a flexible and detailed system that allows service advisors the time and tools necessary to evolve into salesman rather than clerks. It offers the following features: • Appointment Processing • 14 Day Lookahead, Maximum Waits, Daily load reports • Customer File Maintenance • Merchandising Mail/Call list generator • Repair Order Processing • Extensive Menu Item System • Preload Labor/Parts • Multiple Labor Rates • Billing • Historical Service History • Performance Reporting- Multi-level • Interfaces Available • E-mail Interfaces/Reminders The RO Swiss Army Knife. From this screen, all service functions regarding this RO can be performed. Adding lines, labor and parts, checking technician time and notes, and finalizing the bill can all be performed from this point and click screen.

  9. SERVICE The Service System Appointment Browser. It allows Service Advisor to pre-load jobs, search history plan waiting times all before the customer enters the store. The RO Daily Route Sheet. It shows all open RO’s for the date selected as well as color codes the status of each RO.

  10. PARTS The AutoMan Parts System is a flexible and detailed system that enables users to manage inventories and streamline operations like no other system available. It offers the following features: • Wholesale and Retail Invoicing • Min/Max and Days Supply Stocking Level/Order System • Multiple Sources • Matrix Pricing • RO Interface • Special Order System • Extensive Reporting System • 24 Month Sales History • Historical Service History • Perpetual Issue Log • RIM, ARO The Parts Special Order Browser. From this screen a user can view all information on all Parts Special Orders made in the system. A user can also send E-mail notifications to customers, if applicable.

  11. PARTS The Parts RO Swiss Army Knife. From here all functions related to a Repair Order can be completed by a parts user. Parts Inquiry Screen

  12. UPS/CRM The AutoMan UPS/CRM System is an efficient system that tracks floor traffic from the first contact until the closing of the deal. It features: • Credit App System Integration • On-Target F&I Integration • Produces Follow Up Planner for Sales People • Can be Integrated with Word Processing • Built in E-mail Capability UPS System Browser. From this screen you can view all inputted customers sorted by salesperson, status, name, etc.

  13. UPS/CRM This is an UP record maintenance screen. From here you can modify the contents of this screen and also access the Credit app system. The AutoMan UP Quote Entry Screen. Use this screen to input deal information that will be integrated with F&I.

  14. UPS/CRM A sample of the Automan UPS Menu Selection. Another sample Automan UPS Menu Selection Screen.

  15. INVENTORY SYSTEM The AutoMan Inventory System offers a detailed look at all products currently reflected in Dealer inventory. The Inventory System offers these features: • Sorted Menu Browser of New/Used Inventory • Offers separate pricing for Internet Sales • Displays Repair Orders in Real Time • Stores Vehicle Photos • Integrated with Deal System The New Vehicle Inventory Browser. This screen is color-coded by status and can be sorted by Stock #, VIN, or Description.

  16. INVENTORY SYSTEM The standard Stock # inquiry screen. From here all applicable data related to this vehicle is displayed or accessible. The new vehicle e-price browser. From here all vehicles in inventory can be assigned an internet price that can be integrated with the various sales websites.

  17. Other Optional Modules DEALER RENTAL CAR The optional AutoMan DRAC System offers: • Integrated with Accounting • Reservation System • Billing System • Recoup Gas and Extra Mileage • DRAC Inventory Control • Plate and Date Tracking • Performance Reporting TIMECARD/GROSS PAYROLL The optional AutoMan Timecard/Gross Payroll System creates Gross Payrolls for flat pay Technicians, Hourly and Salaried Employees including commission draw. The system features: • Payroll Posting Integration • Tracks Vacation, Sick, Holiday and Other pay • Intended for use with Paychex or other payroll service TECH SYSTEM The optional AutoMan Technician System allows service departments to be completely integrated with the technicians working on their cars. Technicians can clock in and out of jobs, look up service histories, and record repair comments.

  18. HISTORY When IBM began producing their personal computer in 1982, Gallid Associates, Inc. immediately saw the opportunity to utilize this technology.  With 10 years experience in the retail Automotive business by this time, the OnTarget Billing and Finance software was developed to take advantage of the capabilities of this new hardware.  The result was a package that cost approximately ¼ that of the competition, and could be expanded with equal savings. Initially, our competition used our low cost to try to convince dealers that their product simply had to be better, how could a system that costs only $7000.00 even come close to doing what their $30,000.00 system could do.  Many dealers fell for that line, but many did not. Our OnTarget system is not trying to be a nation-wide one size fits all product.  We have specialized in focusing on a relatively small geographic market in order to provide a product that is superior to our competitors, it’s simply the nature of the Billing and Finance market.  Look at it this way, parts inventory is the same whether you sell Buick or Honda, or are in Boston or Peoria.  The F&I and Billing is different for practically every state in the country.

  19. F&I SYSTEM The OnTarget System for F&I is a user-friendly application that is completely integrated with the AutoMan Accounting, Deal Processing, and Credit Application modules. It offers these features: • All Deal Calculations: Cash, Finance, Lease • Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly Payments • Includes Balloon Payments • Has Separate Storage for Quotes and Deals • Prints all necessary Dealer forms • Tracks and reports all profits OnTarget Billing System Menu 1

  20. F&I SYSTEM OnTarget Deal Worksheet Sold Vehicle Tab OnTarget Deal Worksheet Calculations

  21. Sample AutoMan Reports

  22. Sample Repair Order Sample Vehicle History

  23. Sample Parts Performance Report Sample Inventory Aging

  24. Sample Service Performance Report Sample UPS/CRM Performance Report

  25. Sample New Inventory Report Sample Used Vehicle Price List