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HydroLynx Systems, Inc. 950 Riverside Pkwy., #10 West Sacramento, CA 95605 916-374-1800 [email protected] www.hydrolynx.com. Real Time Data Telemetry Systems. HydroLynx Systems, Inc. manufactures, installs, and maintains Real Time Data Telemetry Systems.

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Hydrolynx systems inc
HydroLynx Systems, Inc.

950 Riverside Pkwy., #10

West Sacramento, CA 95605

916-374-1800 [email protected]


Real time data telemetry systems
Real Time Data Telemetry Systems

  • HydroLynx Systems, Inc. manufactures, installs, and maintains Real Time Data Telemetry Systems.

  • These systems provide our customers accurate and timely hydrological data.

  • Our customers use this data to make decisions that protect lives and property in their communities.

World Wide Installations

  • We install, service and support systems through out the world.

  • Including exotic locations such as…

  • The Panama Canal

Our partners
Our Partners

  • HydroLynx Systems, Inc. teams with other companies to provide installation and maintenance of systems.

    • Distinctive AFWS Designs, Inc.

    • Pacific REMS

    • Water & Earth Technologies, Inc.

Onsite training
Onsite Training

  • Training is provided during installation to teach our customers how to maintain and add onto their system.

5096 data transmitter
5096 Data Transmitter

  • The 5096 Real-Time Data Transmitter collects, processes, and transmits analog and digital sensor data on events and timed intervals.

  • Programmable parameters control the collection, processing, and transmission of sensor data.

  • On board 24 Kbytes data logging can store up to 4,000 event data points or more than 12,000 timed data points.

  • Plug and Play parameter setup based on EPROM.

5096 data transmitter1
5096 DataTransmitter

50386 data collection unit
50386 Data Collection Unit

  • The 50386 Data Collection Unit can be configured as a transmitter, receiver, or repeater with ALERT one-way or SCADA two-way radios.

  • ALERT, ScadaLynx, and MODBUS protocol support.

  • Collects, analyzes, controls, and transmits analog, digital, serial, SDI-12, and virtual sensor data on events and timed intervals.

  • On board 3 Mbytes of data logging.

  • Configuration is programmable using the Microsoft Windows based ScadaLynx Toolbox software.

5400 satellite transmitter
5400 Satellite Transmitter

  • Application

    • Remote sites with no land-based radio coverage

  • Sensors

    • Rainfall and water level

  • Telemetry

    • Commercial Satellite

    • As close to real-time as possible

    • Low power consumption, 12v battery

    • Economical, keep cost down

  • Deployment

    • Standard HydroLynx Packaged Station

Automated control systems
Automated Control Systems

  • 50386 DCU at an upstream water level site monitors water level:

    • Pressure Transducer

    • Float switch

  • When alarm water levels are detected, transmit secure alarm reports.

  • 50386 DCU at a downstream site receives alarm reports transmitted by the upstream water level site and triggers the control:

    • Flashing roadway signs

    • Siren

Flashing roadway sign
Flashing Roadway Sign

  • Upstream water level triggers flashing roadway signs when water flows over roadway.

Automated siren warning
Automated Siren Warning

  • Upstream high water level triggers a downstream siren.

Base station software
Base Station Software

  • The NovaStar base station software collects data from multiple watersheds, displays text and graphical reports, and checks for alarms.

  • Web page data access of current and historical text and graphical data.

  • Alarm warnings with digitized voice dialers, email, and pager notification.

  • Siren and low water crossing light status viewing and control from web page.

  • Automated data export in text, SHEF, and XML.

Novastar 5 software advantages
NovaStar 5 Software Advantages

  • Multi-user web page access to base station database

    • No client access software required

    • User preferences kept on client workstations

    • Client side user interface keeps band width low

  • SQL database design allow open access to database

    • SQL replication used to synchronize master database with backup database servers

  • Linux operation system

    • Reliable and robust operating system

    • Operating system not subject to Microsoft virus attacks

    • Can be installed on virtual servers

NovaStar 5 Database Advantages

  • Locally hosted database

    • Data is kept onsite to insure ownership

    • Local access to data continues when external internet access goes down

  • Local database backups

    • Multiple database servers with synchronized database

    • A change in the master database is immediately copied to backup databases through SQL replication

  • Scheduled database backups

    • Intranet database backup to local backup servers

    • Internet database backup to HydroLynx

Novastar 5 database advantages
NovaStar 5 Database Advantages

Master Server




Data collection

Backup Server

Data collection




Remote Server




Data collection

Novastar 5 data collection advantages
NovaStar 5 Data Collection Advantages

  • All NovaStar servers collect ALERT1 and ALERT2 data

  • Satellite and other agency (COE,USGS) imported from internet

  • Use serial or network connections to decoders

    • A network connection allows a NovaStar server to connect to decoders at remote locations

  • Data received from all decoders will be blended before filing in the NovaStar 5 master database

  • In failover mode, data is filed in the local database

Novastar 5 data collection advantages1
NovaStar 5 Data Collection Advantages

Master Server

Serial connection

Network connection

ALERT1 Decoder

Backup Server

ALERT2 Decoder

ALERT2 Decoder

ALERT2 Decoder

Network connection

Internet Data Collection

Serial connection

Remote Server

ALERT1 Decoder

ALERT1 Decoder

ALERT1 Decoder

ALERT1 Decoder

Network connection

ALERT2 Decoder

ALERT2 Decoder

ALERT2 Decoder

Novastar 5 data processing
NovaStar 5 Data Processing

  • Data validation and calibration

  • Incremental precipitation and rating computation

  • Check alarm conditions and notify

  • Trigger equation computation

  • Determine threat level

  • Automate river forecasting

  • Finished data exported to other agencies (NWS)

  • Data edit

Alarm triggers
Alarm triggers

  • Upper limit

  • Lower limit

  • Rise over time (rainfall)

  • Fall over time

  • Distinct level

  • No report

  • Too many reports

  • Data collection down

  • Network synchronization down.

Run forecast model manually or schedule automatic forecasting
Run forecast model manuallyor schedule automatic forecasting

NovaStar 5 User Access Advantages

  • Database reads and writes can be done from any database server

    • Web page browsers connect to one of the NovaStar 5 database servers to read and write data

  • User login determines role for database access

    • Users have unique login names or share a global name

    • Login names are assigned to one or more user roles

    • A guest role prevents write access to the database

  • User groups limit access to the database

    • Stations, sensors, maps, plots, and reports can be limited to a user group or user name

NovaStar 5 User Interface Advantages

  • Client side user interface

    • Web page browser user interface requires no training

    • User preferences are kept on user workstation

    • Browser shortcuts provide quick access to pages

  • NovaScore feature of database flags significant data

    • Alarm triggers set data report score values

    • Score values highlight data on maps and in data tables

  • Links on data provide drill down functionality

    • Edit data reports

    • Check point parameters

    • Recalibrate data

NovaStar 5 Data Sharing Advantages threat

  • Data can be shared by NovaStar 5 web page

  • Scheduled reports can prepare data for public access

    • Reports can be text, xml, html, graphic maps, plots.

    • Reports can be pushed to another server

    • Reports can be pulled from another server

  • Public web page hosting

    • Customized web page hosting with Apache server

    • Limit public access to prevent denial of service attacks

    • Pull data from NovaStar 5 database for public page display or Google maps

    • Create control pages for roadway signs.

Your possibilities are endless
Your possibilities are endless threat

  • HydroLynx Systems thanks you for the opportunity to make this presentation.

  • Contact HydroLynx Systems for more information