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Sara Lappano, EIT, LC-Intern Lighting/Electrical Option - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sara Lappano, EIT, LC-Intern Lighting/Electrical Option. Corron Cultural Center Lord Fairfax Community College Middletown, Virginia. Corron Cultural Center. Sara Lappano. Lutron Thesis Proposal. Presentation Outline. Existing Building Information Lighting Design Concept Façade Lighting

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Sara lappano eit lc intern lighting electrical option
Sara Lappano, EIT, LC-InternLighting/Electrical Option

Sara Lappano

Corron cultural center lord fairfax community college middletown virginia

Corron Cultural Center Lord Fairfax Community CollegeMiddletown, Virginia

Corron Cultural Center

Sara Lappano

Sara Lappano

Lutron Thesis Proposal

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • Existing Building Information

  • Lighting Design Concept

  • Façade Lighting

  • Lobby/Reception Lighting

    • Architectural Redesign

  • Theater Lighting

    • Acoustical Redesign

    • Architectural Redesign

  • Conclusion

Sara Lappano

Project information
Project Information

Building Stats

  • Cost (Design + Construction): Approx. $11 million

  • Square Footage: 53,000 ft2

  • Theater: 1000 seats

  • Project Status: Nearing end of Design Development

  • Construction Dates: March 2003-November 2004

Sara Lappano

Project information1
Project Information

Function of Building

  • Provide performance space for groups from the college, local community, and traveling troupes.

  • Lobby/Reception area and second floor classroom can be rented out for receptions and seminars.

  • Create a landmark building for the small, expanding college

Sara Lappano

Project information2
Project Information

West Elevation

North Elevation

Sara Lappano

Project information3
Project Information

East Elevation

South Elevation

Sara Lappano

Project information4
Project Information

Project Team

  • Architect/MEP Engineer: SmithGroup Inc.

  • Structural Consultants: McMullen & Associates

  • Theatrical Planning: Sachs Morgan Studio

  • Acoustical Consultants: Marshall/KMK

  • Civil/Landscape Services: Anderson & Associates

  • Construction Management: Ricketts Construction Co.

Sara Lappano

Corron cultural center

Design Metaphor:

Building Blocks

  • Strategy:

  • Add definition to the building shapes through the use of color

  • Emphasize edges through the use of linear sources

  • Create “glowing” glass curtain wall through washing interior walls with light

Sara Lappano

Fa ade

Design Goals:

  • Highlight the architectural shapes

  • Use warm and cool colored lighting to emphasize the different materials used on façade

  • Integrate interior illuminated rooms with the exterior façade lighting to create glowing walls

  • Vertical Illuminance = 3 fc

Sara Lappano

Fa ade design
Façade Design

Goal: Using amber light, graze brick facade

Luminaire: Exterior Washlight w/Amber color filter

Location: Wall mounted on brick façade

Lamp Selection: 150W Ceramic MH, T6/T7 dbl. ended, CRI=85, CCT=3000K

Goal: Floodlight metal façade with two shades of blue

Luminaire: Exterior Floodlight with Sky Blue and Night Blue color filters

Location: Mounted on lower roof surfaces, Sky Blue filter on outer metal shell, Night Blue on inner metal shell

Lamp Selection: 150W Ceramic MH, T6/T7 dbl. ended, CRI=85, CCT=3000K

Sara Lappano

Fa ade design1
Façade Design


Sara Lappano

Lobby vestibule area
Lobby/Vestibule Area

Functions of Space:

  • Host Pre- and Post-Performance Receptions

  • Rent out for Receptions and Meetings


Design Goals:

  • Draw attention to two-story glass vestibule area

  • Create elegant reception area that will be functional and will contribute to the appearance of the façade at night

  • Horizontal Illuminance = 10 fc

Two story vestibule

Sara Lappano

Vestibule design
Vestibule Design

Goal: Highlight main entrance to visitors

Luminaire: Decorative Pendant

Location: Two-story glass-enclosed vestibule

Lamp Selection: Ceramic MH, 150W, T-6 G12 base, CRI=95, CCT=4000

Goal: Provide an even wash on the walls

Luminaire: Asymmetric Linear Wallwasher

Location: Two-story walls in vestibule area

Lamp Selection: 110W T8 HO, CRI=89, CCT=4100K

Sara Lappano

Lobby design
Lobby Design

Goal: Low profile fixture to provide general lighting

Luminaire: 4 ½” x 4 ½” Square CFL Recessed Downlight

Location: Lobby and Circulation Areas

Lamp Selection: 26W Triple Tube CFL, 4-pin, CRI=82, CCT=4100K

Goal: Wash wall surfaces

Luminaire: Asymmetric Linear Wallwasher

Location: Lobby and Circulation Areas

Lamp Selection: 32W T8, CRI=86, CCT=4100K

Sara Lappano

Lobby vestibule design
Lobby/Vestibule Design


Sara Lappano


Design Goals:

  • Create an elegant feeling in a relatively simple space

  • Accentuate the linear geometry of the space

  • Create an energy efficient system

Functions of Space:

  • Host student performances

  • Host performances from community and travelling groups

Sara Lappano

Theater design
Theater Design

Goal: Provide general illumination before and after performances

Luminaire: Direct Pendant with Baffles

Location: Surface mounted on the bottoms of the catwalks (finished with drywall)

Lamping: 2-T5 lamps per 8’ section (modular)

Lamp Selection: 54W T5 HO, CRI=89, CCT=4100K

Mounting underneath catwalks

Sara Lappano

Theater design1
Theater Design

Goal: Illuminate theater steps (kept on during performances)

Luminaire: Recessed Steplight

Location: Recessed in steps in the audience chamber

Lamp Selection: 6W 6S6 Incandescent

Goal: Wash columns in box seating area

Luminaire: CFL Open Wall Washer

Location: Washing curtains behind balcony seating

Lamp Selection: 25W Triple Tube CFL, 4-pin, CRI=82, CCT=4100K

Sara Lappano

Theater design2
Theater Design

Luminaire: Cove wallwasher

Location: Front panels of balcony seating

Lamp Selection: 28W T5, CRI=85, CCT=4100K, Sky Blue gel filter on lamp

Sara Lappano

Theater design3
Theater Design


Sara Lappano


Sara Lappano