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Our thriller film. By Stuart, Dan and Simon. narrative. Our thriller is set in Welford Reservoir. It is based around the idea of gang members and gang wars.

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Our thriller film
Our thriller film

  • By Stuart, Dan and Simon


  • Our thriller is set in Welford Reservoir.

  • It is based around the idea of gang members and gang wars.

  • We see the protagonist (Stuart) being set up to deliver a gun the antagonist (Simon) and his gang members. It involves lots of tracking shots behind Stuart leading up to the event of the transfer, which is when the title sequences kick in.

Cast we will use

Cast we will use

The reason we have selected these various cast members is because we feel that they will fit into the role of the thriller genre well. We have four people that will be acting they are Simon, Jay, Stuart and Sean

Our thriller film

We have chosen Jay because he has previous acting experience being in various school plays. Therefore jay will be able to stay composed in front of the camera and might be able to point out faults in our acting styles. With his composure it will ad to the thriller conventions we have added.


Simon who is involved our film group is the main gang member. The reason he is playing this role is because in front of camera he is able to switch roles into gritty uk gang member. He has good body movements to suit the role of a hard-core gang leader.


Stuart has a large role to play in the film. The reason we have chosen Stuart because in previous years he has shown enthusiasm in Drama and therefore acting. He will consistently try his hardest to act in the role he is given and will continuously try new and interesting techniques to add to the film.

Our thriller film

The crew for our production includes:

The cast; Stuart, Sean, Jay and Simon who will be acting in the two minute piece.

Production: Simon, Stuart, Dan who will edit the material recorded.

Helpers: drama for letting us borrow props such as the gun. Also family members of Dan and Stuart who will take them to Welford to film.

Camera: the filming will be done mostly by Dan, but Simon and Stuart will contribute with shots they are not featuring in.





Costume reasoning
Costume reasoning

Simon: is in all dark clothing to portray his mystery, as if he doesn’t want to stand out. The chain represents wealth and so expresses his power over the other two gang members. Also by wearing jeans instead of trackies like the other two makes him seem higher in authority and suggests that he has a greater income. Maybe from illegal activities.

Sean: is wearing a hat, to give the audience the impression that hiding his face, to stay unidentifiable through such mysterious activity. By wearing all black, suggests he is a dark, evil character which builds up tension and gives a thrill for the audience as they eagerly await what comes next.

Jamie: is wearing slightly brighter clothing than the other two to suggest that deep down he could be a better person than the other two. Maybe he’s been caught up in trouble that he doesn't want to get involved in. He has no accessories to suggest that he is in no way elaborate, and that he is just there to get the job done.

Our thriller film1
Our thriller film

  • BY Stuart, Dan and Simon


Italics = Stage directions

Bold = Non-diegetic sound

Underlined = Diegetic sound

Scene 1 - 360 degree shot of reservoir to set the scene

Scene 2 - Stuart on his phone with close up shot on his face

Scene 3 - Stuart hangs up – zoom the camera out. Slowly tense music – increasing volume

Scene 5 – Tracking shot of Stuart walking towards the gang. Music gets quicker and louder

Scene 6 – Long, POV shot - Stuart stops walking, stands still. Heavy Breathing from Stuart. Music stops.

Scene 7 - Stuart goes on phone, texting saying ‘I have done it’ – close up on phone

Scene 8 – Mid shot, close up of Stuart putting phone away – zips up jacket and walks off

Our thriller film

  • Scene 9 – Over the shoulder long shot – sees Jamie, Simon and Sean in the distance and carries on walking. Heavy breathing from Stuart.

  • Scene 10 – Music playing out of gang members phones’ – shot reverse shot of Stuart and the gang

  • Scene 11 – Close up on Stuarts face – mid shot to zoom. Worried facial expression from Stuart

  • Scene 12 – Stuart takes out gun – mid shot of Stuart to close up of gun. Returns gun to pocket and zooms out

  • Scene 13 – POV from Jamie – sees Stuart coming, long shot at eye level.

  • Jamie - “Shit boys, he’s here!”

  • Scene 14 – Camera shows whole scene as Stuart walks towards the gang

  • Simon - “You done what I said?”

  • Scene 15 – POV Simon eye level

  • Stuart – “Yeah bruv”

Bb gun fake gun
BB gun / fake gun

  • This has been chosen to use in our thriller as it is a typical prop used in the thriller genre. It conforms to conventions such as fear, death and entrapment. It also plays along with the narrative of our thriller as it is based around the idea of gang members and transferring information and items, hence the gun being transferred. It also develops Thriller conventions as it adds an element of suspense as well as the obvious points mentioned above.

  • Another reason why we chose this as a prop was because of our audience research. A high majority (80%) of people who completed our survey said that they would prefer a thriller movie with an element of action or violence, hence the gun foreshadowing this for further on in the film and also adding suspense and enigma to the start.

Silver chain
Silver chain

  • This will be worn by the main gang member in the film (Simon). This is to show he has an element of power and dominance over the other two gang members, and also perhaps more wealth.

  • This conforms to the thriller genre as it shows one dominant male force in amongst all the others, something that is typical to thriller narratives. We also see Simon take the gun when it is being handed over, this could also signify him being the killer or ‘psycho’ in the film which develops thriller conventions as the chain could signify more than just power, also fear and prosperity from the deal being done.

Mobile phone
Mobile phone

  • We first see a mobile phone in use from the protagonist. We have chosen the protagonist (Stuart) to get out his mobile phone and use it to contact his ‘brother’ in the film. This is to give a sense of how vulnerable Stuart is in this film as he is looking for help or advice on what he is about to do, also emphasising his innocence and perhaps the fact that he doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

  • The antagonist (Simon) does not use a mobile phone which again shows his dominance over all other characters as each of them use one at some point. This develops thriller conventions as it uses a simple prop to highlight the characters personalities and their rank in the film.


  • These are only smoked by the gang members, but not the protagonist himself. This again shows the rank in the gang members and also the vulnerability of the antagonist going to visit this place.

  • We will need to take note of how far down the cigarette has been smoked and make sure it is the same in each scene to show an attention to detail.

  • Cigarettes are very good for our narrative as gang members are usually associated with these type of items and object. It also ties in with the gun in the sense of entrapment as the antagonist is almost engulfed in the smoke as he walks over with the gun.

Thriller conventions
Thriller conventions

  • Set in a reservoir – running water

  • Links with the theme of isolation

  • Victim and ‘psycho’

  • Voyeurism as lots of tracking shots of Stuart

  • Shadows fitted in depending on sunlight

  • All of these conventions conform to and develop the usual thriller genre as they include elements of horror and suspense as well as excitement and thrill. They are very dependent on location which is why we chose an isolated area with lots of water and empty space.

Shortlist of previous ideas
Shortlist of previous ideas

We have had many ideas of what we were going to originally going to shoot before we got to the final cut that we would film. We had various ideas that we proved were too long for the opening or in fact were to difficult to film.

Original previous idea
Original previous idea

We have had some various ideas, originally we planned to have the same cast but instead of the theme of Stuart handing over a gun we were going to have Stuart collecting Class B drugs on behalf of his brother. We had Simon the drug dealer not originally going to give any drugs as Stuart is not of the same “class” as the gang. “He does not deserve herb of this quality as he is a little rich boy” so therefore the gang taunted and mocked Stuart until one of Simons Gang members (Jay) points out that the police have in fact spotted there illegal behaviour and were currently on their way to arrest the culprits. This immediately would end the mock and would turn serious into a range of facial expressions and panic We would end the opening of our thriller film with a policeman shouting “oii” and chasing the people responsible for buying and selling the drug.

Idea 2 originated from original
Idea 2 originated from original

From the original idea we would film the same opening and have the same factors but after they had mocked Stuart for being of a different social class and Simon was discreetly made aware of the policeman onto the suspicious behaviour by jay. Simon would in fact say “fine you want the package… Here” he would hand over all of the illegal Class B drug lots more then Stuart had in fact payed for and a gun as well. The gang would quickly run away after haven given the illegal substances to Stuart so they could not be traced back and followed. The scene would be left with Stuart staring down into the gun and expressions of fear, grief and isolation. He would not know whether to run, hide or give himself in and say what was happening. The film would end with the policeman shouting “oii” and Stuart turning and running away.

What we are filming now
What we are filming now

from these two various plots we have been able to get the story board of the final film we are going to do. The reason we have changed it from class B drugs to a gun because filming the gun will be easier. We have also chosen not to include the policeman chase because we found when timing how long each scene will be is that it will be too long with all of the shots and we would not be able to add detail in the shots. That’s how we managed to establish this new scene on our third storyboard.