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Barbara J. Ryan Director, WMO Space Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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Barbara J. Ryan Director, WMO Space Programme

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Barbara J. Ryan Director, WMO Space Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Barbara J. Ryan Director, WMO Space Programme
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  1. WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS)4th WCRP Observations and Assimilation Panel (WOAP) Meeting Barbara J. Ryan Director, WMO Space Programme 29 March 2010 Hamburg

  2. Overview • Recognition of the Need • Congressional Guidance • Principal Documents • WIGOS Projects

  3. Recognition of the Need • Different and diverse WMO observing systems to meet weather, water and climate requirements • Wanted a more holistic approach • Better leverage limited resources

  4. WMO Congress and Executive Council • Towards enhanced integration among the WMO observing systems – GOS, GAW, WHyCOS • Intended to be a comprehensive, coordinated system for observing systems based on the requirements of all WMO Programmes • Monitor development and implementation of WIGOS (and WIS) through a “RRR” process

  5. A Diverse System

  6. Space-based Component of WMO’s Global Observing System (GOS)

  7. Rolling Review of Requirements • Database of user requirements per application area • Database of observing capabilities (space + surface) • Critical Review of how requirements are satisfied by current/planned capabilities for each application area

  8. WMO Programmes WWW HWR AMP GAW NWC Hydro Aero AtChem Synop R-NWP Agri G-NWP SIAF User Requirements WMO Co-Sponsored Programmes Partner Programmes • 25 Programmes • 120 geophysical parameters • Atmospheric, oceanic, terrestrial domains • 632 requirements recorded (parameter x domain x application) • Each requirement: 5 criteria x 3 values (ideal/ goal/ threshold) and 3 attributes (confidence, date, authority) • 11376 fields recorded GCOS WCRP JCOMM GOOS IOC ICSU IOCG GTOS AOPC ClimRes Marine OOPC TOPC IGBPUNOOSA UNEP FAO

  9. WIGOS Framework • To facilitate standardization and interoperability • To ensure: • availability of, and real and near-realtime access to good quality data/products and associated metadata • data quality standards are documented, met and sustained

  10. Standardization – 3 Key Areas • Measurements and observations -- homogeneity, interoperability, compatibility of all observations • Data exchange, discovery, access and retrieval (DAR) -- standardized set of data representation and exchange requirements for all WMO Programmes & DAR services • End-product quality management -- QMS

  11. Active Quality Management QMF Standards Instruments and methods of observation Standards Data Processing and Forecasting Centres WIS Standards for Data & Metadata exchange & Discovery, Access and Retrieval (DAR) Services Observing Systems for Weather, Climate, Water, etc. Dedicated archiving Centres Users

  12. WIGOS Pilot Projects Designed to: • Test WIGOS concepts • Identify problem areas • Help in elaborating Implementation Plan

  13. WIGOS Pilot Projects I: Improvement of Dissemination of Ozone and Aerosol observations through WIS (IDOA) II: Hydrological Applications Runoff Network (HARON) III: Integration of AMDAR into WIGOS IV: Elaboration of the underpinning/crosscutting role and responsibilities of the Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme V: Integration of Marine Meteorological and other appropriate Oceanographic Observations into WIGOS

  14. Demonstration Projects at NMHSs • Test how to implement WIGOS with WIS components running at the required levels of performance • Feedback and lessons learned for WIGOS/WIS concept implementation • Include national observing networks that provide data and information for basic operations of NMHSs

  15. WIGOS Demonstration Projects • RA I: Kenya, Morocco and Namibia • RA II: Republic of Korea • RA III: Brazil • RA IV: USA • RA V: Australia • RA VI: the Russian Federation

  16. Further Information: