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Online Discussion Boards & Blogs PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Discussion Boards & Blogs

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Online Discussion Boards & Blogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Discussion Boards & Blogs
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  1. Online Discussion Boards & Blogs Danielle Simonds

  2. How Do You Feel?! • Take this time to look at the reflection sheet provided. Complete the chart on how you currently feel about technology specifically discussion boards in the classroom.

  3. What are Discussion Boards or Blogs? • Students respond to a teacher lead prompt online. Each student responds and views other classmates responses. There are multiple avenues for implementing and instruction. • Literature Circles • Journaling/Free Write • Math Strategies

  4. Video Clip • Be prepared to share something that caught your attention…

  5. The Research Behind It • Burke and Oomen 2008 • Online discussion boards give ALL students the opportunity to engage in class conversations. • Relieves the stress from having to speak on the spot in traditional classrooms. • Engages students and encourages analyzing, evaluating, and applying acquired knowledge. Burke, S., Oomen-Early, J. (2008). That’s Blog Worthy: Ten Ways to integrate Blogging into the Health Education Classroom. American Journal of Health Education. 39(6), 362-364.

  6. The Research Behind It • Cuhadar and Kuzu 2010 • Students have the opportunity to work together to reach a common learning goal. • Students seemed to be more team oriented and respectful of their classmates when responding. • Students were using the information on the online discussions to prepare for in class assignments. Cuhadar, C., Kuzu, K. (2010). Improving Interaction Through Blogs in a Constructivist Learning Environment. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, 11(1), 134-161.

  7. The Research Behind It • Bull and Kajder 2004 • Students are excited to use the blogs • They are writing using more detail and depth • Students were found to be discovering their love of writing. • Free write gave students the opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and opinions on a number of topics and/or prompts Bull, G., Kajder, S. (2004). Blogs in the Language Arts Classroom. International Society for Technology in Education., 31(6), 32-35.

  8. The Research Behind It • Bowers and Campbell 2011 • Students gain a deeper connection with text, teaches, and classmates. • Everyone is held accountable for their participation • Students are less fearful to express their opinions and ideas • Allows students to collaborate more intensely • Allows time for refection Bowers-Campbell, J. (2011). Take it out of class: Exploring virtual literature circles. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 54(8), 557-567. doi:10.1598/JAAL.54.8.1

  9. I Spy • In grade level teams share some of the observations you have made about students and technology.

  10. Plan of Action • Get to Know Moodle • Moodle is a safe discussion board and class Internet website site provided by the SMCPS. • Each teacher will have their own class site on Moodle. • Teacher-created and monitored • Password protected & advertisement free • Students do not need to provide an e-mail address or any personal information to use this site.

  11. Plan of Action • • You all have pages and have been added to the Moodle site • Take the time to go on and explore. I have provided you with your usernames and passwords. • Please log on with your passwords and follow as I lead through the site.

  12. Guidance Through Moodle • DON”T BE AFRAID TO STOP & ASK QUESTIONS 

  13. Minute Reflection • Let’s take the time to reflect on how we see this working in our classrooms. • Use the minute reflection sheet provided

  14. Staff Discussion Board • Discussion Board for Staff Collaboration • New Post on • Create a new post for each lesson used (1 a month at least) • Respond to at least one other post each month. • This online discussion board will guide our monthly small group meetings.

  15. How Do You Feel..NOW?! • Please take the time to complete the assessment sheet on this professional development session. Thank you so much for your valuable time!!!