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Advance E-Learning
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  1. Note:to reduce file size, some images have been omitted. Advance E-Learning John Stephenson Emeritus Professor, Middlesex University, London, UK Contributing to The New Education for the 21st Century?

  2. Key Proposition: If schools were places where young people could enhance their creativity and peacefulinter-dependence, and if teachers focused on helping all pupils explore and achieve their personal and collective potential then the world would be a better place. New Education Movement 20th Century 1921 - Post World War I, ‘Never again’ Education is the key At its height, 30,000+ affiliates, leading educators, secular, model schools, every continent, international conferences

  3. New Education in the 21st Century?Same challenge, new media How can new technology in education HELP?

  4. The Internet has transformed our lives…. Travel Music News Business Work

  5. ICT has revolutionised roles of intermediaries and putthe client in control Why not in education? The end ofthe “pre-planned course”?

  6. The Internet is already transforming education… Essays on demand Plagiarism Open source Virtual campuses Degrees for sale

  7. Emerging tools for learner managed learning Wikis Website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively. Podcasts Audio material via iPods - user generated, or - broadcast - learning materials e.g. languages? Blogs • Online diary, increasingly used in HE • monitoring of own learning and experience • initiating discussion around propositions • organic learner led communities of interest • public, shared (eg with tutor) totally private

  8. Google - Resources universally & instantly available, worldwide

  9. E-learning and the arts Each with on-line discussions, projects, group activities Not to mention…. literature drama cinema live performances studios music etc etc etc etc Shared art creations High tech composing Access to world art Access to museums

  10. Web/Google Quests • If you cannot beat them, use them. • Focus on intelligent use of the internet • Judging provenance and relevance • Proper citations • Critiques of source materials • Developing independent engagement with materials

  11. + + Already here! Convergence! Potential for learning? multi-media streaming, internet video tutoring - 1 to 1, 1 to many, groups wireless, anywhere(?), anytime games / TV remote navigation, controls 8 million PS2s already in UK

  12. The technology is increasingly driving us …. …towards alearner centred, learner managed approach The end ofthe “pre-planned course”?

  13. Researcher Teacher Designer Manager Learning model Technician Supplier Learner Communication via a common understanding Key Actors in E-learning

  14. learndirect’s pledges to learners • Offer the time, place, pace and stylethat responds to your needs • Clear information to enable personal choices and control • Materials relevant to your interests that actively involve you • Help to monitor your own progress and record your achievements • To give you easy access to the specialist support you need • To put you in touch with other people studying the same topics • To help you relate your learning to your own longer term ambitions

  15. The new pedagogy for new technologyAn Indian Perspective Kshirsagar Shrirang Baburao of Pune, New Era December 2004 And WEF international conference in Mumbai 2004

  16. Some working examples of IT facilitated ‘New Education’ for the 21st Century The Islamic University of Gaza The Learndirect Learning-Through-Work programme The Royal Society of Arts waste and globalisation project Job-start in the Australian Outback Self managed development via e-portfolios

  17. Islamic University Gaza (IUG) July 2004 • IUG wanted to train a core local team who can train others on developing electronic supportive content. • Trainer(s): 1 or 2 specialised and experienced British professionals • Duration: workshop for two groups, each for 24 training hours over five days • Location: All training will take place at IUG in Gaza A British Council - Middlesex University project

  18. Islamic University Gaza (IUG)Pedagogical approach • Learner-managed learning approach not a content driven, step-by-step training session • Establish each participant's starting point • Work with their peers in their cohort group • Individual learning agreements

  19. See at

  20. UfI/learndirect’s Learning Through Work Programme ExplorationOnline tasters, is it for me, what’s involved DesignExample plans, level statements, procedures, ideas, expert advice, content areas, activities Negotiation Registration of programme with a university ImplementationCarry out agreed programme Demonstration Show achievements against agreed criteria 2,500 learners have successfully registered programmes

  21. Financial arguments usually prevail! Content is cheap and widely available. Feedback and guidance are essential. Academic excellence is expensive. So…… Use the most expensive resource on the most valuable service

  22. Students in two UK schools chatting on Internet with students in One Mumbai school about waste and energy issues at their respective schools.

  23. Awards and qualifications - help with levels, assessment Activities- ongoing- recent Personal log- goals- achievements- credit bank- private - reflections Pooled experience - knowledge bank, specialist help Networking - peers, employer, wider specialistcommunity Resource library- assembled by ‘back office’ in response to stated / inferred interests / company interests Plans - strategic,- immediate, progresspriorities The future - user managed portals? John’s Control centre

  24. The Angus Knight Group: Job-seekers programme Community-based learning centres for remote aboriginal communities in northern Australia Basic skills, IT skills, employment skills The Angus Knight Group: Job-seekers programme

  25. Milingimbi Northern Territory, Australia Indigenous Australian job seekers undertaking LearnNow IT courses The Angus Knight Group: Job-seekers programme

  26. LearnersArticulate plans Justify proposals Negotiate approval Demonstrate achievement Roles of participants in the New Education in Teachers Help learners in the above Support, feedback Advise on sources, progress Universities Clarify generic level criteria for qualifications Guarantee quality assurance of procedures

  27. Key Roles for Teachers in the New Education Confidence building Clarification of aims and outcomes Collaborative dimension - local, global Capability building Critical perspectives Credibility of outcomes

  28. New Technology and the development of the whole person? New technology opens many opportunities for good - and bad. It is up to us to ensure that educational New Technology is used in ways that meet the original needs identified in 1921.

  29. PRINCIPLES OF THE WORLD EDUCATION FELLOWSHIPPotential relevance of New Technology