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Your Assignment

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Your Assignment

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  1. Your Assignment • To work with your choice of partners (3-4) to research a specific National Park in a specific biome. • Pretend your group just won a free trip there to do summer research. • You will create a collage poster to provide details of the biome, national part, your trip, your travel costs, and experiences. (use photoshop or scrap techniques to keep the poster creative, neat and informative) • Use the following slides as Templates (or Guides to what you should have on poster). • I will provide poster board backing and construction paper. • You will need to gather back ground papers that fit the theme of your poster.

  2. Name of National Park & Location Names of People in Group Maps to illustrate location Our Summer Trip to a name of Biome

  3. Travel Information • What you had to do to get ready to go? • Is Passport needed?- How much does one cost? • How you got there- Include Flight costs (Look up the general cost to fly to your location) in case someone want to go in the future. • How long does it take to get there? • Shots or any special health concerns when traveling to travel to this place. • Check US warnings for travel abroad- list any special concern you would want to know about.

  4. Climate and Abiotic Description • Temperatures • Rainfall • Winds • General Description ***Include graphs or tables • Any other abiotic Factors – soil type, land forms or important geographic position, etc.

  5. Biotic Factors • Flora- • Give common and specific Genus species names(look them up on web if needed) • Include Picture of each (color if possible) • Include any plants of note, dangerous, helpful, beautiful, or used for food….anything interesting.

  6. Biotic Factors Fauna – include 10 animals found in this National Park and pictures (color if possible), common name, and genus species (look them up on web if you need to) Give at least 3 mammals, and one each -reptile, amphibian, insect, invertebrate if possible. Pick interesting organisms that you might want to search out, or maybe be sure to avoid!

  7. Vocabulary Words you learned this chapter I want good words that show deeper level reading and effort. Not words you already know that show no growth. 6 words related to Biome unit 4 words that are not Biology words, just words you learned in the general reading that came up in your research reading. (Agree about the words and make them higher level thinking words.) 4 Review Biology words from this year that might apply. 16 words total Space them out around the poster and make them big enough to see and interesting. Get these approved by me

  8. Now add the fun things you could do there. • Take pictures of your group on a pretend trip. and print them out or have then printed and put them on your poster. Include everyone!!!! • You can also find pictures of people at those locations, same them and adjust the size, and then get a picture of your face, cut it out and paste it either electronically or by had, on to the other image. • Be creative- show interaction with some of the things that would be found in this area. • Assemble everything into a very neat “Our trip to ______” in the country, name of Biome. poster. This is my keepsake to remember you all, so do a good job. 

  9. Rubric- under construction • Poster 350 points total • Content-150 (points will be deducted if anything on list is missing, make a checklist and check the posterbefore you turn it in!) • Creativity & Color-50 points (NO plain white poster boards with white paper glued on.) • Photographs of group related to location-50 points (Have everyone in group pictured) • Neatness and thought to design, layout, and theme-50 points Makes Mrs. Porter smile. – extra credit points • Points will be deducted if …. • anything on content list is missing, so use check it! • Points deducted for pasting without backing • Messy Handwriting on Poster-Print EVERYTHING • Lopsided, messy display • Misspelled words • Late work may not be accepted and points will be deducted, so get it in on time. Due May 29th Poster presentations on that day- This Date is tentative and may be changed, so don’t fall behind and stay informed.

  10. Extra credit assignment • Write a creative account (story) of your trip to this location with your friends. • 2-3 page typed 12 font single spaced – If you need to handwrite it- See me, It will need to be longer only with approval. • Use 20 vocabulary words correctly. (Underline them.) • Include in a creative way to describe of the climate, flora, and fauna. • Include 2 concepts that you have learned this year in a creative way. (Put a * by them) • Include one very creative picture of you on the trip. • 1 Cover page with your name, Name of specific location and country it is in.  ***Do not plagiarize or it goes in the trash! This is a creative writing assignment based on your research. Do not copy and paste anything! If you want to write about a different biome that is fine. Papers Due No later than Wednesday, May 29th. This date may change, so stay informed.