aviation ldo cwo detailer update for june 2014 n.
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Aviation LDO/CWO Detailer Update for June 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Aviation LDO/CWO Detailer Update for June 2014

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Aviation LDO/CWO Detailer Update for June 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aviation LDO/CWO Detailer Update for June 2014. PII Information. Please do not put your SSN in correspondence when emailing us or leaving voicemail messages, Rank, Name and Command work and the fact is we don’t need it.

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pii information
PII Information
  • Please do not put your SSN in correspondence when emailing us or leaving voicemail messages, Rank, Name and Command work and the fact is we don’t need it.
  • Any PII information on documentation submitted is required to be sent encrypted.



CAPT 21-03 YRS TCS 60% Aviation Enterprise

53% Overall Opportunity

CDR 14-07 YRS TCS 59% Aviation Enterprise

68% Overall Opportunity

LCDR 9-11 YRS TCS 87% Aviation Enterprise

78% Overall Opportunity

LT 4 YRS TCS Fully Qualified

LTJG 2 YRS TCS Fully Qualified

CWO5 13-04 YRS TCS 25% Aviation Enterprise

38% Overall Opportunity

CWO4 6-08 YRS TCS 85% Aviation Enterprise

78% Overall Opportunity CWO3 3 YRS TCS All Fully Qualified

  • Aviation Commander Command is critical for an LDOs career, this can’t be overstated.
  • Your ranking in your O-4 pinnacle tour, as well as your post pinnacle job is what differentiates you on the Aviation Commander Command Screen Board (ACSB).
  • In most all cases command is the path to Captain, your ranking while in command is the most important metric for the 0-6 board.
  • All officers get three looks in two years. The first look is the year you select for Commander, your record competes in the 63XX, CNATTU/NAWMU-1 tank.
  • On the second year, your record first goes into the 63XX tank, constituting your second look.
  • If not selected from the 63XX tank in the second year, your record then goes into the special mission tank, normally for an NRD, this constitutes your third look.
  • Education is important! However, we are not looking for full time students, sustained superior performance is still the most important aspect of your career.
  • Attaining a degree is becoming more critical, if for no other reason your competition is getting theirs, but start early.
  • Have a degree program established, and when the job allows take a class.
education cont
Education cont…
  • For new accessions, don’t expect your education to transfer over, check it, and get your transcript sent in if necessary.
  • When detailing, and I ask individuals if they are taking any classes when none is reflected in there record, a large percentage have an Associates or Bachelors, but haven’t submitted them.
  • Please submit your transcripts to the below address.
    • Commander, Navy Personnel Command
    • PERS 45E
    • 5720 Integrity Drive
    • Millington, TN 38055
7340 7380 re desig to 7330
7340/7380 Re-Desig to 7330
  • All 7340 and 7380 designated CWOs have been re-designated to 7330.
  • A limited number of formerly designated 7380 billets will be coded for the avionics AQD, mainly the CVN and FRC billets.
  • Those CWOs with at least 36 months of Aviation Avionics I-Level experience (officer or enlisted) will receive the avionics AQD.
7340 7380 re desig to 73301
7340/7380 Re-Desig to 7330
  • If you feel you have met these requirements, please email CDR Gary Van Ert and Ms Melinda Weeden with FITREPS showing at least 36 months of Aviation Avionics I-Level experience (officer or enlisted).
  • The approved AQD is “DZR”.
orders negotiation window
Orders Negotiation Window
  • Still getting asked the question on what the negotiation window is.
    • For EFM, Spouse CoLo, and Overseas SNO’s the negotiation window is 15 months.
    • For all other SNO’s the negotiation window is 12 months.
acquisition discussion
Acquisition Discussion
  • Yes it is important for LDOs & CWOs to get your acquisition certification when able, and essential if you are in a coded billet.
  • All of our Commander Command billets are coded for level 3, Life Cycle Logistics.
  • If your billet isn’t coded please submit TFMMS packages through your CoC so you can get credit for acquisition experience and priority for school seats.
acquisition discussion1
Acquisition Discussion
  • All of our WingMO, CAGMO, L-Boat MO and CVN IM1 billets are now coded, or are in the process of getting coded.
  • If you are in one of these billets you can get priority for classes, and even if you have completed one of these jobs in the past, you can use the time you were in the billet as experience for certification.
acquisition discussion2
Acquisition Discussion
  • When you meet the below criteria, it is recommended for you to apply for Acquisition Workforce Membership, especially if you have aspirations of filling a critically coded billet in the future.
  • Requirements are: level II certification, four years of acquisition experience, a baccalaureate degree, and 24 business semester credit hours or 12 business semester credit hours and 24 semester hours in primary career field.
officer record management
Officer Record Management
  • Please use the below link for the all inclusive Officer Records Management Guide.
  • This is a great tool, the link can also be found on our website.
  • http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/officer/Pages/default2.aspx
officer record management1
Officer Record Management
  • It has come to our attention many aren’t updating their photos.
  • New photographs are required for all officers within three months after acceptance of promotion.
  • Submit any color photograph that complies with the requirements outlined in MILPERSMAN 1070-180.
shore duty length
Shore Duty Length
  • Expect the majority of shore duty orders to be written for 24 months vice 36 as too many high priority billets are being gaped, primarily driven by diminishing inventory levels.
  • There are exceptions, such as accompanied overseas shore duty driven by DOD prescribed tour lengths, but as a rule this will be what to anticipate.
  • For those designators required to attain the PAMO qualification, this will help rotate personnel through our limited number of FRC billets to satisfy the requirement.
shore duty length cont
Shore Duty Length cont…
  • One notable exception to this rule is when an LDO completes their pinnacle tour, or a CWO promotes to CWO5, they will go back to a 36/36 sea/shore rotation.
  • This is primarily driven by the limited sea duty opportunity for this group of officers.
  • As the increased FY14 accessions join the Fleet, orders to shore duty at Fallon, China Lake, etc…, areas without follow-on sea duty opportunity, will be 36 months.
  • Expect to transfer and report the same month if you are not Permanently Changing Stations (PCS).
  • Please inform your Detailer of your retirement intentions 15 months out so your billet advertised and a replacement can be identified. Submit your voluntary retirement no earlier than 12 months prior and no later than 6 months before your desired date. Retirements submitted for dates prior to your PRD will only be approved on a case-by-case basis and need submitted at least 9 months prior to requesting date.
  • Eight year waiver requests for designators 6330/6360 are not being approved due to inventory shortfalls.
  • PERS-8353 only verifies the statutory obligations--your detailing community checks obligations like minimum time on station, service schools, bonuses, etc., and makes the approval/disapproval recommendations. Please call your detailer if you have questions:
  • FAQ: "Will my request be approved?" Yes, if it matches your PRD. If no PRD match it is highly susceptible for none favorable recommendation, due to inventory shortages. Your command handles all issues of terminal leave, PTDY, etc.
promote by designator
Promote by Designator
  • Promote by designator language in the convening order has been instituted for the FY13 0-4 board, and will be in all subsequent boards.
  • Eventually working towards competitive summary groups by enterprise.
  • With targeted by designator convening order language driving promotions, anticipate inventory shortfalls across designators to improve over time.
efm updates
EFM Updates
  • Please remember to update your EFM every three years, or as a rule, update prior to negotiating for orders, with the exception of CAT 6 which is due yearly.
board nomination process
Board Nomination Process
  • Getting board experience as a recorder or a member is a great opportunity to see how the sausage is made.
  • If you would like to participate on a board send your detailer an email, but don’t request a particular board which could give the perception of having an agenda.
  • We will then put your request in the board nomination hold queue, when time to pull names for a board and if selected, we’ll send you a nomination sheet to fill out.
  • Aviation LDOs compete for Aviation Major Command Screen Board (AMCSB) for NATTC every other year, and waterfall into Major Shore within the category of bases/facilities without an active runway.
  • If NATTC isn’t in play of a particular year then the LDO’s record goes straight into the Major Shore Tank.
  • To be eligible for the AMCSB, an officer must have successfully completed a Commander Command tour.