The global methane initiative
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The Global Methane Initiative. Landfill Sector Chris Godlove. Landfill Sector. 28 countries are on the Subcommittee, led by chairs from Argentina, Colombia, and United States. 9 countries have developed country specific action plans, and more are being developed.

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The global methane initiative

The Global Methane Initiative

Landfill Sector

Chris Godlove

The global methane initiative

Landfill Sector

  • 28 countries are on the Subcommittee, led by chairs from Argentina, Colombia, and United States.

  • 9 countries have developed country specific action plans, and more are being developed.

  • More than 650 landfills are now listed in the International Landfill Database.

The global methane initiative

Global Landfill Methane Emissions

Global Methane (CH4) Emissions (MMTCO2e) in 2000

  • Methane is produced and emitted during the anaerobic decomposition of organic material in landfills

  • Globally, landfills are the 3rd largest anthropogenic source, accounting for 13 percent of emissions

Global Anthropogenic Emissions of Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases 1990-2020, U.S. EPA, June 2006

The global methane initiative

Global Landfill Methane Emissions Trends

  • Industrialized Nations Declining

    • Increased LFG regulation

    • Increased recycling of organics/paper

    • Increased LFG utilization (>1100 worldwide)

  • Developing Nations Sharply Increasing

    • Shift from open dumps to sanitary/engineered landfills

    • Increased MSW generation and disposal

    • Lack of LFG regulation and recycling

Biogas lfg advantages
Biogas (LFG): Advantages

Local, available fuel source

Easy to capture and use

Source of renewable energy

Constant supply - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Reliable technologies exist for using landfill gas

Uses a source of energy that otherwise would have been wasted

Helps the environment by reducing uncontrolled emissions of landfill gas

Modern landfill


LFG plant

Header LFG



Final Cover



Liner System


LFG extraction


Monitoring wells

Modern Landfill

Lfge project benefits
LFGE Project Benefits

Destroys methane and other organic compounds in LFG

Offsets use of nonrenewable resources

Potential benefits for the landfill;

Another source of income


Potential benefits for the End User

Reduces fuel costs

Win through the use of renewable sources

Supports the strategy of being a “green” and/or sustainable company

Lfge project benefits1
LFGE Project Benefits

Each 1 MW of generation capacity or direct use of 615 m3/h is equivalent to:

Annual environmental equivalent to planting 4,900 hectare of trees or removing the CO2 emissions of 9,000 cars

Annual energy equivalent to preventing the use of 99,000 barrels of oil, offsetting the use of 200 railcars of coal, or powering more than 650 homes

Landfill gas utilization options
Landfill Gas Utilization Options

Direct Use



Leachate evaporation/sludge drying


IC engine

Gas turbine

Micro turbine

High BTU

Pipeline injection

Alternative vehicle fuel

Gmi main activities in latin america
GMI Main Activities in Latin America

  • Identify and assess project opportunities

  • Stakeholder outreach

  • Support technology transfer, training, and capacity building

  • Technology demonstration and deployment

  • Tools development

The global methane initiative

GMI Work in Brazil

  • 11 Assessment Reports of Landfill in Brazil

  • Training Seminar with CETESB (Local Partner)

  • Partnership with FEAM-MG for training and workshops.

    • LGTE International Course given to public officials of the State Minas Gerais. - April 2010

    • Planned workshop - 2011

  • Landfill Operation Workshop in Fortaleza – October 2009

  • Collaboration in ABRELPE’s Landfill Basics Course in Rio de Janeiro – March 2010

  • Guide and offer technical assistance during the visits to landfills for the development of landfill gas utilization projects.

  • Grants:

    • ICLEI

    • Fundação PROMAR

    • Appalachian State University


  • Planned partnership with SEA-RJ

The global methane initiative

For More Information

Chris Godlove


Landfill Methane Outreach Program

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