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Preparatory Meeting

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Preparatory Meeting. Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta, 28 th October 2012. It is about building a democratic dialogue in ASEAN.

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Preparatory Meeting

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    1. Preparatory Meeting Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta, 28th October 2012

    2. It is about building a democratic dialogue in ASEAN Since the adoption of ASEAN Charter in 2008, much was said about engaging civil society, respecting human rights, promoting democracy and about good governance in ASEAN’s high-level statements and documents.

    3. Justification • The common problems faced by regional inter-governmental bodies, including ASEAN: • a) institutional deficiencies as a result of the inability of member states to empower their organizations with real authority/mandate to deal inter alia with political instability, poverty, and human rights violations; and • b) the alienation of citizens from making their voice heard in political deliberations. • In fact, the ASEAN Charter also sets out the norms of behavior for member states in relation to their citizens. • The Charter and the Roadmap for the ASEAN Community, ASEAN is expected to perform in a more transparent, accountable, efficient, predictable, responsive and people-oriented way


    5. JAKARTA HUMAN RIGHTS DIALOGUE • Objective: to exchange views on the progress, challenges and possibilities of human rights regional architecture development in the context of the review of the ASEAN Charter • Open for public, including media • Keynote Speaker: H.E. Hassan N. Wirajuda • Discussants: Herman Kraft, Rafendi Djamin, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat • Venue: Ballroom, Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta

    6. 3rd INFORMAL DIALOGUE with ASG on HUMAN RIGHTS • ASEAN Secretary General is mandated to "facilitate and monitor progress in the implementation of ASEAN agreements and decisions, and submit an annual report on the work of ASEAN to the ASEAN Summit" (Charter, Article 11.2b). • ASG also has the additional task to bring to the attention of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) all relevant human right issues and to concurrently inform the ASEAN Foreign Ministers (AICHR’s TOR, Article 7.1) • With this mandate, the ASG is in an important position to: • Bridge the relationship between civil society and member states • Bring the concerns of civil society on human rights issues to the AICHR and to the Foreign Ministers


    8. 3rd INFORMAL DIALOGUE with ASG on HUMAN RIGHTS Expanding participants: NGOs + Think Tank + Academes. Hoping to have more sectors in the future. Divided into: JHRD + Dialogue with ASG Looking forward to make it institutionalized CSIS-HRWG-Swiss Embassy in Jakarta Invitation only Will be started at 14:00-16:00 Press Conference at 16:00-16:30 + Press Release

    9. Achievements The inclusion on the civil society’s call upon AICHR to ascertain that AHRD will not fall below the standards set out in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) in the TOR Drafting Group of the AHRD. Dialogue’s recommendation to create a full-fledge secretariat for AICHR in order to improve its work of AICHR has been included in the Chairman’s Statement of the 20th ASEAN Summit in April 2012 ‘Dialogue is now a new normal in ASEAN’ – according to SurinPitsuwan – there has been a change of behavior in ASEAN towards dialogue incl. with CSOs These two events generate more similar dialogue: INFORMAL LUNCH between ASEAN CPR and Civil Society (30th October 2012)

    10. COMMUNITY DIALOGUEbetween ASEAN CPR & Civil Society • Initiated by Permanent Representative of Indonesia, HRWG, CSIS and Swiss Embassy in Jakarta • Purpose: to come up with a common understanding on the changing ASEAN and identify strategic role of civil society in building up the ASEAN’s people-centered Community. • First Time, Not easy to bring all CPRs together for this meeting. Not open for media (at the moment). • Emphasize: make the dialogue smooth and successful so we can establish good practice for replication in the coming years



    13. Visits from 2011-2012 CPR Met stakeholders in Lombok, Indonesia, 2011 CPR Visited The Jakarta Post, 2012 (Photo: courtesy of TJP)

    14. About CPR ASEAN • CPR stands for Committee Permanent Representatives in ASEAN. They are Country’s Ambassadors to ASEAN and based in Jakarta • The establishment of CPR is based on the ASEAN Charter Art. 12. • Mandates and Functions: • Support the work of Community Councils and ASEAN Sectoral Bodies at ministerial level; • Coordinate with ASEAN National Secretariats and Agencies ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial another; • Be a liaison to the Secretary-General of ASEAN and the ASEAN Secretariat in all areas relevant to the job; • Facilitate ASEAN cooperation with external partners,

    15. About CPR ASEAN • In support of the work of ASEAN Community Council, CPR has the following duties and functions: • Increasing cooperation in each sector to support ASEAN integration and community building by monitoring / monitoring follow-up report from the Sectoral Bodies under three Community Councils; • Doing Coordination between the pillars Community and ASEAN sectoral meetings to support policy coherence and coordination, and • Assist in the delivery of various reports and recommendations • With AICHR and ACWC, CPR has a role to provide recommendations on their work-plan and budget as consideration of ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ approval

    16. Update on CPR’s Works CPR ASEAN is assisted by two (2) Working Group, each of which handles administrative and budget as well as development cooperation (development cooperation). Since its inauguration, CPR ASEAN has produced a variety of conditions, rules and procedures, terms of reference for the establishment of new mechanisms after the entry into force of the ASEAN Charter and coordinate the cooperation with ASEAN partners. CPR ASEAN meets regularly every month, both internally or inviting the Ambassador or representative dialogue partner countries or ASEAN's external partners and international organizations. CPR ASEAN delivers its report to ASEAN Coordinating Council. To date, CPR ASEAN has initiated various activities in cooperation with the States Ambassador to non-ASEAN based in Jakarta. Up to now, there are 52 non-ASEAN countries have appointed ambassador to ASEAN.

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