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Student Led Facilitation Session

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Student Led Facilitation Session. Ideas For Action Chapters 10 & 11 Bradley Heimowitz 3/12/13. People are Addicted to Media. We are addicted to Media Personal connections are not the same Do you think that it is only going to get worse?????. UAVQLM7Jf_4.

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student led facilitation session
Student Led Facilitation Session

Ideas For Action Chapters 10 & 11

Bradley Heimowitz


people are addicted to media
People are Addicted to Media

We are addicted to Media

Personal connections are not the same

Do you think that it is only going to get worse?????

three approaches to understand media
Three Approaches to Understand Media
  • Propaganda Model
  • US Cultural Studies Model
  • British Cultural Studies Model
propaganda model
Propaganda Model

Favors the elites

Companies spend billions to ensure people associate with their products

Money and power filters news

us cultural studies model
US Cultural Studies Model

Consumers of media often resist dominant interpretations and construct meaning of media products their own way.

Cosby Show

Male Gaze in Films

Advertisements work by appealing to some sort of desire and making the, usually false claim that buying the product will satisfy that desire.

british cultural studies model
British Cultural Studies Model


Stuart Hall

Ruling ideas in any society are the ideas of the ruling class


Why is the world still the way it is today?

We choose our own oppression.

Why is their class domination?

Does not talk much about resistance, he articulates the challenges and how we can resist those things (this is how post modernism comes in)

“Gramsci argued that systems of domination require a certain amount of consent from the government to survive. They manage to accomplish this through dominating the society’s system of meaning, building what he called hegemony—the way that idea systems come to legitimize, or support, the interests of ruling groups in society” (Kaufman 2003,258).


stuart hall
Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall conducted audience and textual analysis.

He was interested in how race, class, and gender dynamics are reproduced in culture.

“For Hall, hegemony, or the dominant ideology, is not one thing that exists simple as an outgrowth of the needs of the ruling class. Instead, following Gramsci, Halls sees hegemony as a task that ruling groups are always trying to accomplish, in different ways, and that different ruling groups will have elements of their interests represented at different times” (Kaufman 2003, 260).


post modernism and change
Post Modernism and Change

Frederick Jameson


All that matters is the product

You feel like you have to associate with that product

“Advertising makes us feel insecure and convinces us that empty feeling we have inside will be satisfied if only we buy something. Many people feel their anxiety is calmed when they shop. We are also sold forms of identity through shopping” (Kaufman 2003, 264).


What does Apple do and why is it effective?

chapter 11
Chapter 11

Kaufman’s book basically is a complete overview of what we studied in CMC.

The book goes over all the theories we have learned in CMC 100, 200, and 300 but condenses it.

The book leaves you with questions on how do we go about about fixing these issues we face today?

How do we educated people through media without getting them talked down to?

where do you see your topic fit
Where Do You See Your Topic Fit?









society is changing
Society is Changing

Super Size Me- Morgan Spurlock tries putting the message out and make people more aware of our obesity problem.

Today we don’t just critique theory, we live theory .

We are making films this semester because this is something that we believe in. We are using our research to try and want people to think these issues to possibly change the world.


“On my honor, I have read the assigned material in its entirety, and I have not given, received, or witnessed any unauthorized collaboration on this work.”

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Kaufman, Cynthia. “What Do We Want and Why Do We Want It? Democratic Culture” and “Where Are We Going And How Do We Get There” Ideas for Action, 251-304. Cambridge, MA: South End Press, 2003.