how to prepare a good written presentation l.
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How to Prepare a Good Written Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Prepare a Good Written Presentation

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How to Prepare a Good Written Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Prepare a Good Written Presentation. Sule Yildirim 21-Oct-05, HIHM. Our interests change in time.

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How to Prepare a Good Written Presentation

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how to prepare a good written presentation

How to Prepare a Good Written Presentation

Sule Yildirim

21-Oct-05, HIHM

our interests change in time
Our interests change in time
  • For the first assignment, our main interest was to get the code to run. This is a necessary part of getting godkjent. From now on, we need to start forcing our imagination to figure out what we can do with the running code.
common issues for all assignments
Common issues for all assignments
  • A general outline of what you have in the report.
  • Your design. What is your architecture? What are your components? How do components interact with each other? What are the inputs and outputs of your components?
  • Which part(s) of this architecture were given and which part(s) you have modified/implemented?
  • Have you made any interesting design decisions and if so what are they including fundamental data structures?
  • What possible architectures could there be? How good/bad is yours compared to the other possible architectures? (Self code/design/architecture evaluation)
cont d
  • Basic classes and their important methods together with descriptions of them.
  • A picture sometimes worth a thousand words.
what to do when you are in doubt
What to do when you are in doubt?
  • Read the assignment text again and again when you are in doubt relevant to coding and writing a report.
  • Contact the lecturer when you decided that what you are looking for is not in the assignment text and in the supplied links.
  • The lecturer wants to see that you are doing what is on your part, you are reading what you are given as instructions, however also knows that things are not always obvious and there can be confusions. I am here to help you after all.
coding is running what to do now
Coding is running: what to do now?
  • Note down what you will include in your report while you are working with code and when you are finished with the code.
  • Think if this code can be useful in any means and refer to the assignment text to find hints about how the code can be useful.
  • It is always good to make use of the running code to be well prepared for the exams if you find any hints about how to do it in the assignment text.
assignment 2 reports
Assignment 2 reports
  • Apply the points I have described in earlier slides.
  • Be enthusiastic to collect statistics on packet loss rate and video data rate. Can you think about any other statistics?
issues in general on written presentations
Issues in general on written presentations
  • Convince the person(s) to read your report that you have been creatively and critically thinking while working on your code and report.
  • Represent the report in a neat way.
  • Show the reader that you have been considering various types of reasoning.
  • Show the reader what kind of challenges you have come across and how you solved them.
  • Your principles of design are important.
  • Graphs, figures can be easier to read/understand than text. Show that you give importance to technical details.